How I do my Brows


As the importance of having our brows on fleek is a big thing today, I thought i’d show you how I do mine! I love reading/watching tutorials on makeup looks. It’s so interesting to see what people use and how they use it. I feel that with brows everyone has their own way of filling them in/shaping them in a way that they like. So, here’s my way!


I’ll start by showing what my brows look like undone… No judging…  Please excuse the murder-eyes, if I smile or whatever my brows move about and don’t look the same. Also, I left one undone and one finished just so you can see the difference through each step. Should also mention that i’m typing this literally as I do it, so that I don’t miss out any steps. Ah to be a dedicated blogger 😉 Obviously it’s the left brow which hasn’t been done lol. 



SO. I start by using a flat tipped brush into the lighter shade of my Freedom duo brow powder in soft brownI apply this to my whole brow – just kinda fill it all in. I follow the natural shape of my brows when doing this. It’s ok if this is a bit messy at this point, we fix that later, just roll with me here! I go over the brows a good few times, topping the brush up with product each time until they look less sparse.


So after this I go with the darker shade. I focus this on the 2nd half of my brow. This gives the brows more definition, emphasising the desired shape. I then kinda fill in the first section of the brow with this darker shade. Not as much as I did with the 2nd half, but a little to give it a nice bit of definition.IMG_9259

SO, as you can see in the picture it is q a bit thicker in comparison to the other brow. To neaten it up I use my face wipe and follow the shape of the brow, removing whatever excess I have.

Hopefully you can see the difference that made. ANYWAY, next I use my spooli.. spooly .. spouli … the little mascara wand without product on it… you know what i’m talking about! so yes, I run this through the brow to take off any excess product sitting in the brow and also to blend it together. I do this using little brushing strokes, not just one long one as that would displace the hairs.


After this I then go in with a cream concealer. This particular one is by a brand called ‘Special Cosmetics‘ in Light 2. I bought this in a makeup artist’s shop… so I’m not really sure where it is sold, but any pale concealer would do. With this I use a small brush and add a small amount – as it is so highly pigmented. I apply this to my wrist, to keep the product warm, as it works better when warm. Next I get a small amount on the brush and put this on the first part of my brow, as seen below. I blend this in with my warm index finger, quickly before it sets.


Next I use the same concealer and put it below the arch, as seen below. Again I need to blend this in before it sets.IMG_9265

FINALLY I set this with my Benefit ‘Gimme Brow’. I do this by scraping excess product on the side of the tube and carefully brush this through my brows, making sure the colour and gel is setting them in place and filling in any patchy areas.

I’ve never really gotten along with brow pencils, I always found them to be too waxy and almost clump in my brows. So I have just stuck with shadows.

Hope you enjoyed this post & maybe even found it helpful!

Steff x


Quick Tip #2

So after getting the positive feedback on my last ‘Quick Tip’ post (read here) I’ve decided to do another! Who knows – might even make it a regular thing!

So, the topic of this tip? BROWS.

Brows are so important. They complete any makeup look. I honestly think, you could get your whole face done and do it all so carefully etc, but you can look incomplete and almost weird if you forget about your brows!

I’ve never been happy with my brows – I have horrendous caterpillars!! But, recently I have shaped them into a way that I’m quite pleased with!

So, anyway this is supposed to be a quick tip, so I will stop with the long intro!

BASICALLY, if you need to reshape your brows, here’s what I recommend doing!:

  1. Let your brows grow out – this means stay away from the tweezers for about 3-4 weeks.
  2. Once they are really messy, get your brow powder & angled brush and create the shape you would like by drawing over your brows.
  3. Now it’s the sore part – pluck all those pesky stray hairs that aren’t in the shape you created with the powder. Stay well away from whatever has been covered by the colour.
  4. You should now have completed your brows! A nice clean finish is brilliant, but some of us have horrendously long brow hairs. If this bothers you, what you need next is to get your baby wipe and wipe off what you just drew on. You then get a spooli and brush the brow hairs up. Get a pair of scissors (ones that you have control over so the smaller the better!) This part is going to be hard to explain, so i’ll have to try my best. The top of your brows (like where you want the top of the brows to be naturally – not where the top of them brushed up(???) will be the part that you snip. This will take away the excess length and will keep them tidy. This step is very risky, so if you have a shaky hand or are even too nervous, i’d say skip it!

So if you are confused about any of these steps don’t be afraid to ask! Hope i’ve helped and here are a few pictures of my brows after I shaped them today! Please note how difficult it is to keep both your eyebrows level when taking a photo?!!

IMG-20150729-WA0005 lldld

March Favourites

Can you believe that we are just about to finish a quarter of the year? That went v v fast if you ask me. We have just finished Winter and are now in Spring! Spring time means pastel colours, sunglasses and cute dresses! (For me anyway) So I just can’t wait to ditch my warm fluffy clothes and say hello to my Spring wardrobe! As for the makeup, I will be trying out some new things – step out of my comfort zone!

