Hey There You!

 So I can’t post a proper post until i have photos to have with the post… You get me? So this will be a very unorginal one … just a wee chat!

So, i’ll tell you a bit about what’s been happening lately! I went shopping last weekend and picked up a foundation that is the best ever! (Probs what my next post will be about when I eventually get some photos) It’s perfecttttt, matches my skin perfectly! I went to the no.7 counter and got my skin matched and the woman basically told me what I already know, ‘pick the lightest tone in all brands.’ SERIOUSLY? Something I’ve always done, just been unlucky with!

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever gone for the ‘professional advice’ and you leave with what you already knew? Frustrating, right?!

I’ve also been into scary movies recently! Watched at least 30 of them within the past month! Do you recommend any? Properly scary ones, ones that will deffo make me jump!

I also need an exfoliator so I do! I was thinking that I should either go for one from the Boots witch hazel line because I know it works miracles on my skin! OR should I go for ‘Good Things’ exfoliator? I have no idea!! Would you recommend any? I hear the clean and clear ones are also really good?

Also liquid concealers, have you got any personal favourites? i’ve never really been one for concealers so i have no idea which brand to go for!? I loved the 17 one because it came in pale enough shades! … Pretty sure they discontinued those though!! :/

So yes, any recommendations on any of these things?

Thanks a billion for reading! Love yaaa long time! *cringe*

Stephanie! x