Finally i am here, by myself, doing what I wanted since i started to think about university. It’s been very up and down, more than i expected honestly, but i feel settled to talk now. I have missed home. I’ve missed my family, my friends, my boyfriend. I’ve felt so different here with my accent, my opinions, the foods I eat. I’ve wondered if this was the biggest mistake, moving from home to a completely new place. I’ve never lived in a town, never been only a train journey away from such a huge shopping city, never depended only on myself to cook – for more than a week and a few other ‘nevers’ that i find myself doing quite a lot now.

Fast food is surprisingly not the only meal-type that i’ve had! I think i’ve had about 3 take-outs and this is my 6th week, so that’s not too bad? I’ve cooked lasagnes, pasta bakes, stirfries, soups and a few other things. I’ve enjoyed cooking, but miss being cooked for. I miss my Mum’s stews, her stirfries, her Sunday roasts, her dinners. I can cook quite well, but not like my Mum. She’s a phonecall away, for her mouth-watering meal ideas.

Words, phrases and sense of humour are different here. Jokes that I share with my Dad aren’t familiar here. Having to explain the joke/words makes it less funny – a lot less funny. I speak too quickly and use words that seem obscure here. So i look forward to being home, where everything is interpreted, understood. I miss having my Dad, to ask for opinions, advice, directions. He’s a phonecall away but I strive to be independent.

Although both have moved out, I miss my siblings. I miss seeing my brother, on occasion, and hearing about what’s going on in his life. We message still, but I can’t hear his voice. I look forward to seeing my sister, at Christmas, who will be keen to hear all my campus-life stories, even though she’s kept up-to-date on the phone. It’s strange for me to be the one away from my siblings. Now my sister is home and I am gone. I broke the mug that my sister bought me 2 years ago for my Birthday. I kept the remainder of it.

Halloween is a particularly different thing, for me, here. I’m not seeing my wonderful family, all together, having fun, eating too much food and drinking too many drinks. An amazing time is had, every year, with everyone dressed up. I’d love to be there, but this year i’m here, receiving their lovely cards, congratulating me on getting into university.

Skype is where I go to see my lovely boyfriend – every other night, majority of nights anyway. I’m asked if it’s annoying, balancing a boyfriend and uni – no. He’s the first that comes to my mind when i have exciting news and i can’t wait to share it with him. Me being here and him being there hasn’t changed anything, just made Skype more appealing. I miss him. He’s here next week and I can’t wait to speak, face to face.

The Apprentice is on TV now, I miss watching this and commenting on how ridiculous majority of the contestants are, with my family. Great British Bake Off is pointless to watch myself, without my family. I miss the sofas, I miss the blankets, I miss constantly being cold. I miss my antisocial dog.

Playing the piano is something I miss a lot more than I expected. When I want some ‘down-time’ i don’t have a piano, to lose track of time on, in the other room. My friend and I are hopefully going to the building with a piano in it on Friday. I can’t wait to play my piano when I come back home at Christmas. Maybe I will bring a book or 2 to uni, so that I can play songs that I know.

My flatmates, majority anyway, go home every other weekend which i wasn’t expecting. I have my flights booked back home, in December and my boyfriend booked his, last month, to visit me. I can’t wait to see him next week, or my family and friends in December. Talking about home, and the people at home, makes it a lot easier not seeing them everyday. My flatmates know quite a lot about my family and boyfriend at this stage. -You like spicy food? My parents love spicy!  They will hopefully come visit me at uni, soon – my Mum and Dad. I will show them the town, how i’ve decorated my room, the bleach i’ve bought for my bathroom(?!??!?), the sink that i do my washing in, the restaurants…

It wasn’t a mistake choosing to move away from home. I enjoy my course and have made friends. I love the little town, 5 minutes walk away. I love how much easier, and cheaper, it is to see my best friend. I love that I have 10% off the Starbucks that is just down the road.

I like it here, I miss home.