How i do my face in the morning

So as opposed to doing a monthly favourites or a what’s in my makeup bag i’ve decided to just talk about the products i use and what i use to apply them.

So to start off I apply my foundation. I’ve been using Maybelline SuperStay 24hr a lot recently. I’m shade 05 light beige. This is quite pale and also sits only ok on my skin. I have quite dry skin, so it bunches up a bit throughout the day. I imagine this would be very good if you had oily skin or if you used an intense moisturiser in the morning. It blends quite easily. I use my artis brus dupe. I got a set of 8 for like £10 on Ebay, The real 10 piece set costs £396 . It applies foundation amazingly. I recommend these for a higher coverage and the beauty blender for a more natural look. It’s a very soft brush and 100% recommend looking this up on Ebay.


I then use the bene tint by benefit. I dab 3 dots on each cheek and blend them in using my fingers. If i want a pinker cheeks I just repeat this step. This is such a good product, looks really natural and there’s no powder buildup, so it doesn’t look cakey.


I then lightly dust MUA’s Skin Define Matte Perfect loose powder on my face using my ecotools large powder brush. Nothing special about this, just that it was cheap and sets my makeup. I then use my smaller tapered brush (can’t remember where I got this) and apply this matte bronzer to my cheekbones and up my temples. This is like a contour, but less intense. I finish my face off then using a fan brush with a tiny bit of highlighter. This one is by technic GET GORGEOUS illuminating powder. It is slightly pink toned and has such a nice, subtle glow.

I then prime my eyes with Maybelline’s colour tattoo in Creme de Rose. This is just a soft light pink colour, just a standard base for the shadow. I then use a fluffy brush and dust over the light shadow in row one. Then i apply the darker colour in row 3 in my crease using the slightly denser brush and finish off with the dark brown colour in row 4 in the outer corner using my smaller brush. When i have the time/can be bothered I line my eyes using the felt tip liner by l’oreal Superliner. When I’m not using it i use Avon’s True Colour Eyeliner in Black-Brown. I apply it roughly and then blend it out using a pointed brush.


I then use 2 different mascaras. The first is Supersize Fat Lash by Collection. This brush is nice and thick and coats the lashes amazingly! I apply 2 coats on each eye and one coat on my lower lashes. Then I go on to use one coal of MUA’s Long Lasting Curl Mascara. These 2 mascaras make my lashes look thick and long. Laaavely!


I then go on to do my brows and make my face look like a face. I start off my brows by quickly filling them in using my Natural Collection brow pencil and then use a small and thin brush to fill them in using the lighter powder for the inner parts of the brow and then the darker colour for the arch and tip. When I can be bothered I use Benefit’s Gimmie Brow in 5 to set them. This does make them look stronger, just it’s that extra bit of hassle in the morning, so i sometimes miss this step.


L>R; Caramel 2, Naked Beige & Edge to Edge.

I’ve been wearing brown lipsticks a lot recently. Naked Beige by Soap & Glory and Collection Velvet kiss in Caramel 2 are my favourites. I like to line my lips using Mac Edge to Edge Lip pencil as well.

And that’s it! After this I tend to rush out the door. Thanks for reading this post. Sorry for not being online as much, too much coursework!

Much love,

Steph x


Feelin’ Dandy – Review

So I bought Lip and Cheek kit from a Benefit stall when I was flying to Liverpool, back in February. This usually sells for £25.50, but I got this reduced as it was in Duty Free – lost the receipt, so no idea for how much I got it for. So what do you get in this little box of goods? I will label them below along with their full-sized price.

Posie tint cheek and lip tint £24.50

High Beam highlighter £24.50

Dandelion blusher£23.50

Dandelion Lipgloss £14.50

You can get each of these as travel sized items except for the blusher.

So, What do I think of the products? I’m in love with only half of this box of goodies.

The Lipgloss is amazing, my favourite in the world. I love the grapefruit flavour, the subtle shimmery pink colour and the non-sticky formula. I’m just in love with this and will definitely be purchasing the full sized product once this is finished.


I’m also in love with the highlighter. I love to dab this onto the high points of my cheeks, on the tip of my nose and anywhere else I feel needs a little shimmer. This is a really gentle highlighter, but is easy to intensify. I can wear this underneath my foundation for a really subtle natural glow, or can put it over for a more intense look. I feel it blends easiest using a damp beauty blender – but what doesn’t?


