Forever Living: Aloe range; First impressions

So my mum’s friend gave her a bunch of these skincare products, by a brand called ‘Forever living‘ to try out and review them. As she doesn’t really use many face products, bar her much-loved clinique moisturiser, she gave them to me to give them a try. I will be using these every day for a week and give you my thoughts on them. This is an American line which is sold online, whether it be ebay, amazon or a local representative – perhaps on facebook, so prices may vary.


So i’ll start off by saying that I hate doing daily face washes. I hate having to fill the sink up with warm water, tying my hair back etc etc. The whole ordeal with using facial washes is a big nono to me. I would use a face wash in the shower, but not all the time as i’m, more often than not, in a rush. So me saying I will use this everyday is a statement. However I always hear of people who stick to this kind of skincare routine and their skin is amazinggg.

I was given 4 products to test out. This consists of a face/hand wash, a facial scrub, a moisturising lotion and a lip balm. All of these products contain Aloe Vera and 3 contain jojoba.


Today I took off my makeup, i was only wearing foundation, with the hand & face soap. One pump of this covered my entire face and it lathered up nicely and felt very gentle on my skin.This had a nice gentle scent that didn’t make my eyes water. I’m not sure about how good this is for removing eye makeup, guess i’ll find out tomorrow evening!


Next I used the Aloe scrub to exfoliate my face. This claims to be gentle enough to use everyday as the jojoba and aloe vera gel are ‘designed to lubricate and condition your skin during the cleansing process to protect it from the drying and damaging effects that can occur with other skin cleansers containing synthetic cleansing agents.’ This also lathered quite well, but was a creamier formula in comparison to the previous product. It didn’t feel like it was exfoliating my skin much as there weren’t many grainy parts within it. It smelt like a standard facial wash, which I quite liked as I don’t like highly perfumed facial washes. Although it didn’t feel like it was doing much, it has to be said, my skin feels baby smooth now. Perhaps the previous exfoliators I have been using are damaging to my skin as I can actually feel that they are exfoliating? Does that make sense?

Lastly was the moisturising process. I used the ‘Aloe Moisturising lotion‘ which has collagen and elastin in it. This was so strange to apply. I had put it on a couple of minutes after my face had dried from the cleansing/exfoliating. I put the same amount, onto the palms of my hands, as I would with my everyday moisturiser. When I applied it it kind of bunched up on my skin – does that make sense? I then got both my hands and gently rubbed it into my skin. It set reasonably quickly, so would probably be a very good base for makeup – i’ll find out tomorrow morning! Once my face was moisturised I moved onto the chapstick. This feels quite oily on the lips, a slightly thicker consistency than applying pure coconut oil. I quite like this slippy feeling on my lips though. This would definitely be a product I can see myself lifting to reapply throughout the day. Would be perfect to put on top of a matte lippy to loosen it up! As far as preventing chapped lips though, i’m not sure yet.

It has to be said that just after one use I can feel a difference in my skin. Perhaps this is just short term though, eh? My skin is definitely feeling very soft and moisturised, my nose smooth and definitely well-exfoliated. I enjoyed using each product, particularly the scrub and cleanser  as they lathered up nicely. There are 3 things that I will be especially expecting from these products: Do they create a good base for my makeup, Do they remove waterproof mascara & Do they clear my skin up? – had a bit of a breakout last week…

So far do I recommend these products/this brand to you? –yes.

So that was today’s review of these products. I’ll maybe do an update halfway through the week and then one, at the end, to conclude my review on this brand fully.


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