Holiday Makeup Bag

So i’m going to Madeira very soon (EEEEEEEEEEK) and i thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to treat y’all with a post. Yaa, i’ve decided i’ll give you a little peek into the makeup that i’m packing.

So i’m going to Funchal, Madeira for a fortnight, the temperature here ranging from 20-30 degrees Celsius. Because of this warm heat, i figured that it’s unlikely that i will want to be caking myself in makeup (not like i really do that at home either, to be fair). So anyway, Here are the things which i’ve packed in my makeup bag.


So, for my FACE, i’ve packed a foundation stick by Maybelline. I figure, it’s a lot easier bringing a stick foundation in plastic packaging in comparison to bringing liquid foundation in a glass bottle. I also will probably use a bit of this at night time, when eating out. just to cover under eye circles and spots. light foundation for light coverage. Plan to also use my fingers to blend this one in. A simple product for holiday time. Also seeing as it is branded as an anti-shine stick, i presume it is reasonably long lasting.

I packed the Fit Me pressed powder by Maybelline. Has to be said, i don’t have much preference when it comes to face powders. I tend to use loose powder when getting ready, but this isn’t a good idea for holidays ( highlights alllll your peach fuzz). So a light dusting of pressed powder to set my suncream and avoid that greasy-face look.


Bit of powder highlight by Technic to give my face a nice summery glow. This is the perfect natural looking highlight, imo.

Lastly, a bit of the Body Shop‘s honey bronzer to add a bit of colour to my face. I figured there’s not much point me packing blusher as it will be v v hot and my face will be red anyway lol. Bit of bronzer will be nice to add a bit of a summer-ey glow.


For my EYES, i packed the urban decay naked palette. This gorgeous palette i use everyday. it is perfect for a nice simple look, or a more dramatic smokey eye, or a nice cut crease kinda look. Also the colour, second to right, i can use to fill in my brows due to its cool tone. I also packed 2 eyeshadow singles from Makeup Obsession, to add a bit more of a warm tone to the lids. I will be using the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Creme de Rose as a base for these eyeshadows as it is one that makes all my shadows last on the lids all day without creasing!

I packed 2 eyeliners simply because i don’t know how waterproof the pencil is. I’ve found the Chit Chat liner stays on all day once it’s been set. Meanwhile the Rodial one blends in so effortlessly to add a dramatic outline to the eyes. Forgot to include the mascara which i’m bringing (It was in my liquids bag, not my makeup bag lol). I’m packing my Benefit Roller Lash mascara. I like the curl and length this gives my lashes, so nice enough for holidays!


Lastly, I packed my trusty Natural Collection Brow pencil to fill in my brows as i can’t go a day without a bit of brow product on. This will last all day too, when set with the neutral brown in the urban decay palette.

Thanks for reading this quick wee post. Hope you all have a lovely summer, whether you are going on holidays or not, just have a fab fab time.

Steph xx


June Favourites

Hi lovely! Got a wee favourites post for ya today, as we are now at the start of July, where has the year gone?! So i thought i would do a wee monthly favourites for ya. Share with you, my gorgeous reader, what you could perhaps try out…

Think I’ll do a different kind of favourites this month, may as well do a wee chatty-post. So i’ll talk to you just about lots of different things i have enjoyed in June. So, BEGIN::

Came home from uni at the start of June, so really enjoyed being back at home (Northern Ireland); the weather, the accent, seeing my friends again and things along the line of that. Music i’ve been loving last month has been

Overwhelming: Jon Bellion

Hands to myself: Selena Gomez

Slow Hands: Niall Horan

Strip that down: Liam Payne

Alllll of Lorde’s new album Melodrama

I’ve been enjoying having a bullet journal this month especially as it’s just a handy thing to have all of your info together in one place. I might do a post about this in the future, if not though and you’re interested, google/youtube it, lots of info on it. So easy to make and is good just to get your mind all in one place.

