What I’ve been LOVING this month


I’ll start by saying that this isn’t my monthly favourites. This is a catch up post. I haven’t posted a blog post in a fortnight and I feel bad about that. There have been so many products that i’ve used and thought about how i’ll blog about them! So annoying because I just havent had the time! So, here I am with a few brilliant products that I think you should pick up for yourself!

IMG_6739 IMG_6730 IMG_6729 IMG_6740

The maybelline colour tattoos have been raved about by hundreds and thousands. A couple of months ago I picked up ‘bad to the bronze’ and honestly haven’t really given it a proper shot yet. But, I couldn’t help but add the colour ‘permanent taupe’ to my shopping bag when I was browsing through the isles of Boots. This, for me, is a multi-use product. I love this for a crease/outer corner eyeshadow, but i’ve also been loving it on my brows! Brows?! Yes, My brows!! a gray/brown shade is perfect for my eyebrows. It gives them shape without having too much drama. I’ve been using this pretty much everyday on my brows. Really lovely product! For £4.99 I highly recommend it!


IMG_6734 IMG_6735

Next up is another brow product. This is the Collection Work The Colour Brunette Eyebrow kit. This sells at £3.99. You get 5 different things in this little set. You get your 3 brow shades, your little applicator and a clear mascara/gel. The three shades in this are perfect. I mix the lighter brown with the pales shade to do an everyday brow and I’d mix the darkest with the lightest for a statement brow. Really brilliant quality! This stuff stays on all day too! The mascara is the best gel i’ve ever used on my brows. I love how it is a plastic applicator, not a fibre-y one like the majority of others. it combs through the brows easily without leaving a ‘wet’ feeling. Really brilliant product and i recommend it to all!

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Recently I picked up an eye primer crayon by NYC in Superdrug. This sells for £3.49. It is called the NYC City Proof 24 hour eye primer. I apply a little swipe of this on my eyelids and then rub it in with my finger. This then acts as a base, making any eyeshadows applied on top of it much more vibrant, allowing their true colour to show. This is cheap, easy to use and longlasting, I recommend this to beginners and basically everyone else too, it’s a makeup bag essential for me!

IMG_6741 IMG_6742

The Body Shop’s honey bronzer, for £13, has been used everyday since I bought it earlier in the Summer. This is the perfect contour/bronzer for the paler girls. I got this in the lightest shade. It has a slight gray undertone to it, so it doesn’t leave you with that orange contoured finish! This is so soft to touch too and blends in beautifully & with ease.

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I’ve never been a huge fan of pressed powders. I gave up after 1 too many failures, and by this I mean them breaking at a little drop and the fact that many just apply very heavily and make your face caked! But, in savers, I picked up Maybelline’s new Matte Maker mattifying powder in ’10 Classic Ivory’. This matches my skin perfectly. This mattifies my skin perfectly. This lasts for a good 3-4 hours perfectly. This is perfect. Recently i’ve just been wearing moisturiser with this powder on top to give my skin a bit of a rest (I was getting a lot of break outs this Summer!) and I just love the finish this gives to my skin! I apply this using my large fluffy brush by Real Techniques. This sells at Boots for £3.99.


Next up to talk about are the 2 Real Techniques brushes that I’ve been loving. If you’ve read my blog for long, you’d know that honestly i’m not a huge fan of Real Techniques, I have found cheaper and better brushes in smaller brands, so I don’t see the hype. BUT, for their powder brushes i’m in LOVE! I love their huge face powder brush and recently added to my favourites are the contour and blush brushes. the contour one I use to carve out my cheek bones (using the body shop bronzer mentioned above) and I just love the finish it gives. It picks up just the right amount of product and blends it in beautifully. The bristles on this are compact and very soft. As for the bluisher brush, i’ve needed to replace my old blush brush for donkeys now, so I finally splurged and picked this up. The bristles are still soft, but much looser. This blends in the blusher beautifully. Both of these brushes sell at £9.99.


Lastly, I picked up Zoella’s ‘Blissful Mistful’ body spray for £8. I love the floral sweet scent of this. It really brightens my mood when i’m wearing this. I much prefer this to the other perfume she has as it is too sweet & fruity for me! But, this one is a new favourite! The bottle is very cute too! I love the little polka dot theme that she has going for her products!

So that’s all for today! I hope you have been having a really lovely August! Have there been any products that you’ve been loving recently? i’d love to know all about them! Sorry for the lack of posts, i’ll hopefully get back into the routine of things when I’m back at school! As always, much love,

Stephanie x