Revisiting oldies

Hi all, hope you’re enjoying this laavely weather we’ve been having (Those in the UK, you get it). Today when i was getting ready i decided to have a go with products that seemed to find themselves being set aside. I don’t think i have a reason really for why these were put aside, probably just i started using newer products. (should also say now that the eyeshadows weren’t products that were rediscovered, they’re newbies!)

So, which products did I use && what do i think of them now?

So i’ll start with what i started with;

Miss Sporty InstaGlow primer

This primer is a pink-toned shimmery liquid. It doesn’t have a powdery/matte finish, more of a slightly tacky product. I applied this onto clean skin with no moisturiser as i remember it could go bally combined. Applied nicely today though.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless 105 

This isn’t a completely matte foundation and is a little dark, but blends in easily. It has reasonably good staying power and don’t feel it overly needs set. I quite like this and will deffo use it up, but unlikely buy another.

L’oreal Infalliable Sculpt contouring palette

I actually have been really enjoying this one lately. It’s nice and creamy, but has a cream-to-powder finish. V easy to blend and the paler shade is matte, so nice for a natural finish. The paler shade can also be used to lighten the contour. Nice cool tone as well, so perfect for contouring.

Natural Collection Dusky Pink Blusher

This is a product i will always go back to. It has such a lovely soft blushed shade which is easy to wear… on pale skin anyway… It blends in perfectly and doesn’t kick up too much dust.

Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighter

I love this one. It is the perfect amount of glow and shimmer and everything you would want for an everyday highlighter. So easy to apply and easy to build up. Laaaaaavely. Super cheap as well, you should deffo try this one out.

Freedom brow pomade

This one can be q difficult to use, you only need a small amount on your brush. I think this is easiest to use with a small-bristled brush and wipe off excess product in the lid. It has good staying power and gets a lot easier to use the more you practice.

Soap & Glory It’s about prime

I actually really like this one. Makes a nice base and makes everything look more glowey. Laaaaaavely. I won’t be repurchasing this one as i prefer cream eyeshadows to liquid ones. Easy to apply and is very good though, definitely one to pick up if you prefer liquid primers.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette 

I used the shimmery shade, Skimp and the 2 matte ones were cover and primal. These were used in the crease area. These blend out soooo nicely and are perfect for brown eyes. You can’t really see ‘Skimp’, but it does make a lovely base for your eyes.

Makeup Obsession Eyeshadow E124, Copper && E141, Alba

I actually recently got these 2 eyeshadows simply because of how warm toned they are. These blend so nicely and warm a look up really nicely. Also, for only £2 a piece you should deffo give them a go!

L’oreal Superliner; Black

I stopped using this everyday simply because of how non-waterproof it is. If you have watery eyes i really don’t recommend it. It has good pigmentation and is ok for standard liner, but don’t recommend it for winging it out. Won’t be repurchasing this one once it runs out.

Collection Supersize mascara


I love this mascara. Gives my eyelashes gorgeous volume and length and layers really nicely. I highly recommend this one. Will deffo be repurchasing soon! (the bottom mascara with pink lid)

Soap & Glory; Naked Beige 

This is the perfect cool toned brown lipstick. Feels really comfortable on the lips, a nice satin finish. Pretty sure the brand discontinued this one though. I like to use this one for everyday kinda looks. Swatch is below the black liner.


AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the finished look. The camera kinda washed me out, so you can’t properly see what the eyeshadow looks like, my bad.

So hope you enjoyed reading this. Will hopefully be back posting a bit more soon. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Steph x




August Favourites

Wow Stephanie, 2 monthly favourites in a row? YOU BET. Is that enough self-praise or shall I continue? I was considering today about this post, but couldn’t really think about which products I could include. I had been keeping it relatively simple last month, especially in recent weeks, so I didn’t have any new product springing to mind. I decided to open my makeup bag (the stuff that isn’t yet packed for uni) and realised there actually are a few different things for August!


I’d been keeping it simple, for the days I had been doing makeup, so all of these products are perfect for a natural look. So I’ll just get into the things which were loved last month, as seen in the photograph above.


The MUA undress me too palette is popping up again in a monthly favourites. I have a few eyeshadow palettes and this is, by far, the most used out of all. I love the cool-toned shade range within this one. I’ve been using the copper & gold shades more recently, which I was always a bit nervous to try. When using a palette like this I would tend to do a soft/natural look, so would stay clear of the metallics. This is the You get 12 shades for £4. All shades, bar 1 – the black in the bottom left corner, are v v pigmented. This is also a dupe for the more pricey Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Above are swatches of the metallic shades within the palette.


