May Favourites

So I promised myself, at the start of the year, that I would post monthly favourites each month this year. During the end of May I was focusing on finishing my ‘top 5’ series and forgot all about the Monthly Favourites posts… (My bad!) But, as I always say… Better late than never, eh?

All My Favourites

So I have 10 products and 1 brush to talk about for last month! Some of them are recurring faves and others are new ones!


My Favourite EyesLeft>>Right

Large angled brush, Makeup Gallery (Nude 2), Maybelline (Big Eyes Mascara), Makeup Revolution (Aqua Seal) Mac (prolongwear paint pot) Catrice (absolute eye colour mono)

So i’ve been loving using a larger angled brush to apply my eyeshadow colour. I find it much easier (& quicker too) to apply my brow colour & shape. I got this as part of a makeup brush set that I purchased earlier this year off ebay.

I have been using my Makeup Gallery (Nude 2) as a base to set my primer and to help brighten up my looks. This is the perfect creamy colour for nude makeup looks. This makeup brand is sold in Poundland (For £1 obviously).

My Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara has been used every day in May! I have loved it so much. It is perfect for long lashes making your lashes look the best you’ve ever been! I apply the upper lash wand from root to tip on my upper lashes, meanwhile I just apply the lower lash wand to the roots of my lower lashes to prevent spidery lashes! This duo mascara is £8.99, but Maybelline often do offers.

Makeup Revolution Aqua Seal primer is one that has been regularly used in the month of May. I found it weird getting used to using this one because i’ve never really used such a liquidy product on my lids! For £3 this is amazing! It is probably the best primer that i’ve ever used also! Makeup Revolution is a new favourite drugstore brand of mine & I recommend it to everyone! 🙂

Mac Prolongwear paint pot in Chrome Angel is one that just can’t be forgotten about in my Makeup routine! I like to use lighter eyeshadow bases to make any colour put ontop of it ‘pop’. Also, because I use matte eyeshadows so often, this helps to lighten up the look… yenno, not make it look so dull? I know that £15.50 does sound a bit steep, but i’ve had this about a year and a half, use it regularly and haven’t even hit pan on it yet! So, not so bad.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Mono in Starlight Expresso is the perfect shade to turn any look into a smokey eye. I like to apply this to my crease along with a creamy colour under. I basically use this everyday for a natural eye! I bought this 2 years ago and finally hit pan! This costs around £5 and is worth every penny!


My Favourite Lips Left >>Right L’oreal Collection Exclusive, The Body Shop lip butter, The Body Shop stick lip balm, Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner

L’oreal Paris Colour Rich Exclusive Nudes in Juliane is such a lovely nude. It glides on effortlessly just finishing off your look. I love the sleek packaging off this too. This one costs just £6.99 and the exclusive nudes range has 6 different shades, so you’re likely to find the perfect one to suit you!

The body shop lip butter in strawberry is such a nourishing, tasty balm that hydrates your lips in just one use! It is also so creamy and the lip butters come in many different flavours too! This costs £4, but I tend to only purchase the body shop products when on sale (which is often too!)

The Body Shop Born Lippy lipbalm – Strawberry is another perfect lip balm from the body shop. It applies only a little hint of colour, which I like! The scent is strong and is so tasty on the lips. This costs £3, but again, this is often on sale so I only buy it when reduced! 

Rimmel London has done it again with another brilliant liner. This one is a lip liner which is the perfect product for under your nude lippy! This is in East End Snob and costs only £3.99. It is so creamy and is perfect for every day lips.

Sugar & Spice Palette

Makeup Revolution is in my monthly favourites again! This ultra blush palette in Sugar & Spice, for £6, has the best blushers that i’ve ever used. They are so soft and creamy to touch and blend so beautifully. You only need the tiniest bit of product on your brush because each shade is so pigmented. In this there are 2 highlighters, 1 contour and 5 blushers.

So those are my favourites of May. I know this was a little late … or very late… but, what can you do?

If you’d like to catch up with my top 5 series, click here for one of the posts with all the links at the end!

