I’ve previously tried Real Techniques face brushes. To say I was underwhelmed is appropriate, however I can’t emphasise how brilliant i think these eye brushes are. Perhaps i’ll do a review on the face brushes that I have from this brand and attempt to explain my thoughts – perhaps perhaps. Anyway, this post is about the eye brushes, so without further adieu.


I bought this set of 5 brushes in Superdrug, which was selling for £15.74 as it was on offer, they are usually sold at £20.99. With my extra 10% student discount I was in a rush to buy it, after reading such brilliant reviews on this set. In this set there are 5 brushes; Deluxe crease brush, Shading brush, Essential crease brush, Eyeliner brush and Fine liner brush. The packaging comes with a description where Sam and Nic (The makers of the brushes) explain how they use the brushes. With the set came a handy mirror-to-go case. A compact case which folds up nicely and securely, protecting the bristles.

To give you an idea of how much I like these brushes, I’ve only used them twice and I had to come here and talk about them! So, what do i think of each of the brushes?



L>R: Deluxe Crease, Shaping, Essential crease, eyeliner, fine liner brush.

The Deluxe Crease Brush

This soft, oversized brush is perfect for applying your base shadow. It is perfect for setting your primer/base. It is the perfect fit for the lid and is so gentle also. I begin, as said above, by using this for the base shadow. But I continue to reach for this whilst applying my shadow as it blends the different shadows effortlessly.

The Shading Brush 

This tapered brush with compact bristles applies colour beautifully this is the perfect size to blend shadows beneath the lower lash line also. This is good for smudging in colour.

The Essential Crease Brush

This exclusive brush has tapered bristles which fit perfectly into your crease. The bristles are also the perfect size for blending in a crease shade without it getting messy. Is a good brush also just for blending already-placed shadows together into the crease.

The Eyeliner Brush

Another exclusive for this set, the angled brush. This brush has a firm head which provides more control when lining the eyes. This is the only brush that I haven’t properly tried yet. I imagine it would be good for both lining the eyes, but also for filling your brows in. This would be perfect for smoking out the lined eyes also.

The Fine Liner Brush

Hallelujah, firm bristles on a liner brush. This is so easy to use when applying cream liner. It isn’t flimsy and the long handle gives you optimal control.

Bravo Sam and Nic, you really perfected these brushes. Truly truly impressed. I cleared out my old blending brushes as this brush set completely trump them. Highly recommend these, even moreso now as they are being sold at a discount.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review. Have you tried these brushes and are there any which you recommend to me?

Thanks for reading,

Steph x