144 Eyeshadow Palette – Revolution

So i think i can finally write this post about Makeup Revolution’s 144 Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection. I bought this way back in like November as it was £10, £8 with my student discount. So basically 18p per shadow… That’s how i can justify this purchase.. So anyway, what can i tell you about this palette? Note that this is typically selling for £20, but you can buy for £10 this month on TAM beauty. CLICK HERE TO FIND

I haven’t used this a whole lot simply because it’s overwhelming having so many colour options. This month i’ve reached for it more though because it’s getting to the more shimmery colourful months. Although this palette ranges from the gorgeous pale shades to the darker and highly pigmented ones, there is one thing it is missing; matte shades?!?!? I can forgive that though as i do have another palette from makeup revolution which has 32 matte shadows.

So what’s in the palette?

As you can see in the picture it has the most gorgeous copper, purple and golden tones, lovely pink shades and then more vibrant greens and blues. This is the first palette (even Urban decay ones haven’t interested me) that has actually had me reaching for copper shades, so bravo for that! I’m sure majority of these shadows are complete dupes for shadows you’d find in more expensive brands. I know the coppers and brows are Urban Decay Dupes (from palettes i’ve previously owned). Below are swatches of my favourite shades.

I loooooove the cranberry red shades and the gorgeous coppers. The purple and gray shades are perfect to smoke out also.

So, what looks can you do with this palette? Below are some eye looks that i created using only this palette. Sorry about the shite quality; did this on le phone camera.

 – (this one is 2 different looks, not supposed to look the same, i swear!!!)
I’d say majority of the shades are highly pigmented, but you do get q a bit of fall out when applying. I also gave away all my shimmer palettes after getting this as they really aren’t necessary anymore. Only flaw with this is the size of it, not exactly travel friendly. But, I do recommend it if you’re a beginner, as it does have every shade you need!
The palette has 2 lovely dark dark dark shadows, one is a black with gold specs in it and the other is a shimmery black, both really nice to darken your look up. Only thing i thought it was missing was a dark dark dark brown without anything else in it. There are lots of brown-golds, brown-reds etc. no plain dark browns. Ah well.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed this review. Ano it was a bit rambly, but i’m a bit out of my blogging-mode, if you get me? Been meaning to post about this for donkeys though, so it’s finally up!
Expect a few more posts in the next few weeks, got some more free time again! Comment below your favourite shadow palettes and if you’ve tried this one!
Much much much love; as always,
Steph xx

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