Thanks for reading,

Stephanie x


April Favourites

Can you believe that we are almost half way through 2015? I definitely can’t!

April, where I live, can either be amazing weather or just awful! So my makeup favourites change progressively!

But, I will post the few that i’ve been consistently loving!


Maybelline Big eyes mascara – This is amazing for length & it is perfect for my lower lashes!

download (2)

Rimmel London – Match Perfection : This is the perfect foundation for this time of year! It is so light on the skin, yet it still covers the imperfections!

download (1)

Head & Shoulders Shampoo – I love this stuff! It’s the pink one that i’ve been using recently. I swear to you, this stuff promotes hair growth ( for me anyway!).


Technic Brow Gel – This is a dupe for the Benefit brow gel. I got this for £1.99 on and I love it! I apply this with my own brush as I feel there’s too much on the applicator. Brilliant stuff though!

I’ve been sticking with basic makeup this month as i’ve just been so busy! I’m finished school in a fortnight though, so expect to be seeing a lot of me soon! 🙂

What have your favourites been this month?

Stephanie x

Casual Chic Makeup Look

Hallo my makeup friendies! I was recently asked by a follower to include more 1st hand images of my products and what they look like on me etc. which got me more motivated to try and fix whatever the error my memory card was having with transferring images! All sorted now so hopefully more photos!

So I thought the first thing i’d do with my own photos would be a wee makeup look!

It’s a very simple eye look with some lovely dark lips! – A look that I have been loving lately! So, enough of this intro and on with the look!


Above are the majority of the products used to achieve the look. I think i’ll call it ‘casual chic’ (Just because I like titles, eh?)

So basically what you can see is 

eyeshadow by Paddy Mcgurgan in shade 439

Maybelline – ‘The Great Lash Mascara’

Maybelline – Colour Drama ‘Keep it classy’

NYC – Brow/eyeliner ‘925 Sable’

Makeup Gallery – Smoothly does it pressed powder  ‘Natural Beige 2’

Paddy Mcgurgan – Concealer ‘light 2’

**NOT in photo**

Rimmel London – Exaggerate full colour lip liner ‘057 Ravish’

The majority of these products are actually recently bought ones, but I will be doing a HUGE review at some point (soon) as I just bought like 60+ makeup brushes too!!

So, here is a wee finished picture of my eyes::


and of my lips::


I’d have one of my whole face but the camera was just going too blurry!

So basically, What did I do to get this look?

  • Firstly I moisturised – The most important step of every makeup look in my opinion!
  • Once the moisturser had set I got some of the very thick concealer and put it on my finger. I then put the product from my finger onto my wrist (This helps to warm the product up and make it much easier to apply). I then used my ring finger to apply this product under my eye as it is so light in colour and really brightens them up!
  • I then just stroked on some of the brown pencil onto the brows and then brushed the product in using a brow brush / spooli
  • Next I applied the pressed powder all over my face with a large fluffy brush. Make sure that you put some on your eyelids too to absorb any oils which will give the eyeliner a much smoother application and will help prevent any creasing throughout the day
  • After this I applied the eyeliner. It was just a very thin line ontop of my upper lashes and a small little flick at the outside of my eyes
  • Once semi-satisfied with my liner I then got a small fluffy brush to apply the neutral brown/purple/gray shadow to my crease. This helps to add some interest to the eyes. I really like adding a soft colour to my crease when wearing liner.
  • To finish off my lashes I curled them with my eyelash curler and coated them with 1 layer of the Maybelline mascara shown above! This is perfect for both length and volume!
  • Next I got my lip liner and lined my lips. Be sure to start from the inside and slowly go towards the corners of the lips. – It is just a much better way to prevent going over your natural lip line… unless that’s what you want!
  • Once happy with the shape of my lips I applied the lipstick by maybelline. I LOVE this colour and think it’s just the perfect nude. In this picture my lips look more bold than nude, but that’s simply because of the liner!