Sticking with eyes, Essence Maximum Definition mascara is my new favourite. this plastic, flexible-wand mascara is perfect for defined lashes. It gives my lashes length with no clumps and is easy to build it up. I bought this a while ago for about £3. It lasts all day and doesn’t flake off.


Natural Collection’s Brow pencil in Brunette, for £1.99, is my favourite brow product in the world! It is so easy to use. It is very forgiving if used with a heavy hand and also stays on all day. The brush on the end of it is very handy for on-the-go. Not one fault to this product. Love Love Love!


Lastly for eyes I have to mention the Maybelline colour tattoo in Creme de Rose 91. Finally I understand the hype around these cream shadows. Everyone had been raving about the On & On Bronze shade, but I just didn’t like that colour for my eyes. This however is the best eye base I have ever used, including my Mac Paintpot! This is a dream to apply as it is so creamy. I use my finger to both apply this and blend it. This is a gorgeous soft brown with the slightest pink undertone. This is a natural looking base, so perfect for everyday wear. I’d say this stays on my eyes for about 16 hours. I haven’t tried this without setting it, so I don’t know how well it lasts by itself. This is perfect for base as it helps shadows blend seamlessly. I believe there are about 2 other shades in the creamy mattes collection, which I may pick up in the future… but do i NEED them as I love these so much?

The Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless foundation, £4.99, has made me fall in love with foundation! It is so light on the skin and blends in effortlessly. This mattifies the skin, when set with a powder, and stays on all day. It comes in a good range of tones and comes in a handy squeeze tube, one that doesn’t make me worry about it smashing in my makeup bag! (Happened a few too many times with the standard glass foundation bottle.)


I had already started using nude lipsticks by August, just can’t wait for Autumn! My favourite 2 are beautiful brown undertoned shades from Maybelline & Bourjois. I love Colour Drama in shade 630. It is a crayon lippie and applies beautifully. It has good staying power, but wears off nicely. This can either be layered up or blended in with a finger. It is so creamy when applied, which I find comfortable. However if a stay-all-day matte finish is preferred then I would just blend it in using my finger. The other is a liquid lippie from Boujois, the Rouge Edition Velvet in shade 17. This wears comfortably and is the best liquid lippie i’ve tried!

Eco tools have replaced my Real Technique’s face brush. I much prefer the smaller size of this brush and the hairs within this are much softer on the face. Perfect for dusting powder over the face to set makeup. I highly recommend this. I also love this for blending in contour/blusher/highlight products. It erases any harsh edges and creates a flawless finish.


Lastly I’m just going to throw in the nail polish, Amaretto Crush, by MUA. This is a gorgeous, subtle pink shade which applies very easily, lasts about 2-3 days and is completely opaque after 2 coats. This is only £1, so definitely worth a try! I’m a real sucker for picking nail polish throughout the day, but I don’t mind reapplying this as its brush makes application so easy.

So those are my favourites this month! What have you enjoyed using? Comment bellow! Thanks for reading this post & I hope you had a fab August & an even better September, Much much love,

Steff x



This or That: Felt Tip Liner

After I bought this felt tip liner, from L’oreal a couple of weeks ago, I was  interested to see if it was any better from my previous favourite from Maybelline. The 2 products are the L’oreal Super Liner (£6.99) and the Maybelline Master Precise felt tip (£5.99).

I’ll divide this post up into comparative sections to make it easier to read.


Both liners have a slim nib and are easy to use/apply. It is easy to achieve a slim line with both. Both are flexible but not flimsy.


So I’ve found that the Maybelline one is drier, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is easy to apply without it going messy/transferring onto the eyelid. I find that it does stay on all day, however many seem to find that the longevity of this is poor. In contrast the L’oreal liner is a very wet formula. After reading reviews about this many seem to prefer this to the Maybelline one. Some have written that they set this liner by smudging this in with a brush. However, I have found that the lasting power of this is ok, but it is very poor in terms of how waterproof it is. I would honestly expect all of my liquid liners to be waterproof. Not so much in the sense that you could go swimming with it on, but if you have watery eyes your liner shouldn’t smudge. As I tend to have watery eyes in the morning I find that this just bleeds down my face and looks horrible. I will try the smudging/setting technique next times I use this and report back on whether it works or not.


As mentioned above, the maybelline product seems to last all day for me whereas the L’oreal one wears off pretty quickly as I have watery eyes.