But, there are some products that I just can’t dismiss and forget about! These are the products that I’ve been loving in the month of March!


A lot of makeup products, so let’s see what we’ve got!


I’ll start off with the gorgeous FACE products;

  • Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation 

This is one that has been in my makeup stash for quite some time now. This is the one I reach for when I want a natural, even looking finish. This applies like a dream and is so easy to blend. Unlike many drugstore/ highstreet brands, this comes in a pale enough tone for my whiter-than-white skin. I apply this with my fingers and buff it in using my stippling/buff makeup brush. I am in the shade ‘IVORY’. This foundation has SPF 18, which is perfect for spring time. There are 30ml of product in the tube. This sells at £6.99 in Boots, but it is almost ALWAYS on offer! I believe I bought this one at £4.99 earlier in the year. This alone, for me, doesn’t last all day. But, with the use of my primer it certainly does! I recommend using primer before applying this and setting both the foundation and the primer with a powder to keep the foundation on all day. I rate this one a 9/10 – simply because it needs the primer. BUT, may I add that I touch my face a lot, so that is probably a contributing factor to why it doesn’t last.

  • w7 Prime Magic face primer camera ready

I bought this a while back in a local makeup shop. Honestly, I picked it up because it was selling for £3.99 and I thought that because most primers are very expensive, there wouldn’t be much of a loss, even if it was bad. There is 30ml of product in this squeeze tube. The product itself is transparent, thick and smooth. It leaves a silky finish to the skin which makes the foundation that is applied afterwards so simple to glide on. It leaves your skin PORELESS and irresistibly smooth.This is an absolute bargain and I rate it 10/10. You can buy this online on amazon or if any makeup shops near you sell it! I really recommend this for those whose foundation doesn’t last!

  • Revolution Sugar and Spice blusher palette 

This palette of 8 shades is perfect. There are 2 highlighters, 1 contour and 5 blushers. This month I have been loving the last 3 shades on the top row and the 3rd shade on the bottom row. These are highly pigmented so only a teeeny bit of product is needed on your brush. I recommend also using a fluffy blusher brush for an even application. The texture of these is a gorgeous creamy powder (if that makes sense?) The 2nd shade on the top row, for me, is a perfect contour colour for my skin. The highlighter is very over the top so I apply the teeeniest amount to where I like! ( Should I do a contour/ highlight/ blusher tutorial? either like this post or comment below!) Over all I rate this 9.5/10 simply because I haven’t tried all the shades yet. This costed £8 which, for me, is a complete bargain for such high quality.

Next in my monthly favourites is EYES So, what have I been putting on my peepers?


  • No.7 Lovely Lashes Mascara 

So I got this in a gift bag after buying 2 products from No.7 earlier this month. I love little samples like this they’re perfect for travelling because of their little dinky size. So I have tried this out this month and I can honestly say i’m impressed! I usually stay away from no.7 mascaras because they typically have a plastic wand and I can’t stand them! But this one is a fibre wand and I LOVE IT. A lot of product comes out when you remove the wand from the tube, but you just swipe it off inside and you’re sweet. I apply this as a 2nd coat mascara. It thickens my lashes and gives them a gorgeous amount of volume. It comes in a brown colour and a black one also. The cost of a full tube is £12.95. Honestly, I won’t be repurchasing it, but I am very happy with this sample! I won’t be repurchasing because, although it is a good quality, I do prefer my maybelline mascaras which are 1, cheaper and 2 the product isn’t as ‘wet’. Nonetheless, I rate this one a 7.5/10. 


  • Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara 

This product I bought in a 3 for 2 a while back. This is perfect for long, curved lashes. For £7.99 I very much approve! This is long lasting, holds the curl in the lashes and comes in such a lovely black shade – a true black, not the gray-black that you get in other mascaras. I rate this 10/10 and 100% recommend it to those who want bolder, longer lashes for less! 🙂

  • Revolution aqua seal primer 

I’ll admit I was very doubtful of this product when it arrived. It is a liquidy oily product and this made no sense to me how it could actually help your eyeshadow stay?! BUT, it most certainly does. I rate this higher than urban decay. For £3 this is a complete steal. Once you get used to applying/using this you are winning! I dab it onto my ring finger and then apply it to my eyelids. Then apply my base coat of eyeshadow to set it and continue with the shadows wanted for my lids! I rate this 10/10 and recommend it to all! £3 for a primer is crazy – especially because it is so good!


