Quick pasta

So as i’m in uni and making my own dinners, i’ve found/made a ton of recipes that i love. Thought i’d share what i made for lunch with you today, so let’s be doing that!

As i’m going home tomorrow (can i get a hallelujah?) i was trying to use up the rest of my fresh foods. Was really in the mood for pasta after watching a chef on tv make it. But i had no pasta sauce/chopped tomatoes to make my own sauce – boooo! So, I went to the kitchen and improvised a bit.

What i used

  • like 12 cherry tomatoes
  • last garlic clove
  • last red onion
  • tsp sugar
  • lots of olive oil
  • last bit of my shell pasta
  • sprinkle of salt
  • good bit of black pepper
  • bit a oregano and/or thyme
  • last bit of feta cheese

So basically i boiled up the kettle and put my pasta on to boil. I put it on a high setting and added a decent amount of salt; Jamie Oliver said it was important to do this (on yesterday’s cooking programme) so i took his word for it and obeyed. After this i chopped up my red onion and tried to dice it (usually give in half-way through simply because my eyes are in agony). I then put this in a frying pan with a decent amount of olive oil and gently fried it while i was cutting up my other stuff.

I crushed up a garlic clove then added this to the frying onions and mixed it through. Next i diced the little tomatoes, the smaller the better; presumably. When i finally finished chopping these up i added them to the frying onions and mixed it through. Then i sprinkled in some oregano and thyme (Mum always said it makes things taste 100 times better adding herbs). Thought it would be a good idea to add some of the starchy water from the pasta to my frying onions and tomatoes (Nigella did it in one of her things sooo?).

When my pasta was soft i drained it and drizzled with olive oil and left it in the bowl i was going to be eating from. I continued to mix the tomatoey sauce and tried to crush the tomatoes to get more juice out of them. I added like half a teaspoon of sugar, just to make the sauce less tart. Salt and pepper were added to the sauce along with a bit more olive oil and then stirred through. Everything was gently simmering an then i decided i was too hungry to wait any longer. So i added the pasta to the sauce, mixed it through and served with my last bit of feta (Aldi actually calls it ‘Greek Cheese‘ so god knows what standard of feta it is) crumbled over and mixed through. Have to say, it was really yummy and I recommend 100%. If you have any basil i’m sure it would go wonderfully also… but alas, i am a student and do not have basil at hand everyday.

Hope you enjoyed this style of post. If ya did i may do more; maybe.

Steph x



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