I’d say the l’oreal one is more black, however the maybelline one is dark also.

I will be giving the l’oreal one more of a chance, but at this time my favourite pen liner is the Maybelline one.

Brows – Wow or no?


So I mentioned in a relatively recent post that I don’t get along with brow pencils.. So what did I do other than go out and buy 3 new ones? The last purchase I did that was a brow pencil was from MUA and I was hugely disappointed and turned off with the concept of brow pencils. It was horrible. Too pigmented, too waxy and horrible to apply. I had 2 other brow pencils which just sat at the bottom of my makeup collection, ignored and unloved. I would pick them out every now and then, but then again they would return to the unloved pile. I’d say brow pencils are difficult for me to use as I have naturally quite thick brows.

I just didn’t know how to work with them. It is so difficult when each product has a different consistency, thus meaning that they need a different application technique. Ah the science behind makeup.


But, on Sunday, when I picked up the L’oreal products, I decided to buy their Brow Artist Shaper pencil in 03 Brunette. I got this for £5.49. Honestly this is difficult to use. I want a brow pencil for on-the-go makeup. I want it to be quick and easy to use with good results. The formula of this is difficult for me to work with because the waxy product with high pigmentation makes it difficult to create a natural looking brow. It’s really difficult to achieve feathery brow-like strokes with this also. The wax end seems to set the hairs in place ok, but i’m not happy to use this when the finish of the colour is quite patchy. When you have the time to use this it can create a nice-ish look, but that’s not what i’d want a brow pencil for tbh tbh. Above is a picture of how the brows look after quickly applying this product to my brows. 


The Natural Collection Brow pencil in Dark Brown is my favourite. The cheapest too – typical. This is so so so easy to work with. I tend to have a bit of a heavy hand with my brows as it’s usually one of the last parts of my makeup, so i’m typically in a bit of a rush when applying it. This is so forgiving when it comes to a heavy hand. It has a dry formula which seems to adhere to the brow hairs perfectly. It is so easy to shape and fill in the brows with this pencil and the colour of this is an ashy light brown. Shame this only comes in two shades though. This doesn’t clump the brow hairs together and I am yet to get any of those gross ball-clumps of product in my brows. Another note is though that it comes with a good spooli at the end of the pencil, perfect; all-in-one pencil. Above is a picture of how the brows look after quickly applying this product to my brows. 


I’ve had the Makeup Revolution Arch & Shape pencil for a good while now. I liked it at the start, disliked it and then liked it again. It has a twist-up crayon at one end and a felt tip at the other. I like the concept of this being a twist-up product, but I have to say this is probably the worst out of the 5. It is soooo waxy. My brows clump together into a horrible brown smudge. The felt tip end on this is useless as it has no pigmentation. This costs £3.50. I’m not sure the shade I have this in as Revolution annoyingly don’t put the colour labelled on the product and the receipt for that is long gone. Yet another disappointment, M.R. Above is a picture of how the brows look after quickly applying this product to my brows. 


NYC have a Kohl Brow/Eyeliner pencil which I have in the shade, I assume Dark Brown. I got this for around £1.50. This has a weird dry texture with really high pigmentation. It comes out in streaks, no matter how lightly/heavily you lean. My brows go into serious clumps when using this and it’s just not too cute. I like the shade of this, but the product itself is disappointing. Also this is just a pencil with no brush on the end, nor on the lid. I honestly thing this is an essential kinda thing when it comes to brow pencils.


Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil in Brunette. I quite like this pencil. I like the brush which is at the end of it. The formula of this pencil is ok. It is quite waxy and also quite pigmented. I don’t find this is that bad when it comes to clumping though. This costs £2.99. The colour of this is kinda gingery, but that’s ok for my hair colour. An alright product for an alright price.

So to rank the Brow Pencils in order, from least to most favourite:

Makeup Revolution: Arch & Shape, NYC: Kohl Brow/Eyeliner, L’oreal: Brow Artist Shaper, Maybelline: Mastershape && Natural Collection: Brow Pencil.

So I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any favourite/hated brow pencils? Comment bellow!

Thanks for reading,

Love Steff x

L’oreal Makeup – I went shopping!

