Quick pasta

So as i’m in uni and making my own dinners, i’ve found/made a ton of recipes that i love. Thought i’d share what i made for lunch with you today, so let’s be doing that!

As i’m going home tomorrow (can i get a hallelujah?) i was trying to use up the rest of my fresh foods. Was really in the mood for pasta after watching a chef on tv make it. But i had no pasta sauce/chopped tomatoes to make my own sauce – boooo! So, I went to the kitchen and improvised a bit.

What i used

  • like 12 cherry tomatoes
  • last garlic clove
  • last red onion
  • tsp sugar
  • lots of olive oil
  • last bit of my shell pasta
  • sprinkle of salt
  • good bit of black pepper
  • bit a oregano and/or thyme
  • last bit of feta cheese

So basically i boiled up the kettle and put my pasta on to boil. I put it on a high setting and added a decent amount of salt; Jamie Oliver said it was important to do this (on yesterday’s cooking programme) so i took his word for it and obeyed. After this i chopped up my red onion and tried to dice it (usually give in half-way through simply because my eyes are in agony). I then put this in a frying pan with a decent amount of olive oil and gently fried it while i was cutting up my other stuff.

I crushed up a garlic clove then added this to the frying onions and mixed it through. Next i diced the little tomatoes, the smaller the better; presumably. When i finally finished chopping these up i added them to the frying onions and mixed it through. Then i sprinkled in some oregano and thyme (Mum always said it makes things taste 100 times better adding herbs). Thought it would be a good idea to add some of the starchy water from the pasta to my frying onions and tomatoes (Nigella did it in one of her things sooo?).

When my pasta was soft i drained it and drizzled with olive oil and left it in the bowl i was going to be eating from. I continued to mix the tomatoey sauce and tried to crush the tomatoes to get more juice out of them. I added like half a teaspoon of sugar, just to make the sauce less tart. Salt and pepper were added to the sauce along with a bit more olive oil and then stirred through. Everything was gently simmering an then i decided i was too hungry to wait any longer. So i added the pasta to the sauce, mixed it through and served with my last bit of feta (Aldi actually calls it ‘Greek Cheese‘ so god knows what standard of feta it is) crumbled over and mixed through. Have to say, it was really yummy and I recommend 100%. If you have any basil i’m sure it would go wonderfully also… but alas, i am a student and do not have basil at hand everyday.

Hope you enjoyed this style of post. If ya did i may do more; maybe.

Steph x


Finishing products off – Like or hate?

Let’s get back into the swing of things, or at least try. Hello my lovely lovely reader, hope you’re having a brilliant week and a good 2017. It’s getting close to Summer, which i think is really exciting as i’m going on le holidays to Madeira with the lovely boyfriend! (Eeeeek!) Have you got any plans for your summer yet?

Over the past month i’ve really condensed my makeup collection to my absolute favourites, simply because i’ve got way too much which just sits in my drawer. I did this by using up older products and also giving things to friends. So I thought i’d talk about the products which i did use up and have reintroduced myself to and whether or not i’ll repurchase when they are finished.

SO: WHAT have i used?


I’ve been using the primer again, which i’ve found can go quite bally under certain foundations, which is quite annoying. The Fit me matte and poreless is ok, but it’s a fraction too dark for my skin, so i’m going to use it over the Summer. I finished the Super Stay by Maybelline, i actually really enjoyed using it, but made sure i had my skin v moisturised before applying it because it kinda showed flaky skin where i didn’t even know i had it! (I don’t think i’ll buy this one again). The MUA Matte foundation i got very annoyed with. It was a good shade for pale skin, but it was SOOOOOOOO oily on me and i just didn’t understand why!! This was a product i gave to a friend. Never got along with the Benefit Boi-ing concealer, so gave it away as it was too heavy and really showed up dry areas on my skin. Lastly, I like the Miss Sporty Perfect Stay concealer, but it is a littttle bit too orange toned for me. I do like it, but will most likely not buy it again.


I’ve been using the Soap & Glory It’s About Prime eyeshadow primer every day underneath my shadow as i’m determined to finish it. I bought this a few years ago and did like it. It is an OK product, i genuinely don’t mind it. I have just found so many better products which i prefer now, one of which being the creme de rose colour tattoo by maybelline (That’s not the one seen in the picture aboveeee). But, I swear i will finish this Soap & Glory primer by the time i’m moving out of uni. (Have until start of June!)


I never really actually got into Sleek’s face kit thing. The contour was too dark, didn’t like the blusher and the highlighter was only ok. I’m probably just too pale for this palette, i’ve heard many rave about this palette, personally i just don’t think it’s at all worth the hype. Gave this to a more tanned friend of mine, hope she has better luck with it.