It would be untrue for me to say that I dislike the blusher, it’s just that I don’t really reach for it. It’s probably just because it’s in this big box that doesn’t really have a place on my dressing table. I’ll leave it out and try to make more use of it, you’ll probably see this in a favourite post soon! (Is the swatch closest to the left)


Lastly is the posie tint. This is one that I can almost definitely say that i’m not a fan of. It’s a neon pink shade and is really liquidy.. I feel like it blends into nothing really. I don’t like this on my lips and i’ve only used it once or twice on my cheeks. I’ll try it out more in days to come and maybe give an update on both this and the blusher.


I’ll lastly throw in a wee comment abouth the brush that you get in this box. I like to use this for on-the-go contour as it is the perfect shape. It’s kinda similar to the Nars (?) contour stick that everyone is losing their chill over, even though it costs like £30+?

So I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried any Benefit products? If you have, which ones and did you like them? I’d love to know what’s worth the money and what’s not!

Thanks for reading,

Steff x




How I do my Brows


As the importance of having our brows on fleek is a big thing today, I thought i’d show you how I do mine! I love reading/watching tutorials on makeup looks. It’s so interesting to see what people use and how they use it. I feel that with brows everyone has their own way of filling them in/shaping them in a way that they like. So, here’s my way!


I’ll start by showing what my brows look like undone… No judging…  Please excuse the murder-eyes, if I smile or whatever my brows move about and don’t look the same. Also, I left one undone and one finished just so you can see the difference through each step. Should also mention that i’m typing this literally as I do it, so that I don’t miss out any steps. Ah to be a dedicated blogger 😉 Obviously it’s the left brow which hasn’t been done lol. 



SO. I start by using a flat tipped brush into the lighter shade of my Freedom duo brow powder in soft brownI apply this to my whole brow – just kinda fill it all in. I follow the natural shape of my brows when doing this. It’s ok if this is a bit messy at this point, we fix that later, just roll with me here! I go over the brows a good few times, topping the brush up with product each time until they look less sparse.


So after this I go with the darker shade. I focus this on the 2nd half of my brow. This gives the brows more definition, emphasising the desired shape. I then kinda fill in the first section of the brow with this darker shade. Not as much as I did with the 2nd half, but a little to give it a nice bit of definition.IMG_9259

SO, as you can see in the picture it is q a bit thicker in comparison to the other brow. To neaten it up I use my face wipe and follow the shape of the brow, removing whatever excess I have.

Hopefully you can see the difference that made. ANYWAY, next I use my spooli.. spooly .. spouli … the little mascara wand without product on it… you know what i’m talking about! so yes, I run this through the brow to take off any excess product sitting in the brow and also to blend it together. I do this using little brushing strokes, not just one long one as that would displace the hairs.


After this I then go in with a cream concealer. This particular one is by a brand called ‘Special Cosmetics‘ in Light 2. I bought this in a makeup artist’s shop… so I’m not really sure where it is sold, but any pale concealer would do. With this I use a small brush and add a small amount – as it is so highly pigmented. I apply this to my wrist, to keep the product warm, as it works better when warm. Next I get a small amount on the brush and put this on the first part of my brow, as seen below. I blend this in with my warm index finger, quickly before it sets.


Next I use the same concealer and put it below the arch, as seen below. Again I need to blend this in before it sets.IMG_9265

FINALLY I set this with my Benefit ‘Gimme Brow’. I do this by scraping excess product on the side of the tube and carefully brush this through my brows, making sure the colour and gel is setting them in place and filling in any patchy areas.

I’ve never really gotten along with brow pencils, I always found them to be too waxy and almost clump in my brows. So I have just stuck with shadows.

Hope you enjoyed this post & maybe even found it helpful!

Steff x

Gimme Brow – Is it a Dupe?

So recently Benefit have released a new range of brow products, also repackaging for their well known and loved ‘Gimme Brow’. Since the original release of the Gimme Brow, many brands have been creating their own versions, but which are as good?

I’ve tried brow gels from 3 different brands, Maybelline master drama brow gel, Technic brow gel and Essence brow gel and a few different clear gels – Collection did one with their brow powders and it was really good. I may do another post about these ones, but for this I will focus on the Essence one.

