28 Day Roundup – A message to you

So I told myself, 28 days ago, that I would post everyday for 4 weeks straight, no gaps. For someone who has so many huge gaps in her blog posts I didn’t really think it was realistic, nor did I think I would actually do it. BUT here I am, on my 29th post, and I have to say that i’m really pleased with the turn out. I thought that if I were to do daily blog posts perhaps my readers would get bored of my content? Perhaps I would become old news quickly. Perhaps i’d run out of things to talk about and just become repetitive. What if I don’t have time everyday to do a post? Ah, these have all been reasons why I haven’t been consistent with my posts before. But, I stuck with it this time and I’m so glad I did. The response i’ve had from you, the reader, has been amazing and really gratifying.

The thing is, I blog because I enjoy my content. I enjoy writing about it, sharing my views and opinions, giving you advice and getting feedback on said content. I mostly stick to just beauty related things, which I am OK with… I am CheapSkate Beauty after all! Posting about makeup is my forte. This 28 Day Marathon consisted of 14 days of Makeup posts and 14 days of hair, body and other.. I actually enjoyed writing about the hair and body, as I don’t post an awful lot about either and I found that I actually had quite a bit to share.

As I write this post I realise that it isn’t only writing that I enjoy. I enjoy talking to you. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions and even catch you up with what is going on with me, like I did in a few of the posts, eg. an update on my A level results and my uni plans. Perhaps you will see more direct posts with content like this in the future. After all here you are, reading my content, learning about my life and what I, Stephanie, am like. Perhaps I will write about university: What it’s like, What my room is like, What I cook etc etc etc.

Anyway. I am writing this post to end my 28 day marathon. This isn’t the end though. I promise to post a lot more regularly than I have in previous months. I have completely renewed my love for this, blogging. I love the endless conversation that I have with you, whether you comment or not. Just because you aren’t commenting a response doesn’t mean you don’t have one. I know that when I read a blog I reply to each part, not necessarily in a comment but to myself. I like reading things that you amazing bloggers post. I love the exchanging of thoughts and opinions that we each do and how we all write it in our own way. I love reading blog posts and seeing the unique styles that each blogger has, in a way this is their online voice. I am so happy that I, moreso after these past 28 days, have found my blogging voice. It has also been amazing to see some bloggers do their own version of my posts, in their own style! I was so chuffed to see that!

So I encourage you my lovely lovely reader, if you are finding that your posts are a bit lost or inconsistent, to post for one week, two weeks, four weeks, maybe even six weeks straight. I’m so pleased that I did this and am now so much more comfortable with my posts and how I talk to my readers.

So thank you so much for reading my posts, for liking them and for leaving me comments! I love reading your responses to what I have to say, it creates discussion and I love that! I won’t end this in an over-the-top soppy way, so i’ll end this post here. If you have enjoyed my recent posts, subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any future ones!

Much love,

Stephanie. x




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