The Real Technique’s Contour brush – the brush to the left, has been passed on to a friend. I don’t understand this brush. This shouldn’t be used for contour!!! This is much too dense, nobody wants a harsh contour, surely??? Just didn’t get along with this brush at all, much prefer a small fluffier brush to apply my contour/bronzer. Sorry Real Techniques!

Miss Sporty’s Waterproof Liquid Liner is one which i’m trying to finish. Have to say, I love this. Don’t know why i haven’t been using it prior to my makeup clearout. This stays on my eyes all day, no flakes, no smudges. It has the perfect felt tip nib which creates a pointed cat eye easily. You can buy this, in Superdrug, for less than £3. Seriously, give it a try! I will deffo repurchase when this is finished.

Think i’ll finish this post on that note, didn’t realise the amount of negative things i had to say about the other products – oops! So, look out for another post similar to this.

Thanks for reading!

Steph xx


144 Eyeshadow Palette – Revolution

So i think i can finally write this post about Makeup Revolution’s 144 Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection. I bought this way back in like November as it was £10, £8 with my student discount. So basically 18p per shadow… That’s how i can justify this purchase.. So anyway, what can i tell you about this palette? Note that this is typically selling for £20, but you can buy for £10 this month on TAM beauty. CLICK HERE TO FIND

I haven’t used this a whole lot simply because it’s overwhelming having so many colour options. This month i’ve reached for it more though because it’s getting to the more shimmery colourful months. Although this palette ranges from the gorgeous pale shades to the darker and highly pigmented ones, there is one thing it is missing; matte shades?!?!? I can forgive that though as i do have another palette from makeup revolution which has 32 matte shadows.

So what’s in the palette?

As you can see in the picture it has the most gorgeous copper, purple and golden tones, lovely pink shades and then more vibrant greens and blues. This is the first palette (even Urban decay ones haven’t interested me) that has actually had me reaching for copper shades, so bravo for that! I’m sure majority of these shadows are complete dupes for shadows you’d find in more expensive brands. I know the coppers and brows are Urban Decay Dupes (from palettes i’ve previously owned). Below are swatches of my favourite shades.

I loooooove the cranberry red shades and the gorgeous coppers. The purple and gray shades are perfect to smoke out also.

So, what looks can you do with this palette? Below are some eye looks that i created using only this palette. Sorry about the shite quality; did this on le phone camera.

 – (this one is 2 different looks, not supposed to look the same, i swear!!!)
I’d say majority of the shades are highly pigmented, but you do get q a bit of fall out when applying. I also gave away all my shimmer palettes after getting this as they really aren’t necessary anymore. Only flaw with this is the size of it, not exactly travel friendly. But, I do recommend it if you’re a beginner, as it does have every shade you need!
The palette has 2 lovely dark dark dark shadows, one is a black with gold specs in it and the other is a shimmery black, both really nice to darken your look up. Only thing i thought it was missing was a dark dark dark brown without anything else in it. There are lots of brown-golds, brown-reds etc. no plain dark browns. Ah well.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed this review. Ano it was a bit rambly, but i’m a bit out of my blogging-mode, if you get me? Been meaning to post about this for donkeys though, so it’s finally up!
Expect a few more posts in the next few weeks, got some more free time again! Comment below your favourite shadow palettes and if you’ve tried this one!
Much much much love; as always,
Steph xx

Home Made Crisps

Hi friends! Long time no post – What’s new though??

Today i’ve got a bit of a different post for you… So i’m gonna share a recipe which i have recently discovered and LOVE. It’s how to make your own crisps when you’ve just got the cravings but don’t want to be too unhealthy.

So what you need is:

1 potato


Olive Oil

Plate, Microwave, fork, sharp knife, potato peeler.


So how you do it…

1 Start by cutting a potato into very very thin slices.

2 Next spread some olive oil on your plate. Make sure this is a thin layer.

3 Now place your potato pieces around your plate, having space between each. Place the thicker slices around the outside of the plate.

4 Sprinkle salt over the plate.

5 Microwave this for 2 minutes – or until you see the potato starting to go brown.

6 Take out of the microwave and flip each potato piece.

7 Repeat earlier step, but just have them in for about a minute and a half – or until they go brown.

8 Take off the plate and put on a cool plate or bowl.

crisps.jpg – What to expect!

You can either wait for them to cool or eat them hot! A really quick and tasty treat. I’m going to try adding different flavours on top soon – like paprika! Hope you enjoy this quick little recipe & enjoy your week!

Thanks for reading,

Steph xx



I’ve previously tried Real Techniques face brushes. To say I was underwhelmed is appropriate, however I can’t emphasise how brilliant i think these eye brushes are. Perhaps i’ll do a review on the face brushes that I have from this brand and attempt to explain my thoughts – perhaps perhaps. Anyway, this post is about the eye brushes, so without further adieu.