So I hope you enjoyed reading! Sorry about the fact that I don’t have a complete-face picture! Gotta work out the stupid camera! I think this look is perfect for every day and can be adapted to your preferences – like a nude lip would look good too, as would no lip products at all!

Hope to be posting again soon with a hugeee haul and it’s nearly the end of the month and I am sooooo doing monthly favourites every month this year, so look out for that one too!

Much love,

Stephanie x

1 good 1 bad: Maybelline New york.

So over the past week I have been posting about my ‘top 5’ favourite products of 2014. I feel as though there are some that deserve the spotlight though! However, there were some that I had tried out that were just disappointing. I thought it would be interesting to go through each brand that I love – Maybelline, Soap & Glory, Rimmel London, Seventeen etc. So, I suppose that will be what i’ll be posting about for the next couple of posts!

If you have been reading my blog for long enough, you’ll know that I am a fan of Maybelline’s mascaras. I absolutely adored the ‘falsies flared’ mascara and used it all of 2013 and a bit of 2014. However, when I saw Maybelline doing a 3 for 2 I decided it was time for me to try some new ones! I have tried 5-6 different Maybelline mascaras and I can honestly tell you that they are each brilliant in their own way. There are some that I like for certain looks, one that I like to use for just my lower lashes and some that I like for everyday use. I am yet to be full-on disappointed with a Maybelline mascara and no doubt, I will be telling you about it if I find one!

The mascara that I’m talking about is the beautiful Maybelline – the volum’ express colossal smokey Mascara. This one costs £7.99. This gives my lashes beautiful volume and length. No clumps either! I wear this one for a natural everyday look using one coat. For a more dramatic look, this one can be used layered up. Brilliant product! A makeup bag must-have.

HOWEVER, Maybelline isn’t 100% in everything. I bought Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara and found nothing but disappointment. When in boots I was recommended this one by a sales woman and she told me it was just as good as the Benefit brow products that I had previously tried. This costed £4.99, I know it’s not that expensive, but still – a waste of money! I didn’t like the formula and found that unlike the benefit brow product that it didn’t thicken my brows up, didn’t fill them in and just gave them a weird tint. Disappointing that it didn’t even match my brow colour. ALSO, I find that this one clumps and it is not cute to have clumped eyebrows. Big disappointment, Maybelline. However, maybelline does a nice brow pencil called ‘mastershape’.

10160728 maybelline-volum-express-the-colossal-smoky-eyes-mascara

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stephanie x

Top 5 Eye Products

One of my favourite beauty videoes/blogs are ones where the person’s favourite products are. Obviously everybody likes different products, but it’s always great getting honest reviews/opinions. So in this post i’ll be talking about my favourite eye products. Soon i’ll be doing my top 5 face products too! This is obviously going to be just for now, trying new things forgetting about older products I used to love… you get me? haha anyway, on with le post;

Base: Seventeen; eye crayon – icedImage

I  started using this one recently when I packed it instead of my mac paintpot for my holiday. I was amazed at how good it really is! A little swipe of product on your lids, rub in with either a finger or a brush and boom you have colour! I have only worn this as a base (A lot less hassle than primers) but seriously, no creasing all day! Brilliant! They come in 4 different shades but, for now, ‘ICED‘ is the only one I have. Pretty sure this is like a UK dupe for NYX’s eye crayons! Hopefully there will be more shades coming out soon! You can get these at Boots for £3.99! Fabbbb!

Gel  liner:  Maybelline  NewYork-  Lasting  Drama  Gel  Liner –Black



I’m a convert! I was pretty damn sure i’d found the best eyeliner for meeee, from collection 2000, just a liquid black. BUT, this stuff is AMAZING! It comes with a brush that’s good, but personally I use it with a dried out felt tip liner! (more control over it) This stays on all day without making you look like a panda! You can use it on your waterline, tightline or your lashline! stays on like a permanent marker! You have about 10 seconds to make it all smokey, if that’s how you want it, until it sets. Looks bold and fab! It’s £7.99 from boots and worth every penny! Highly recommend this one!  