  • Revolution brow dual ultra brow arch and shape

So another hit from revolution – That’s 3 in a month!! I have been using this just to fill in my brows as a quick fix. I haven’t really gotten much use out of the felt tip end as I’m too scared to try it, but I will – soon! I do recommend this and for £3.50 it is certainly worth the try. This is the best brow pencil that I have tried – ever and I am v happy with it. 9/10


  • Maybelline Brow drama brow gel 

On with the brows. I got this a while back and didn’t really think much of it. But alongside with my brow pencil I like this to set my brows in place and fill them in a touch too! £4.99 is an alright price for this too. I rate this 8/10 … The applicator kinda annoys me… But, all-in-all it has been a monthly favourite so it obviously hasn’t annoyed me too much!


  • L’oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer 

I have been loving this every month since I bought it. It is perfect for a fine line or you can build it up into a thicker line too. The liquid is 100% waterproof and the applicator is like a felt tip so it is perfect for those who don’t like the typical liquid liner brushes. I rate this 10/10 and it is only £6.50 too.

IMG_5533 IMG_5534

  • Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream 

I bought this in 2 shades this month – Cotton Candy and Fairy cake. Shown in the swatch above is Cotton Candy. I have loved both shades, but for me this is the more natural one. It applies as a cream and sets as almost a powder? It lasts ALL DAY and is certainly one for the handbag. I rate this as 9/10, c’mon collection, RELEASE MORE SHADES! For £2.99 I’ll buy many more!

So now that i’ve told you all about the brilliant makeup products that i’ve been loving, this month I thought that I’d include some other things that I just can’t put down!

IMG_5543 IMG_5542


Where in the world did I find these mind-blowing brushes? EBAY! I never in a month of Sundays thought to look on Ebay for makeup brushes. -Nor did I even think I needed to. I was getting a bit fed up with my current makeup brushes so, I though I should take the chance of buying them online. So, I came across this set of 10 Kabuki Style Professional Makeup Brush Set on For £7.45 I though it’d be worth the risk. and HELL, am I glad that I tried it! These are so wonderful. My makeup application is flawless. This WHOLE set added up as CHEAPER than one brush from Real Techniques. Honestly, I am stepping away from real techniques face brushes. They are NOTHING in comparison to these. I found that with RT’s stippling brush it would leave my skin with a poor foundation-finish. It LOOKED fake. Now, I am so happy with the finish that these brushes give! There are 5 big brushes and 5 smaller brushes. I would be more than happy to do a review/how to with each of these brushes if you’re interested – comment below if you would be! The link to these amazing brushes is: I truly truly urge you to purchase these. They are the best thing I have bought – They truly make your makeup look professional.


  • Macleans White & Shine toothpaste 

I have never gotten my teeth whitened and nor do I plan to. There’s a whole load of negative aspects of getting your teeth whitened, So I just avoid it completely. So instead I use whitening toothpaste. I have tried many many many different kinds. Colgate, Arm & Hammer etc. This is one that I really love. It sells in places like superdrug, tesco etc. for around £1.90 when on offer. I love the minty taste of this which, for me, is a huge advantage because I hate that baking soda taste you get from other whitening tooth pastes. I really recommend this to those who want a whiter smile for a very cheap price!


  • Soft & Gentle Deodorant 

I have this in Jasmine and Cocoa milk. I just like a nice smelling deodorant that keeps me from smelling! This lasts all day and is just a nice fresh smell for Springtime! 🙂 It sells at around £1.70 so definitely one to pick up!

  • Marc Jacobs Dot

I have been loving this perfume for about a year and a half now. My lovely boyfriend, Nathan bought me this for my Birthday. I suck at describing scents, so i’ll just paste what boots describes it as: ‘A signiture floral heart signed by beautiful jasmine and the elegant base of vanilla with musk leaving and addictive trail. Dot is the most detailed bottle yet, its signioture oversized cap features butterfly wings and a polka Dot ball centre. The circular bottle displays the branded Marc Jacobs gold plaque with desbossed frame logo and butterflies with pearl ball centre. Dot carries a lush, effervescent floral scent perfect for every eclectic and spontaneous woman.’ The 50 ml bottle sells at £50 which I know sounds verrryyyy steep, but i’ve had this a long time! Just one spray does you the whole day.

So that’s my March monthly faves finished! I know this was a longer post in comparison to what I usually do, but i’ve got a lot of free time now as i’m off school for 2 weeks! Do expect a lot of posts over the next fortnight! Also, I suggested 2 posts that I could do, if you would be interested! They were the brush tutorial/review and the contour,blush and highlight how to. If you would be interested in either, please comment below! 🙂

Thankkkssss for reading! If you’ve tried out, or are interested in knowing more about any of the products above I’d love to know! Hope you all have a lovely April and i’ll speak soon! 🙂

Stephanie x

1 good 1 bad: Maybelline New york.