I bought this set of 5 brushes in Superdrug, which was selling for £15.74 as it was on offer, they are usually sold at £20.99. With my extra 10% student discount I was in a rush to buy it, after reading such brilliant reviews on this set. In this set there are 5 brushes; Deluxe crease brush, Shading brush, Essential crease brush, Eyeliner brush and Fine liner brush. The packaging comes with a description where Sam and Nic (The makers of the brushes) explain how they use the brushes. With the set came a handy mirror-to-go case. A compact case which folds up nicely and securely, protecting the bristles.

To give you an idea of how much I like these brushes, I’ve only used them twice and I had to come here and talk about them! So, what do i think of each of the brushes?



L>R: Deluxe Crease, Shaping, Essential crease, eyeliner, fine liner brush.

The Deluxe Crease Brush

This soft, oversized brush is perfect for applying your base shadow. It is perfect for setting your primer/base. It is the perfect fit for the lid and is so gentle also. I begin, as said above, by using this for the base shadow. But I continue to reach for this whilst applying my shadow as it blends the different shadows effortlessly.

The Shading Brush 

This tapered brush with compact bristles applies colour beautifully this is the perfect size to blend shadows beneath the lower lash line also. This is good for smudging in colour.

The Essential Crease Brush

This exclusive brush has tapered bristles which fit perfectly into your crease. The bristles are also the perfect size for blending in a crease shade without it getting messy. Is a good brush also just for blending already-placed shadows together into the crease.

The Eyeliner Brush

Another exclusive for this set, the angled brush. This brush has a firm head which provides more control when lining the eyes. This is the only brush that I haven’t properly tried yet. I imagine it would be good for both lining the eyes, but also for filling your brows in. This would be perfect for smoking out the lined eyes also.

The Fine Liner Brush

Hallelujah, firm bristles on a liner brush. This is so easy to use when applying cream liner. It isn’t flimsy and the long handle gives you optimal control.

Bravo Sam and Nic, you really perfected these brushes. Truly truly impressed. I cleared out my old blending brushes as this brush set completely trump them. Highly recommend these, even moreso now as they are being sold at a discount.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review. Have you tried these brushes and are there any which you recommend to me?

Thanks for reading,

Steph x

How i do my face in the morning

So as opposed to doing a monthly favourites or a what’s in my makeup bag i’ve decided to just talk about the products i use and what i use to apply them.

So to start off I apply my foundation. I’ve been using Maybelline SuperStay 24hr a lot recently. I’m shade 05 light beige. This is quite pale and also sits only ok on my skin. I have quite dry skin, so it bunches up a bit throughout the day. I imagine this would be very good if you had oily skin or if you used an intense moisturiser in the morning. It blends quite easily. I use my artis brus dupe. I got a set of 8 for like £10 on Ebay, The real 10 piece set costs £396 . It applies foundation amazingly. I recommend these for a higher coverage and the beauty blender for a more natural look. It’s a very soft brush and 100% recommend looking this up on Ebay.


I then use the bene tint by benefit. I dab 3 dots on each cheek and blend them in using my fingers. If i want a pinker cheeks I just repeat this step. This is such a good product, looks really natural and there’s no powder buildup, so it doesn’t look cakey.


I then lightly dust MUA’s Skin Define Matte Perfect loose powder on my face using my ecotools large powder brush. Nothing special about this, just that it was cheap and sets my makeup. I then use my smaller tapered brush (can’t remember where I got this) and apply this matte bronzer to my cheekbones and up my temples. This is like a contour, but less intense. I finish my face off then using a fan brush with a tiny bit of highlighter. This one is by technic GET GORGEOUS illuminating powder. It is slightly pink toned and has such a nice, subtle glow.

I then prime my eyes with Maybelline’s colour tattoo in Creme de Rose. This is just a soft light pink colour, just a standard base for the shadow. I then use a fluffy brush and dust over the light shadow in row one. Then i apply the darker colour in row 3 in my crease using the slightly denser brush and finish off with the dark brown colour in row 4 in the outer corner using my smaller brush. When i have the time/can be bothered I line my eyes using the felt tip liner by l’oreal Superliner. When I’m not using it i use Avon’s True Colour Eyeliner in Black-Brown. I apply it roughly and then blend it out using a pointed brush.


I then use 2 different mascaras. The first is Supersize Fat Lash by Collection. This brush is nice and thick and coats the lashes amazingly! I apply 2 coats on each eye and one coat on my lower lashes. Then I go on to use one coal of MUA’s Long Lasting Curl Mascara. These 2 mascaras make my lashes look thick and long. Laaavely!