So one that i’d say is mostly known as a dupe for the gimme brow is ‘Make me brow‘ from essence. So as I have both I thought i’d do a wear/compare!  The Essence ‘Make me brow’ is £2.50 while Benefit ‘Gimmie Brow‘ is £18.50

Swatch L>R: Make Me Brow, Gimmie Br0w

Realistically, when on the brows, they are very similar. But the Gimmie Brow has a much better hold and staying power and i feel it fills the brows in a bit better. But if what you’re looking for is just to set your brows and fill them in a tad, absolutely just get the Make me Brow, you’d be saving £15! Although I do like the Benefit one, I most certainly will not be paying £18.50 for a tiny product. No way.

So I hope you enjoyed this post & i’d love to know if you know of any good dupes for this product!

Thanks for reading,

Steff x


A trip to Boots & First Impressions…

Ah, once again i’ve visited the local makeup shop and once again I have bought more makeup. One of these makeup items I was given for my Birthday though, so it’s not like I went completely over the top… Plus as this is my birthday month I get extra points any time I buy something in Boots… Anyway, Lemmie show ya what I got!


  • Benefit: Ultra Plush Lipgloss – Fauxmance
  • Maybelline: Fit Me Matte + Poreless – 105
  • Sleek: i-Divine – Enchanted Forest 
  • Benefit: Gimme Brow – Shade 1
  • Bourjois: Rouge Edition Velvet – 17 Cool Brown
  • Maybelline: Colour Tattoo – 91 Creme de Rose

So i’ll start from the top then!


Benefit: Ultra Plush Lipgloss – Fauxmance £14.50

So this was the lovely lovely lipgloss that I was given for my Birthday. I had tried Benefit lipgloss with the Dandelion product and absolutely loved it. This is the perfect consistency for me! I love how it isn’t sticky but also not oily. This tastes like grapefruit and has such a lovely colour to it. I like to dab this onto my lips and then blend it in using my finger. Hoping this tube lasts me ages because i’m just in love!


Maybelline: Fit Me Matte + Poreless – 105 £5.99

Finally, a foundation that is from a trustworthy brand that isn’t a rip off! I’ve noticed recently that lots of brands have been increasing the prices of their concealers and foundations… I thought it was supposed to be highstreet products for highstreet prices?! Apparently not for many brands. I imagine this one is a bit cheaper as it is in a squeezy tube as opposed to a glass bottle. I don’t mind a glass bottle because I like that the pump gives you a good amount of product whereas you have to ‘eye’ it with a squeezy one. However once you are coming to the last of your product in a glass bottle it’s impossible to get it out, unlike a squeezy one where you can cut off the end and get the remainder of product! -Or maybe am I going overboard on the cheapskate? ANYWAY. That’s what I thought of the packaging… But what about the product? This is way more liquidy than any other matte foundation i’ve used, which made it much easier to blend without going all cakey around my nose and forehead. The colour matches my skin really nicely and i’d say it leaves a satin-finish moreso than a matte one. Honestly though, i much prefer that to completely matte because it looks way more natural. 8/8 Maybelline! I will likely be repurchasing this one as it is a good price and a good product! I’ve noticed recently that I don’t actually like a lot of the foundations that I have because i find they go quite cakey on my skin, so I might do a post about my foundations and whether or not I recommend them?

Sleek: i-Divine – Enchanted Forest £8.99

So this was actually what I was looking for when I went to Boots, but of course I couldn’t resist from all the other deals going on! I was looking specifically for a maroon shade eyeshadow, one that would look beauttt in my crease. I’ve heard many amazing things about Sleek eyeshadow palettes, but when brands like Makeup Revolution and MUA do palettes as cheap as £4, i’m more likely to reach for them. But, neither of these brands were doing the shade that I was looking for, so I looked at the Sleek stall. This palette has deep shades of colours not typically seen in your everyday shadow palette. I’m really pleased that I picked this up however as I can definitely see myself making use of these. The shade ‘Anastasia‘ ( 2nd row, 4th across) is the one that I was looking for – kinda (Still on the hunt…) I love each of these shades and can definitely see myself making bold eye looks with these. I think this definitely replaces my Urban Decay palette, the one that everyone got in like 2010… The purple one with the metal beads? If you know it you’ll understand why this is replacing it – these colours are stronger, less neon, more wearable. If you don’t know it click *here* to see it.


