Liquid Lipsticks: My thoughts

So recently liquid lipstick have been becoming more popular in budget beauty brands, so I couldn’t help but pick a few up from different brands and give them a try! Superdrug is currently doing 3 for 2 across all makeup brands whilst Boots are doing a few different offers, including 3 for 2 on specific brands or money off products – including liquid lipsticks!

I’ve tried a few different liquid lipsticks over the past few years but have only recently found some that i’ve thought much of. I’ve tried from brands such as Collection, MUA, Revolution, Sleek, Maybelline and Bourjois. Some I have thrown out because I just didn’t get along with though, so can’t do swatches for all. I can give a short review on those that I don’t have anymore though!



Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid 35 Rebel Red, 50 Nude Thrill, MUA Whipped Velvet Rococo, Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer Black Heart, Sleek Matte Me 436 Birthday Suit, Bourjois Rouge Edition 15 Red-volution, 07 Nude-ist.

Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream: Powder Puff & Fairy Cake

This was the first liquid lippie that I bought, for £2.99. I got this like 2+ years ago, before liquid lipsticks had become a thing in Boots/Superdrug. I didn’t really understand how to use these nor how to wear them, so I quickly lost interest as I was more into moisturising lipsticks at the time, not these matte liquid ones. I do remember though that these smelt nice and that I liked the colour of Powder Puff a lot, it was a soft nude. Unfortunately I must have thrown these out though as I can’t find them anywhere in my collection. Perhaps I’ll repurchase, but perhaps not also as i’ve found some really brilliant ones from other brands and this was just OK.


MUA Whipped Velvet: Rococo

The price of this was £3. I think i’ve even done a review about this before on my page, saying how disappointed I was with it. It was the 2nd liquid lipstick that I had bought, so after that I had low expectations of liquid lipsticks, discouraging me from trying more. This is so strange. It has a horrible sickly sweet smell mixed with the baby powder scent??? The colour of this is nice, a soft pink pastel colour, but because the product itself is so creamy and powdery – like a matte foundation almost, but more liquidy – it doesn’t apply smoothly, but with horrible streaks. Doubt this stays a long time either – if you somehow manage to apply it nicely. All-in-all, a complete miss from MUA. This is the product at the top of the photograph.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer: Black Heart 

This one was also sold for £3. This was the 3rd lacquer that I had tried and again I was disappointed – not going well! I tried this January time in the shade Black Heart. When I was swatching the different lippies in the shop there were samples for all shades except this one. I liked the one a shade lighter than this one, but I thought I could go for the darker one because there aren’t many drugstore options for dark ones. The smell of this is horrible. A really chemical smelling one, kinda like pen ink/ hair dye??? I mixed this with lipbalm to try and sheer it out a bit because I like the colour, it’s just way too intense for moi. When I did it was nice, but slipped and slid about way too much. It also goes very flaky when you apply just a little bit and smudge it out. Not what I was expecting from a liquid liner unfortunately. I may try more of these from this brand though, just in a more wearable shade. This is the product at the bottom of the photograph.


Sleek Matte Me: 436 Birthday Suit

After the disappointing 3, named above, I was in Tesco in March and there was a sleek counter. This was around the time that more brands were releasing their own matte lip creams, so I thought i’d give it a try for £4.99. A neutral nude shade, so what could go wrong? Absolutely nothing, I really loved this. It is the perfect nude with a brown undertone to it. It’s a Kylie Jenner kinda colour. This applies easily and dries matte. This stays on all day, maybe 1 or 2 touch ups, but only if you’re rubbing your lips or whatever. This stays on with eating, drinking and there’s no transfer when kissing either! It does have that dried feeling on your lips, but you get used to this pretty quickly. V good product!


Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick: 50 Nude Thrill & 35 Vivid Red

50: I’ve found the lipstick that i’ve been looking for for years! This is my lips but better. Finally. I’ve only had this a day, so haven’t been able to wear it a full day yet, but it has a nice satin finish – not matte. I’ve found though, dabbing it with a tissue makes it dry matte, if this is what you prefer. I’ve read reviews saying that this does stay on 8-12 hours with no reapplication, so hopefully! If not, it’s a nude shade, so not a big deal if it does go a bit patchy. I think that this will quickly become my ‘go-to’ lipstick when I don’t want to wear a bold one. Gorgeous shade that I recommend to all! 35: This is a nice true-red lipstick. It’s easy to apply and gives you a strong, bold lip. Really beautiful shade and I look forward to wearing this with a strong winged liner. These cost £6.99. As seen in the photograph, this applicator is a stretched out doe foot applicator.


Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet: 07 Nude-ist & 15 Red-volution 

I wore 15 Red-volution last night when out at a bar with friends. This involved eating and drinking and it stayed on all night. Annoyed the hell out of my boyfriend as I kept asking if it had worn off, but it seemed to stay on all night! I reapplied it once, after I’d eaten a burger, but it didn’t really need it. This is a gorgeous berry red with blue undertones. This was £8.99, which is a bit pricey, but for such a lovely product! Haven’t tried 07 yet, but it’s a nice nude with a more pinky tone to it. This wore more comfortably than the sleek liquid lippie also. This is a doe foot applicator, which makes applying it with no mirror a bit easier!




Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid 35 Rebel Red, 50 Nude Thrill, MUA Whipped Velvet Rococo, Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer Black Heart, Sleek Matte Me 436 Birthday Suit, Bourjois Rouge Edition 15 Red-volution, 07 Nude-ist.

So I hope you enjoyed this post and i’d love to know what you think of liquid lippies! Have you tried any brands that I haven’t Any that you do/don’t recommend? Leave a comment! 🙂

Stephanie x




Makeup First Impressions

So hi! 2 posts in 2 days.. crazy! Happy 2016, I hope you’re having a fab January! I was sitting today reading through others’ posts on wordpress and I realised that I never really do ‘first impressions’ posts. So, to have a bit more content i’ve decided to do a few!

So first off is a product from Freedom. This is a brand that is pretty new to the UK. When I was visiting Superdrug, I couldn’t help but pick a product up. I’d say this brand is very similar to the brand Makeup Revolution.

I picked up the product Eyebrow Pomade  in Ash brownThe brand describes this product as “Professional Bold Brow Impact from Pro Brow Pomade is the most effective ‘bullet-proof’ solution for HD Brows. Its gel like formula performs all day for bold brow impact. Available in eleven shades to complement all skin tones and hair colours. Perfect for creating professionally defined, natural-looking brows.

I’ve used this about 5 times and I really like it. I find it to be very dark on my brows, so would only really wear it for ‘statement brows‘ I apply this to my brows using an angled brush, dab excess product off the lid and then work it through to try and lighten it up. Today I decided to experiment using this as an eyeliner. It’s really easy to blend and give a nice natural/smokey look.

I don’t have any photos of it on my brows, but I have some swatches and 2 pictures of it as eyeliner.


The other product is one from Collection (once called Collection 2000). Collection is a brand that is very hit or miss with me. I’ve loved their eyeliners and only kinda liked their foundations. But, when I saw the ‘eyes uncovered‘ palette I fell in looove!

So, This palette sells for £3.99. It has 6 creamy, pigmented shades. This has 6 perfect shades for the perfect nude look. 3 lighter shades and 3 darker shades. I only bought this like 3 days ago, so I don’t have much of an opinion yet. None of the days has it creased though – and that’s without a primer! Brill!

Below are the swatches Left>Right

White chocolate, Buttercream, Biscuit, Chocolate milk, Brown sugar & Espresso.

The top row of swatches is them applied with a dampened applicator and the bottom is just normal.


Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stephanie x


Pressed vs loose powder

Face powders. Why do we need them? There are so many reasons! While everyone wants to glow, nobody wants to look greasy, and powder is a great fix for this as it is a mattifier.

Powder on top of your liquid or cream foundation helps to set it so that it won’t migrate into any lines or slide down off your face. Certain powders can also reduce the look of fine lines and pores. Powder is also the perfect base for your bronzer, blusher etc. You can also use powder to set cream eyeshadow, turn down the volume on a blusher that is too bright/ too pigmented and give a slippery lip color more staying powder.

So there are 2 forms of powder: Pressed and loose. These 2 are very similar, but they’re sisters – Not twins!

Loose powder comes in a tub, has smaller particles (and therefore a finer consistency), and usually give a more ‘lightweight’ coverage. They’re also messy and hard to transport, so these belong in the makeup drawer, not the bag!

Pressed powder comes in a compact. Because the particles are slightly bigger and contain these stick-together ingredients, applying too much pressed powder can result in a cake-y appearance. Using a little as a touch-up throughout the day, though, is quick and easy. This product tends to be in every girl’s makeup bag!