So today I was in Boots. As per usual, I said I wouldn’t be buying anything… until the sculpting palette caught my eye. And of course, this was on 3 for 2, so it would be a waste for me to buy it and not get another 2 items…



So, First up I picked the Infalliable Sculpt Contour Palette. I was surprised when I opened it up and it turned out to be a cream contour/highlight, as when I tried the sample I could almost swear that it was a powder. I’ve only had experience with the Collection cream contour palette, which I was disappointed with. But, L’oreal seems to be hitting the nail on the head with this one! This is just a first impressions post… as I bought the items about an hour and a half ago! But both the highlighter and bronzer are both so creamy and easy to blend. I got this in the lightest shade. They are both matte products. I think the highlighter may be replacing my more expensive light and waxy concealer, as it is so much easier to blend in and still gives me the same highlighting effect. As for the contour/bronzing half, it is gorgeous. It is the perfect ashy contour colour. Today I applied this with my fingers and blended it in using them also. I look forward to creating subtle sculpted cheekbones with this product. Personally I much prefer subtle contour to a darker, bolder one and this ticks that box. Who knows, you might see this in my next August favourites post! This duo costs £9.99. I will mention though, there is a little booklet of how to contour inside the palette. It is so bizarre as it takes up like a third of the space? C’mon L’oreal.. kinda misleading packaging.


Next up I picked up the brow pencil in the brunette shade. This, so far, seems to be easy to work with. I got perfect application with my right brow, but then leaned too heavily on my left, so had to brush it out to get the same look as my right one. But, this kinda showed that you can achieve a nice, natural brow, or a more bold brow, depending on how heavy you lean. It was easy to do the feathering technique at the start of the brow, gradually getting heavier to leave a gradually darkening brow. This costs £4.99. On the other end of this product is a wax to set the brows in place. I kind of ran this through the top and bottom of my brow, as I was a bit cautious of it blending my hair-like brush strokes together to leave a block-brow… if you know what I mean? But I will experiment more with this. By far this is the best brow pencil that I have used though. Not too waxy, not too pigmented and easy to use. Also, there is a handy brow brush on the lid.


Lastly I couldn’t help but try out the much-raved about eyeliner. This beauty costs £6.99. This is the Super liner, in black. The nib of this is flexible but not flimsy, slim and easy to create a thick or thin line. The pigmentation of this is decent, but not the darkest one that I have tried. Can’t really do much of a review on this one as I haven’t seen how it lasts yet. But, this is definitely a close second to my favourite Maybelline felt tip liner already.

Hope you enjoyed this post & i’d love to know if you’ve tried using any of these products, comment below if you have and what you thought of them!

Steff x


Quick Tip – Removing Stubborn liners/mascaras

So if you’re ultra lazy, like me, you use face wipes to take off your makeup. If this is you then i’m sure you know the burning feeling around your eyes after you rub and rub and rub until that stubborn waterproof mascara/eyeliner come off. After this you are probably even left with that gray circle around your eye which also is a nuisance to get rid of. Well, darlings, I have the solution for you!

BABY OIL! you dab a few droplets onto the back of your hand and rub this over your lashes and eye lid. You’ll even see the product start to break down and within one or two sweeps with your face wipe all is gone! This also is very very moisturising for your skin, so any residue is ok to be left on!

Alternatives you can use for this would be any other mild-scented oils, such as coconut oil, argan oil etc.

I’ve also been getting into the habit of puting my Micellar water onto the baby/face wipe as well to help aid the removal of your makeup. – Look at that, 2 Quick Tips 😉

Hope this tip helped!

Much love,

Steff x

3 Eyelooks

So I thought I’d do a post today about different ways to wear eyeliner this Summer! Like I said in my previous post, I like to keep my lips neutral in the warmer months, so I make my eyes the ‘statement’.

So for my faceeeee I have used Soap & Glory bronzer and a blusher, Makeup Revolution highlighter & brow pencil, Bourjois eyeshadow in 08, NYC brow pencil, newlook lipstick & The Body Shop lipbalm.


IMG_9093For my first eyelook I kept it v v simple and just lined my tight line and smudged it into the outer corner of my lashline. This is a good way to make the lashes look thicker and finish off the simple look. I used the Maybelline colour tattoo in on & on bronze, essence long lasting waterproof eyeliner in black, benefit rollerlash and the yellow shade of the MUA matte palette.


After this I then used the eye pencil and did a half-wedge on the outer corner of my eye. This creates more of a statement, but is still q subtle.

IMG_20160515_214123096 (1)IMG_20160515_214131077

Lastly I created a bolder finish with my ‘fast stroke’ liquid liner by Collection and added the essence pencil to the outer corner of my waterline also.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Hope you have a fab fab week!

Much love,

Stephanie x