My Warm Shadows

So I was in Boots last month with my bestie (irrelevant info, but JUST SO YOU KNOW I’M NOT ALWAYS BY MYSELF…) and there’s a new Makeup Obsession counter in the Boots in Liverpool (near my uni). So obviously I approached in a calm and sophisticated manner, completely controlling my overwhelming excitement. (don’t read this in a judgey way, you all know the feeling!!) So here i am, standing at the new makeup stand and see eyeshadows being sold for £2 and face powders for £3. (wtf?)

I’ve been trying to stop buying makeup that i already have, yenno, too much makeup, don’t need more! BUT, I have 0 warm shades. Swear, last few years cool tones have been the thing, am i right or am i right??? So I had a wee nosey to see if they had any warm browns. Wasn’t even looking overly exciting colours, just wanted the shadows to do a nice wee warm smokey neutral eye!

Long story short, I picked up these 3 shades; E101 Burnt, E141 Alba && E124 Copper. The quality of each of these is average to good… if you get me? Not overly creamy, but blend in nicely enough.

Alba is the most neutral of them all. I like this for a simple look/as a base. Copper is then nice to add to the crease as a wee transition shade and then Burnt is a bright red shade which i add to the crease to warm up a smokey look. All shades are matte.

Below are some swatches to give you a wee idea of how the actually look.



Anddd here’s just a look i did with copper & alba with the paler shades in the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette.


So thankuu for reading! Have you got any good warm shadow recommendations to moi?

Steph xx