I’m not a huge fan of pressed powder. I find it much too cakey on my skin, so I tend to just stick to the loose powder used in the morning! So here are my favourite 2:


Collection Sheer Loose Powder translucent 2 £2.99

Maybelline Fit Me Powder Nude Beige £5.99

The Collection Sheer Loose Powder is the perfect powder for the pale skinned girls! It sets the foundation without you looking cakey. I use a large fluffy brush, by real techniques, to apply this.

Meanwhile I use the Maybelline Fit me powder throughout the day if i’m feeling a bit oily. Usually around my tzone! I use a powder sponge to apply this. The packaging of this is so handy as it can hold a sponge underneath. There’s a little mirror too underneath, which doesn’t get dirty because it’s not above the powder… yenno? Also, unlike loooaads of powders, this hasn’t broken yet!

IMG_6170 IMG_6169

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Stephanie x

My Summer Picks!

So I think it’s (almost) safe to say that Summer has officially arrived in the UK! So, just like how fashion changes in the Summer season, so does the makeup! I’ve actually noticed a big change in my makeup bag this year, so I thought i’d share with you what my Summer Essentials are!


So there are 9 biggies this year! I’ll start off with the face products:


Soap & Glory Solar Powder, Rimmel London Match Perfection & Revolution Ultra Blush Palette

Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation Light Porcelain £6.99

Having really fair skin makes it hard for me to find foundations, but 010 porcelain is perfect for me. It’s a medium coverage, natural looking foundation great for everyday. This glides onto the skin so perfectly and just sinks in, leaving such a flawless, natural finish. I  apply this with either my fingers or a stippling brush.

inside face

Soap & Glory Solar Powder £11

This little duo has been a favourite of mine since like 2012! It gives an all over colour which is not too dark and no orange tints at all! If you have paler skin, like myself, this is much better suited for you. It has a more gray undertone than orange, so the matte bronzer(/contour) is perfect for a nice contour on pale skin. The highlight side of this is so subtle. It is the least in-your-face highlighter that i’ve ever used. So, you can use this duo for 3 different things – contouring, highlighting & swish your brush all over the product and you have the perfect bronzer. This one is definitely worth the money! However, the packaging is quite flimsy, so if you’re rough with it, it is likely to tear apart.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Sugar & Spice £6

To start this off, let me just say for £6 this is an absolute steal! You get 2 highly pigmented highlighters, 1 highly pigmented contour and 5 highly pigmented blushers! They also can mix well together to create your own custom blusher! Personally, I use the orangey blusher and the light pink above it together to create a nice coral shade, perfect for the Summer! The white-ish highlighter is also one that I reach for when I want a glow on my face. Aaaaand the second colour on the top row can be used as a contour because of its brownish undertones!


Catrice Cosmetics Eyebrow Set (£5)

So I bought this when I was in Ireland 2 years ago and have been using it almost every day since! I think powder is much better for the brows in the summer months because I’d be way too nervous applying a cream/gel/pencil and it smearing down my face because of the heat! So, this 2 toned brow powder is again in my makeup bag! Can’t really remember the price of this one, but it was around the £4-£5 mark.

17 Wild Metallics Eyes WILD NUDE

Seventeen Wild Metallics Eyes WILD NUDE £3.99

I had never used cream eye shadows before so I bought this, about 2 years ago, on a whim and I am glad I did. It goes on easily and looks really professional (like you’ve spent ages doing your eyes) in a couple of sweeps.I tend to dust over some powder on top of this, after it has been applied, to set it & it will stay day to night! The Wild Nude is a brilliant colour – a metallic golden brown that looks great with very little effort , blends easily. I find this easier to apply than the Maybelline colour tattoo cream shadows. Also, this is perfect on its own and also works well as an eyeshadow base!

Big Eyes Lower Lash Big Eyes Upper Lash

Maybelline New York Big Eyes mascara  £8.99 

I’ve really started to love this product. The upper lashes (2nd image) wand creates such length on lashes (read here for mascara review & picture of lashes). Meanwhile the lower lashes brush is tiny and I would apply it to the roots of my lower lashes to produce a more open-eye finish. This is really brilliant for summer because you don’t need too much of the product to create statement eyes!

Collection EXTREME 24 hour felt tip liner

Collection Extreme 24 hour Felt Tip Liner £2.99

I didn’t like this at first. But, now I love it. Hmmm. This stays all day, there’s no doubt in that, just try not to get around your eyes wet during the day, because it will smear! I find if you put powder beneath it, this kind of prevents this from happening! But, easy to apply, perfect black liner & for £2.99 there’s not much complaining.


Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick 08 £5.49

The perfect nude. This applies so nicely and sinks in within about 10 minutes. It stays for quite a while on the lips too! If you’d like to read the full review then click here but, all I can say is, for the perfect nude, Rimmel have done it!

The Body Shop Pomegranet Lip Balm

The Body Shop Lip Balm in Pomegranate £3

So for the days where you just want a little hint of colour on your lips, the Body Shop has made the perfect thing for you! All of their tinted lip balms are so lovely and their smell/taste is to die for! I also find these quite moisturising too, so it’s a double win!

So those are my favourite Summer products! Are there any that you really love? Hope you enjoyed the post & are having a brill day!

Stephanie x

My Top 5: Eyeliners

So eyeliners come in 3 different forms: Liquid, gel & pencil. I have a few different favourites in each. So, on with the products!


Pencils Swatches>: Rimmel Scandal Eyes > Maybelline Liner express

Rimmel London: Scandal Eyes Black £3.99

This Waterproof Kohl Liner is a greatly raved about product. To begin with I wasn’t a huge fan because it seemed to smudge on me. But, after figuring out how to use it properly. I apply this onto my lids and then blend it out using a pencil brush. It lasts all day when applied like this!

Maybelline New York: Liner Expression brown £2.99

This kajal pencil is a perfect neutral one. I like to apply this in on my waterline for a lovely natural look. This one stays on just fine and doesn’t need to be blended out. The pigment isn’t as strong as the Scandal Eyes, but i think it’s good for the more natural looks!

Felt Tips 

Eyeko and collection Swatches> Collection > Eyeko

Collection: Extreme 24 hour Felt Tip Liner £2.99

This felt tip comes in 4 different colours – black, purple, teal & blue. I personally only have the black. At first I honestly was hugely disappointed in this product because I had heard only good things about it. I was disappointed to find that it smudged instantly, leaving my eyes in a horrifying mess! But, I find, when I use this on my eyelids with a bit of eyeshadow it stays on all day! It takes a little time to, i don’t really know, sink into your lids? So, if your eyes water when you apply eye makeup, this really isn’t the product for you!

Eyeko London: Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner £15

I have this in the shade ‘mocha’. This is a dark brown. I find the ultra fine felt tip easy to do a fine natural line on the lids. The brown is perfect for a softer, more natural look. It is simple to do a fine line and thicken it up!

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid liner >Collection Fast Stroke > L’oreal Super liner

Collection: Fast Stroke Eyeliner £2.99

I have this in 2 shades, Black and Brown. I find the black is a true black while the brown is a light, gray brown – really perfect for more neutral looks. The felt tip applicator is perfect! It is medium sized, not too slim and not too thick. I find making a cat eye with this simple! I love the price and the product. It was my first liquid liner and I just keep going back to this because it’s perfect!

L’oreal Paris: Superliner Black Lacquer £6.49 

This felt tip applicator is slim and applies the liquid perfectly. This dries so quickly and leaves such a dramatic finish. It wears all day and has a nice kind of gloss finish to it.

Gel and powder smokey >> No.7 smokey eye > Maybelline gel liner

No.7: Smokey Powder Eyeliner £8

Had to include this, even though I don’t use it that often. It is so easy to make a smokey eye with this product. I have it in the brown shade. It can be a bit messy to use this, so I tend to just use pencils for a smokey eye. But, for those who have more time to actually perfect their look, this is perfect! 🙂

Maybelline: Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner £7.99

This is about the 3rd gel liner that i’ve tried out and by far my favourite. It lasts absolute ages too! I apply this with a dried out felt tip liner pen. It’s easy to turn this into a smokey eye or just a simple lined-eye look! I like to use this on my tight line and water line too! 🙂

And those are my top liners! I know I didn’t quite choose 5, but these all deserve a mention! 🙂

If you’d like to catch up on my other Top 5s then here are the links:

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Thanks for reading,

Stephanie x

My Top 5: Foundation

So foundation is another staple in many girls’ makeup bags. Whether your skin is dry, acne prone or oily, there’s a foundation made for your skin type! But, I think that, foundation is one of the hardest of makeup products to shop for. Not only are you looking for your skin type, but you’re also looking for one that matches your skin tone. Let’s face it, not many of us want to look like an oompa-loompa or a ghost!

So, here are my top 5 picks. Please note, I have normal, pale skin. So if you have either oily or dry skin you might find any one of these products isn’t for you!