Now let’s talk about MAKEUP:



So, an ongoing favourite of mine is maybelline’s colour tattoo, creamy matte formula in creme de rose. This is the perfect base for all eyeshadow. My eyeshadow creases without fail when i’m not wearing primers/some kind of base. As well as this though, there are loads of brands that my shadow would still crease with. I don’t have this problem at all when i use creme de rose. This is the perfect neutral base also. As my skin is naturally pink-toned this blends in perfectly. (There is a yellow-toned matte colour tattoo also, if you are more yellow-toned). This is so creamy and blends in so easily, i like to use my finger for this. I would then set this base with a bit of powder/neutral shadow and then proceed with whichever look i want. Absolutely amazing and very long lasting, think i bought this over a year ago now and am yet to hit pan. Absolutely love this.


Next is a newbie to my collection, E101 BURNT, from Makeup Obsession. I love this shadow for a range of different things. I like to put this in my crease to make a look a lot more bold/warm toned. I like to put it in the muddle of my lid to add colour/depth. For only £2 this shadow is an absolute steal! Should also mention that the pigmentation is perfect and it doesn’t have a lot of fall out either.


Technic’s Get Gorgeous highlighting powder I can’t not mention this one (again). I use this everyday. I don’t like the OTT highlighter, personally, and this is the perfect powder for a gorgeous natural glow. It’s got a slight pink-tone, but really just adds a naturalish shimmer to wherever you apply. I’ve found that i actually like this being applied with my fingers then blending it out with a powder brush.


The Body Shop’s Honey Bronzer in Light has found its way back in my makeup bag this summer! I bought this about 2 years ago and each summer that passes i find myself falling back in love with it. This is warm toned, so deffo not to be used as a contour, but it is just light enough to look normal on pale skin! It is such a creamy powder which blends in soooo nicely. Pretty sure this comes in about 3 shades and is about £11. Deffo worth it for the quality.


So a bit of a story with this product! My (gorgeous, wonderful lovely, thoughtful etc etc etc) boyfriend was in work and sold someone a magazine and then saw that the magazine came with 2 pencils from a brand called ‘Rodial‘. Then saw at the top of the magazine that you would be saving like £27 by getting the magazine. (Rodial is a v high-end brand who knew). So anyway, the wee pet gave me a message and was like ‘would u like this’ and seeing the saving at the top of the magazine i presumed the brand must be v v good and was like ‘yes pls’. So anyway, end of story time. This is the creamiest eyeliner i have ever used. It’s branded as a ‘Smokey eye pen‘. I’ve used this for both a smokey eye and just standard eyeliner. Sooo easy to blend out into a smokey eye; i like to apply a teeny bit to my lower lash line and then blend it out to be more soft. It is sooo easy to work with and i just love it. The other pencil that came with this magazine was a nude lipliner, which is also gorj, will deffo do a post with these 2 products in action in the near future.


A dupe that i bought like 3 years ago, high lights, from technic has found its way back into my makeup bag. I like to use this when applying my foundation. Basically I pour a little bit into the foundation and mix it on the back of my hand. It just adds a nice natural glow and makes your skin look nice and fresh. (Much prefer this kind of look than the horrible glitter than i end up with on my face when using the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation!!)


Chit Chat’s black Gel eyeliner is a cheapie, but a goodie. It doesn’t have the best pigmentation, so i do 2 coats, but i’ve found that once it has set it doesn’t move about on the eyes! (A problem which i’ve experienced with many other gel liners) Then the Freedom brow pomade i’ve used a lot in June. Keeps my brows coloured all day and is easy enough to use. I might buy in a lighter shade though, this is a bit dark for moi.


This Concealer by the brand m (???) in the shade light 2 is perfect for sculpting le brows. Not sure where you can buy this (I bought from a private makeup shop in Belfast), but if you can find it i deffo recommend it. It is sooo pigmented and is really q waxy, so need warm hands to blend out, but it gives such a natural highlight-effect to your face.


Lastly, Maybelline’s Big Eyes Mascara is again a fave of mine. I’ve repurchased this mascara twice now (something which i rarelyyyy do). This gives my upper lashes soo much volume and length, while the bottom half gives my bottom lashes a bit of definition. Absolutely gorgeous and deffo worth a try.


Not really sure what else i can classify as a ‘favourite’ for the month of June. Hope you’re having a lovely start to your summer! Definitely keep your eyes open for another post i have planned (within the next week) Going to show you my Holiday Makeup Bag!

So thanks for reading this wee favourites post, hope you enjoyed.

Steph xx