Home Made Crisps

Hi friends! Long time no post – What’s new though??

Today i’ve got a bit of a different post for you… So i’m gonna share a recipe which i have recently discovered and LOVE. It’s how to make your own crisps when you’ve just got the cravings but don’t want to be too unhealthy.

So what you need is:

1 potato


Olive Oil

Plate, Microwave, fork, sharp knife, potato peeler.


So how you do it…

1 Start by cutting a potato into very very thin slices.

2 Next spread some olive oil on your plate. Make sure this is a thin layer.

3 Now place your potato pieces around your plate, having space between each. Place the thicker slices around the outside of the plate.

4 Sprinkle salt over the plate.

5 Microwave this for 2 minutes – or until you see the potato starting to go brown.

6 Take out of the microwave and flip each potato piece.

7 Repeat earlier step, but just have them in for about a minute and a half – or until they go brown.

8 Take off the plate and put on a cool plate or bowl.

crisps.jpg – What to expect!

You can either wait for them to cool or eat them hot! A really quick and tasty treat. I’m going to try adding different flavours on top soon – like paprika! Hope you enjoy this quick little recipe & enjoy your week!

Thanks for reading,

Steph xx



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