Benefit: Gimme Brow – Shade 1 £18.50

So let me start by bragging… I got this for £4… In fact I bought 2. They were in a magazine that was reduced as it was out of season and I just couldn’t help myself. Again, the boyfriend stood there baffled by my excitement, but i can confidently say that i wouldn’t be the only one basically jumping with glee at this bargain! So what do I think of this? Lol it’s ok. Not overly much to write home about. I do prefer this to the dupe I have for it (I will post about this soon, I swear) but I most definitely will not be paying £18.50 for it when I run out. Maybe £10. I’ll do a full review of this, again in an upcoming post, but i’ll say now that it isn’t worth £18.50 – in my opinion.


Bourjois: Rouge Edition Velvet – 17 Cool Brown £8.99

In a previous post I was talking about how much I love the Rouge Edition Velvet lip creams from Bourjois. Nothing has changed. When I spotted this brown-nude shade in Boots I couldn’t help but pick it up. If you read the previous post (Click Here) then you will know I found the perfect shade in the Maybelline range, but it didn’t seem to have the same lasting power as the Bourjois range. So this is perfect. I’m in LOVE. This fills in my lips – covers the lipscar which i’m not a fan of – and is a perfect nude shade for me. 8/8, Bourjois! I know £9 seems a bit much for a highstreet brand, but this is deffo deffo worth it. You won’t be disappointed!


Maybelline: Colour Tattoo – 91 Creme de Rose £4.99

So i’ve posted before about my opinion of the colour tattoos from Maybelline – to sum up, I think they’re OK… I have On and On Bronze and Tough as Taupe honestly, the bronze one isn’t one that I often reach for because I prefer a more cream base to my shadows and the Taupe one, I feel is too dark to use as a base, so i’d only really use it for my brows or as a creamy eyeliner. It’s also weird going from Mac’s creamy Paintpots to this stiffer product – you’d only understand if you’ve used both. I really do hesitate when paying for any product from Mac though. I’d have been happy to buy more colour tattoos had they have been selling more of a range in colours, which they seemed to in America. So anyway, when I saw this I was so excited to use it. This is amazing and makes the shadow stay on all day, increasing it’s vibrancy also as the shade is lovely and light. The perfect base for a good price. I am yet to try wearing this by itself though, I imagine it would stay on without needing set with shadows though as it is a thicker consistency.

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading! Also, thanks for sticking with me, even when I take like 3 month breaks between posts.  I have some in mind though, so expect some good ones soon! Hope this one wasn’t too rambley for you – unless you like that kind of style!

Much love,

Steff x


3 Eyelooks

So I thought I’d do a post today about different ways to wear eyeliner this Summer! Like I said in my previous post, I like to keep my lips neutral in the warmer months, so I make my eyes the ‘statement’.

So for my faceeeee I have used Soap & Glory bronzer and a blusher, Makeup Revolution highlighter & brow pencil, Bourjois eyeshadow in 08, NYC brow pencil, newlook lipstick & The Body Shop lipbalm.


IMG_9093For my first eyelook I kept it v v simple and just lined my tight line and smudged it into the outer corner of my lashline. This is a good way to make the lashes look thicker and finish off the simple look. I used the Maybelline colour tattoo in on & on bronze, essence long lasting waterproof eyeliner in black, benefit rollerlash and the yellow shade of the MUA matte palette.


After this I then used the eye pencil and did a half-wedge on the outer corner of my eye. This creates more of a statement, but is still q subtle.

IMG_20160515_214123096 (1)IMG_20160515_214131077

Lastly I created a bolder finish with my ‘fast stroke’ liquid liner by Collection and added the essence pencil to the outer corner of my waterline also.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Hope you have a fab fab week!

Much love,

Stephanie x


January – April Favourites

So i’ve done like 2 posts this year – my bad. It’s not that i’ve lost interest in blogging, more just that I can’t think of what to post & that I don’t really have the time. Perhaps I will post more in the Summer…

So as a lil catch-up post, I thought that I should tell you about what i’ve been loving this year. I’ll tell you about basically everything – both beauty and non-beauty related! As a quick catch-up, I’m in my last year of school, so everything is a bit hectic at the moment.. only a fortnight until i’m off for study leave! Repierced my ear, so I have 9 piercingzzz now.. I’m sure there are more new things, but I just can’t think of any! Perhaps I will remember as I do more posts! 🙂

So anyway, things I have been loving in 2016:



So it was about January when my friends and I were talking about the dreams we had the previous night. It was at this stage that I went onto amazon and looked for a dream dictionary and found this book by Tony Crisp. (Earlier that month I bought a book called ‘The master key system’, which I am saving for the summer.) So yes, it arrived in the post however many days later and since then i’ve been reading about my friends’ and my dreams. It is such an interesting book and helps you to understand your unconscious mind.