Dream Satin Liquid

Maybelline New York – Dream Satin Liquid £7.99

So maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands. However there is one disappointing part about Maybelline – their range of shades in foundation. I, being very pale, can only really wear their foundations in the Summer. I’m in the shade 04 Light porcelain. The formula of this is quite thick, but blends in so beautifully. You aren’t left with cakey skin, but a nice satin finish. Personally, I like to finish my face off with a coat of powder just to help this to stay on the face longer.

True Match

L’oreal Paris – the foundation True Match £9.99

If you’re looking for a quality foundation, this is the one. It is so liquidy and blends right into your skin, leaving a very natural flawless finish. Unlike Maybelline, L’oreal provide 23 different shades to choose from. This is a non-greasy finish, I wouldn’t even use powder to set it. This does a good job at covering redness and dark circles, so I don’t fin that concealer is necessary when using this!

Fit Me

Maybelline New York – Fit Me Anti-Shine Stick £8.99

Again with the shades, Maybelline, 6 simply isn’t enough! But, nonetheless, I picked it up anyway. However, this is a good product for me. It is a sheer coverage that, in a way, adapts to my skin colour. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t take much. It covers up the uneven tone. This is perfect for your handbag also as all you need is your fingertips to blend it out! I wouldn’t use this for everyday use, but it id definitely one that stays in my handbag/travel bag.

Rimmel Match Perfection

Rimmel London – Match Perfection £6.99

So i’m not that big of a fan of Rimmel products, but their face products are complete winners! 10 different shades to choose from means that there is one pale enough for me! I have this in 010 Light porcelain. I find that this formula blends into my skin perfectly. I use half a pump and it covers my whole face. I use a stippling brush to buff this in. It blends in so easily and just leaves your skin with a lovely glow. This would be a light- medium coverage. I do recommend setting this with powder though!

Lasting Perfection

Collection – Lasting Perfection £5.99

So everybody knows about the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Knowing this, I couldn’t help but pick up the foundation. This is a very high coverage foundation. It leaves your skin with a matte finish. This only comes in 6 shades, so it is a little bit dark on me, but when I set it with a light powder i feel it matches me OK.. This is very thick, so if you’re looking a lighter look, you could mix it with a bit of moisturiser! But, this stays on all day and leaves your skin looking flawless!

Here are swatches from each foundation:

All labelled swatched

I know some of them really look too dark for me, but this is the product alone, I find when blended they suit my skin just fine! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stephanie x

My Top 5; Lipsticks


Lipsticks are a complete newbie in my makeup collection. I feel as though they can truly ‘complete’ a makeup look… face done, eyes done … but the lips are left plain… looks a bit weird.. yenno?

Anyway, so here are my ‘top 5’ lipsticks. (I cheated again and did 6 on technicalities)

Red Essential

Maybelline Colour Drama; Red Essential  £4.99

I have been really loving this range from Maybelline New York.They apply so smoothly and stay on all day! they have a nice creamy feeling, but once they’re on the lips they barely budge! The Maybelline Colour Drama lipsticks are my favourites for lips! This one, Red Essential is the horizontal swatch. It is the perfect deep red! 🙂

Keep it Classy

Maybelline Colour Drama : Keep it Classy £4.99

I like this as a deep nude colour? It is kinda like a ‘your lips but better’ product! 🙂 This is nice for a not-so OTT finish!

Berry Much

Maybelline Colour Drama ; Berry Much £4.99

I love this one. For those who like a bit of purple in their lips this is perfect! I’d say this is more plum than purple, but you know what I mean! It is a nice combo of red and plum for a more vampy look.

wine autograph

M&S Autograph ; Wine £3?

So i’m not sure if this one is still available? I got this last Christmas in the sales for about £3.. It is a very moisturising red wine colour… I like this for darker looks! 🙂

Collection 02 Tallulah

Collection Deluxe ; Tallulah 02  £2.99

For me, the freakishly pale person, this is a perfect nude! For such a cheap price it is amazing! It glides onto the lips with ease and has a nice moisturising feeling on the lips! This does have to be reapplied a lot throughout the day though… A bit of lip liner under it helps this though!

Cotton Candy

Collection Cream Puff ; Cotton Candy £2.99

This is my kinda, but not so much lipstick. This is more of a lip stain, but I love it and have to include it! This applies as a cream but then dries in pretty quickly. It stays on your lips all day and is such a lovely your-lips-but-better product. I really like this and 100% recommend it!

Here’s a lil sneak peek into tomorrow’s post;;


So keep an eye out for it! 🙂

So, I hope you enjoyed reading! I’d like to know what your favourite lipsticks/lipstick brands you like?

Stephanie x