I then go on to do my brows and make my face look like a face. I start off my brows by quickly filling them in using my Natural Collection brow pencil and then use a small and thin brush to fill them in using the lighter powder for the inner parts of the brow and then the darker colour for the arch and tip. When I can be bothered I use Benefit’s Gimmie Brow in 5 to set them. This does make them look stronger, just it’s that extra bit of hassle in the morning, so i sometimes miss this step.


L>R; Caramel 2, Naked Beige & Edge to Edge.

I’ve been wearing brown lipsticks a lot recently. Naked Beige by Soap & Glory and Collection Velvet kiss in Caramel 2 are my favourites. I like to line my lips using Mac Edge to Edge Lip pencil as well.

And that’s it! After this I tend to rush out the door. Thanks for reading this post. Sorry for not being online as much, too much coursework!

Much love,

Steph x




Finally i am here, by myself, doing what I wanted since i started to think about university. It’s been very up and down, more than i expected honestly, but i feel settled to talk now. I have missed home. I’ve missed my family, my friends, my boyfriend. I’ve felt so different here with my accent, my opinions, the foods I eat. I’ve wondered if this was the biggest mistake, moving from home to a completely new place. I’ve never lived in a town, never been only a train journey away from such a huge shopping city, never depended only on myself to cook – for more than a week and a few other ‘nevers’ that i find myself doing quite a lot now.

Fast food is surprisingly not the only meal-type that i’ve had! I think i’ve had about 3 take-outs and this is my 6th week, so that’s not too bad? I’ve cooked lasagnes, pasta bakes, stirfries, soups and a few other things. I’ve enjoyed cooking, but miss being cooked for. I miss my Mum’s stews, her stirfries, her Sunday roasts, her dinners. I can cook quite well, but not like my Mum. She’s a phonecall away, for her mouth-watering meal ideas.

Words, phrases and sense of humour are different here. Jokes that I share with my Dad aren’t familiar here. Having to explain the joke/words makes it less funny – a lot less funny. I speak too quickly and use words that seem obscure here. So i look forward to being home, where everything is interpreted, understood. I miss having my Dad, to ask for opinions, advice, directions. He’s a phonecall away but I strive to be independent.

Although both have moved out, I miss my siblings. I miss seeing my brother, on occasion, and hearing about what’s going on in his life. We message still, but I can’t hear his voice. I look forward to seeing my sister, at Christmas, who will be keen to hear all my campus-life stories, even though she’s kept up-to-date on the phone. It’s strange for me to be the one away from my siblings. Now my sister is home and I am gone. I broke the mug that my sister bought me 2 years ago for my Birthday. I kept the remainder of it.

Halloween is a particularly different thing, for me, here. I’m not seeing my wonderful family, all together, having fun, eating too much food and drinking too many drinks. An amazing time is had, every year, with everyone dressed up. I’d love to be there, but this year i’m here, receiving their lovely cards, congratulating me on getting into university.

Skype is where I go to see my lovely boyfriend – every other night, majority of nights anyway. I’m asked if it’s annoying, balancing a boyfriend and uni – no. He’s the first that comes to my mind when i have exciting news and i can’t wait to share it with him. Me being here and him being there hasn’t changed anything, just made Skype more appealing. I miss him. He’s here next week and I can’t wait to speak, face to face.

The Apprentice is on TV now, I miss watching this and commenting on how ridiculous majority of the contestants are, with my family. Great British Bake Off is pointless to watch myself, without my family. I miss the sofas, I miss the blankets, I miss constantly being cold. I miss my antisocial dog.

Playing the piano is something I miss a lot more than I expected. When I want some ‘down-time’ i don’t have a piano, to lose track of time on, in the other room. My friend and I are hopefully going to the building with a piano in it on Friday. I can’t wait to play my piano when I come back home at Christmas. Maybe I will bring a book or 2 to uni, so that I can play songs that I know.

My flatmates, majority anyway, go home every other weekend which i wasn’t expecting. I have my flights booked back home, in December and my boyfriend booked his, last month, to visit me. I can’t wait to see him next week, or my family and friends in December. Talking about home, and the people at home, makes it a lot easier not seeing them everyday. My flatmates know quite a lot about my family and boyfriend at this stage. -You like spicy food? My parents love spicy!  They will hopefully come visit me at uni, soon – my Mum and Dad. I will show them the town, how i’ve decorated my room, the bleach i’ve bought for my bathroom(?!??!?), the sink that i do my washing in, the restaurants…

It wasn’t a mistake choosing to move away from home. I enjoy my course and have made friends. I love the little town, 5 minutes walk away. I love how much easier, and cheaper, it is to see my best friend. I love that I have 10% off the Starbucks that is just down the road.

I like it here, I miss home.