In December, when Starbucks had their seasonal coffees out, I tried my friend’s chai tea latte and holy mother it was amazing! Since then i’d been looking for something similar to make at home & this is it! This is such a nice relaxing drink. I mix it with milk and it then goes nice and foamy/creamy!

IMG_8975Earl Grey is my favourite kind of tea now. Earlier this year I was introduced to it by the boyfriend! He takes it with milk, but I prefer it black with 1 sugar! It is q fragrant and very tasty! This is my 2nd box… yum!

Kinda Beauty


So for Christmas I was given Soap & Glory shower gels. I got the Sugar Crush one, which is the nicest smelling of all their body products! It is like a soft citrus scent and costs only £6.50 It makes your skin so soft and it foams up lotssss in the shower! This has lasted 4 months, which is crazy to me because shower gel is always the quickest to run out for me! There’s about a third of it left also! -Crazy.

In March I bought both the ‘luxurious moisture‘ shampoo and conditioner by TRESemme. This says that it is for ‘dry or dull hair’. Although my hair wasn’t really dull or dry, I bought it because my hair had become frizzy as I had been changing my shampoos up too much. These were really cheap at the time too, so my friend urged me to pick up the conditioner too – I didn’t really use conditioner much previously. I can honestly say, since I stuck to the same shampoo and conditioner, my hair is feeling so much nicer. It stays clean for 2-3 days before I need to wash it again also! This smells good also, not so much a fruity smell, but a salon-shampoo kinda smell! These cost about £4 each.


For my face i’ve been using 2 different face scrubs: Garnier pure 3 in 1 wash scrub & mask and Clean & Clear daily exfoliating daily wash. The Garnier one, £3.79, I use as a mask. I would cleanse my face first and then rub this onto my tzone and then leave it for about 3 minutes. You can feel this tingle while it is on and when it is washed off your skin is sooooo smooth. I used this about once a week – because it is so strong! As for the clean and clear one, £3.10, I used this more regularly because it was much more gentle. This could also be used everyday.

I got the Neutrogena visibly clear facial wash for £4.69. This smells amazing and fresh, like grapefruit. I’d say this is a good cleanser as my skin has that clean feeling after using it!

Lastly in skincare is coconut oil. I’ve replaced my moisturiser for this. At night time I would massage this onto my face for like 5 minutes and then go to sleep. The next morning I then wake up with the softest skin in the world! I would then take a little bit and apply it to my face again, before I apply my makeup. If it is too oily I then blot it off (after about 5 minutes) with a soft towel and apply my makeup. Such an easy product with such good results! You should definitely try this out – especially if you have dry skin!

Beauty Favourites:


Maybelline Master Precise Black liquid eyeliner  £5.99

This is a really true-black pigment. It stays on all day and is thin enough to go very close to the lash line, but is also very easy to thicken up. Lasts quite long also.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara £7.99


I know I used to say that I hated all plastic-wands as they were sore to apply (?) But it turns out, for me, this is only no.7 mascaras. So this makes my lashes really long with a bit of curl. This stays on all day and doesn’t flake off.

Benefit Roller Lash mascara £19.50

When coming home from Liverpool I bought this mascara in duty free, so it was a bit cheaper. (Not sure how much I paid!) This mascara is amazing! I find that this however is quite similar to the Rimmel and Essence mascaras though, so I save this for nights out or whatever. But, really great product and worth the money if you’re willing to spend it!

Essence Maximum definition volume mascara £2.99

This is such a little gem! This is another one with a plastic wand. The formula isn’t waterproof though, so if your eyes water a lot it could be a problem. But, nonetheless, it is a really nice wand and gives the lashes a really nice curl.

I will probs do a post (at some stage) of each of these mascaras on the lashes.


Collection Eye Brow Kit Brunette £3.99


I use the light shade of this everyday to fill in my browns and occasionally the darker colours to do stronger/defined brows. This is also so pigmented. Like i bought this last August and only just hit pan on it!

Natural Collection Mocha/Latte eyeshadow £1.99

The brown shade in this duo is soooo beautiful. It is such a soft brown. I use it in my crease, as a smoked out lid colour, or as a smokey undereye shade. Really gorgeous and is so easy to layer up.

Bourjois Shade 08 little round pot eyeshadow £5.99

Again this is in my favourites. Recently i’ve been using this only in my inner corner as a highlight. I use a really small, compact eyeshadow brush and apply it to my inner corner to give a really brightened effect.