So over the past week I have been posting about my ‘top 5’ favourite products of 2014. I feel as though there are some that deserve the spotlight though! However, there were some that I had tried out that were just disappointing. I thought it would be interesting to go through each brand that I love – Maybelline, Soap & Glory, Rimmel London, Seventeen etc. So, I suppose that will be what i’ll be posting about for the next couple of posts!

If you have been reading my blog for long enough, you’ll know that I am a fan of Maybelline’s mascaras. I absolutely adored the ‘falsies flared’ mascara and used it all of 2013 and a bit of 2014. However, when I saw Maybelline doing a 3 for 2 I decided it was time for me to try some new ones! I have tried 5-6 different Maybelline mascaras and I can honestly tell you that they are each brilliant in their own way. There are some that I like for certain looks, one that I like to use for just my lower lashes and some that I like for everyday use. I am yet to be full-on disappointed with a Maybelline mascara and no doubt, I will be telling you about it if I find one!

The mascara that I’m talking about is the beautiful Maybelline – the volum’ express colossal smokey Mascara. This one costs £7.99. This gives my lashes beautiful volume and length. No clumps either! I wear this one for a natural everyday look using one coat. For a more dramatic look, this one can be used layered up. Brilliant product! A makeup bag must-have.

HOWEVER, Maybelline isn’t 100% in everything. I bought Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara and found nothing but disappointment. When in boots I was recommended this one by a sales woman and she told me it was just as good as the Benefit brow products that I had previously tried. This costed £4.99, I know it’s not that expensive, but still – a waste of money! I didn’t like the formula and found that unlike the benefit brow product that it didn’t thicken my brows up, didn’t fill them in and just gave them a weird tint. Disappointing that it didn’t even match my brow colour. ALSO, I find that this one clumps and it is not cute to have clumped eyebrows. Big disappointment, Maybelline. However, maybelline does a nice brow pencil called ‘mastershape’.

10160728 maybelline-volum-express-the-colossal-smoky-eyes-mascara

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stephanie x

Top 5 Eye Products

One of my favourite beauty videoes/blogs are ones where the person’s favourite products are. Obviously everybody likes different products, but it’s always great getting honest reviews/opinions. So in this post i’ll be talking about my favourite eye products. Soon i’ll be doing my top 5 face products too! This is obviously going to be just for now, trying new things forgetting about older products I used to love… you get me? haha anyway, on with le post;

Base: Seventeen; eye crayon – icedImage

I  started using this one recently when I packed it instead of my mac paintpot for my holiday. I was amazed at how good it really is! A little swipe of product on your lids, rub in with either a finger or a brush and boom you have colour! I have only worn this as a base (A lot less hassle than primers) but seriously, no creasing all day! Brilliant! They come in 4 different shades but, for now, ‘ICED‘ is the only one I have. Pretty sure this is like a UK dupe for NYX’s eye crayons! Hopefully there will be more shades coming out soon! You can get these at Boots for £3.99! Fabbbb!

Gel  liner:  Maybelline  NewYork-  Lasting  Drama  Gel  Liner –Black



I’m a convert! I was pretty damn sure i’d found the best eyeliner for meeee, from collection 2000, just a liquid black. BUT, this stuff is AMAZING! It comes with a brush that’s good, but personally I use it with a dried out felt tip liner! (more control over it) This stays on all day without making you look like a panda! You can use it on your waterline, tightline or your lashline! stays on like a permanent marker! You have about 10 seconds to make it all smokey, if that’s how you want it, until it sets. Looks bold and fab! It’s £7.99 from boots and worth every penny! Highly recommend this one!  

Mascara: Maybelline New York- Falsies flared   


Like everybody else, this is one I can’t not talk about! It is brilliant! The only ‘Thefalsies‘ that i’ve tried, but it’s definitely one i’ll repurchase when i’m finished with this one! Gives volume, length and just the whole ‘wow factor’ thing..! You can layer it up and it looks great, or, you can scrape most of the product off inside the tube and give yourself the whole light-product  thing! Looks really great! You can get this product in boots for £7.99!                                         

Eyeshadow: MUA Undress me too


Oh my god, where do I begin!? The back-story… So, my mum had bough the Naked 2 palette for my sister the day I was out shopping and picked undress me too palette! I had bought it because I had heard it was a dupe for the naked 2 palette! So, I compared the 2 products and heyho, they were both identical! CRAZY! One difference though, my mum had paid £37, meanwhile I had paid £4 for mine! *Smug laughter* Don’t really know what else I can say about this one… swatches are above, you get it in Superdrug for £4.

Catrice Cosmetics: Eye brow set


Fab brow kit! Got this last Summer and I have used it everyday since & it still hasn’t hit pan! Stays on all day, doesn’t look chalky, but, i don’t know how much it costed nor where you can get it? Sorrrrrry!


Stephanie x