Boutique Bronzer


So this product is from Sainsburys. I bought it for £9, if I remember correctly.  Recently i’ve been using this everyday on my cheeks and forehead contour. I use this as a bronzer and not a contour as it is more or a warm toned product. A big fluffy brush is perfect for this!

Maybelline Super Stay24hr Foundation

This was the first proper foundation that I ever bought. But, it has now been reformulated and a new, nicer packaging is on it. This comes in a pale enough shade for me,so I bough it again recently. I found that, because it was such a high-coverage product, that it was a bit cakey with how i’d been applying it- onto moisturised skin with a buffing brush. Now I apply it to my face, after the coconut oil has been applied, with a dampened complexion sponge from Real Techniques. This nicely covers up whatever redness is on my face, but doesn’t cover up my freckles! A nice natural-ish finish! This costs £8.99

Benefit Feelin’ DANDY Cheeks & Lip Palette

This was also bought when I was coming home from Liverpool, but sells for £25.50 in Boots. I’d always wanted to buy the dandelion blusher, as well as the highbeam highlighter. I love all of the products inside this. The lipgloss tastes like grapefruit and is such a nice feeling on the lipsss. It isn’t sticky or gritty, it just feels like a lipbalm, but makes your lips all glossy. The blusher is such a subtle shade of pink and the liquid blusher/liptint gives a nice flush of colour. My favourite inside this set though has to be the highlighter. I dab this on the high-points of my face and this gives the nicest glow. It isn’t sparkly and it isn’t too shiny. Perfecccct.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge 

I love this for applying foundation. I dampen this before use to give a really nice natural application of foundation. for £5.99 this is such a cheap product that every girl – who wears foundation – needs in her makeup bag!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer 


I use this cool-toned bronzer to contour. This is really good and comes with a little brush – which can be used to contour! My friend gave me this & i’m so glad, as I probably wouldn’t have bought it myself because i’m always a bit sceptical about pricey makeup products as this is £23.50.

Maybelline Matte Maker pressed powder 

I like this simply because it was cheap, £3.99, it came in a light enough shade for my pasty pale skin and it isn’t cakey!

Sleek Matte Me 436 Birthday Suit matte lip £4.99. This matte lip cream, although somewhat difficult to apply, is a really brilliant product. It’s a nice naturalish shade and stays on a lonnnnnng time. It also doesn’t feel too drying when on le lips either!

L’oreal Girl On Top Lipgloss 

This is just a nice girly pink gloss. Not too sticky and no gritty glitter! The applicator on this is a weird shape, which I like too! This is £6.99. For something that lasts ageees that isn’t so bad either!


Mac Studded kiss & Diva lipstick

May as well talk about these two together because they’re so similar. They are both amazing. I love how deep they are and how long lasting. I’d say Diva lasts a bit longer and is more dark in comparison to studded kiss, which is slightly more orange-red toned but is still very dark – more of a vibrant red perhaps? These cost £15.50 each, which yes is crazy, but I don’t even care! I love wearing these and it makes it more special when I do.

The Bodyshop 340 colour crush lipstick £10


This is such a nice plum/purple tint. I would wear this by itself for a lil bit of purpley colour, or on top of another lipstick to darken it up. It is one of my favourite lipsticks! This is a really moisturising one too.

Revolution lipstick -? £1

Firstly, gotta say that I don’t know the name of this one! I bought this because of how amazing it looked before use. It looks pure black with the best shine to it. Plus, it’s £1… who really cares if it was shite…? It wasn’t either! This is reallly nice smudged on the lips. When I wear this I apply it and then blend it in with my finger – because it is so pigmented, but also so moisturising? As it is so pigmented and also so moisturising it almost has a streak to it? But this easily blends in. The smell of this is like fruit pastels and is amazing! This could also be used to darken up another lipstick!

Rimmel 700 Naughty Nude Lipstick


This is a newer lipstick from Rimmel. This goes on feeling really moisturising, but then locks down and stays on for ages! I love this brownish shade too, as a natural/nude colour. It’s so strange because it has a veryyyy subtle gloss effect, but it also feels matte? so weird. For £6.99 this one doesn’t disappoint!

So I hope you enjoyed my overdue favourites! Hoping you’ve all had a fabbbb 2016 so far & hope to be posting more… soon! (If you’ve made it this far, hi B.N)  Much much love,

Stephanie x