Mascara: Maybelline New York- Falsies flared   


Like everybody else, this is one I can’t not talk about! It is brilliant! The only ‘Thefalsies‘ that i’ve tried, but it’s definitely one i’ll repurchase when i’m finished with this one! Gives volume, length and just the whole ‘wow factor’ thing..! You can layer it up and it looks great, or, you can scrape most of the product off inside the tube and give yourself the whole light-product  thing! Looks really great! You can get this product in boots for £7.99!                                         

Eyeshadow: MUA Undress me too


Oh my god, where do I begin!? The back-story… So, my mum had bough the Naked 2 palette for my sister the day I was out shopping and picked undress me too palette! I had bought it because I had heard it was a dupe for the naked 2 palette! So, I compared the 2 products and heyho, they were both identical! CRAZY! One difference though, my mum had paid £37, meanwhile I had paid £4 for mine! *Smug laughter* Don’t really know what else I can say about this one… swatches are above, you get it in Superdrug for £4.

Catrice Cosmetics: Eye brow set


Fab brow kit! Got this last Summer and I have used it everyday since & it still hasn’t hit pan! Stays on all day, doesn’t look chalky, but, i don’t know how much it costed nor where you can get it? Sorrrrrry!


Stephanie x                                                                   

EYES – Bases & Primers

Eye makeup is my thing! I love it! Winged liner, smokey eyes or just neutral – i think they’re all fab! So I go through a lot of different shadow, liner and base brands! I may do a lil eye series… yenno, including looks, how-tos and best and worsts. But, for now we’ll just talk about bases!

I love bases! I think they are genius! Much prefer to them to primers! I also tend to get better results with bases also.

-Seventeen eye crayon – ‘ICED’

This is a really great milky/icy white colour! really beautiful! 

Application – 10/10 Just swipe it on, rub it in with your finger and set it with powder!

Staying Power – 9/10 Stays on for about 12 hours but it does start to crease towards the end of the night.

-17 Wild Metallics eyes – Wild nude

Gorgeous soft brown colour to it!

Application – 8/10 I was a lil sketchy about how you use it at first. If you want it for the colour aspect you may be disappointed, as it just gives you a wash of colour, much lighter to how it is in the tub. But, use it as a primer and your shadow won’t budge all day! Dupe for mac paintpots.

Staying Power – 9.5/10 I would say that it stays on most days with out creasing! 

Max prolongwear paintpot – Chrome Angel 

I LOVE this stuff!

Application – 10/10 As long as you apply a thin thin thin coat and rub it in, you will be fine.

Staying power – Colour pay-off is fab! Stays on all day too.

Soap & Glory eye base – It’s about prime

Cute lil name 🙂

Staying Power – 10/10 Doesn’t budge. 

Application – 10/10 Rub in until it’s dry and apply shadow as normal


Barry M eye crayon 

-Not enough colours

-Creases within about 20 minutes (for me anyway!!) 

-Smudges down my eyes!

Collection Eyeshadow pencil

-fab for the first like 3 uses then just dries up (may be because my lid cracked within the first day!!) 

-Basically is as hard as wax now!

MUA eye primer

-Tube broke

-Creases eyeshadow

-Bad scent 

Rimmel London – Undercover shadow primer 

-Rubbish, complete waste of money


Eye makeup / Lorde inspired

Products used: 

Image(Mistake on the paintpot, I used ‘Chrome Angel’)

Step 1

Moisturise your face with your favourite moisturiser/ serum/ day cream – Mine is Boots tea tree & witch hazel day cream. This product helps with getting rid of acne scarring and also helps prevent spots! 

After your cream sinks in (about 5 minutes after applied) look for red spots that you would like to cover to get that flawless look. If you have dark under eyes, you can cover that up too! 

Next dust your face using a stippling brush, mine used is Real techniques stippling brush. The powder is Natural collection loose powder. 

Once your face has a light dusting of face powder, contour your cheek bones with a matte bronzer/contour powder. Mine is Soap & Glory Solar Powder. 


Step 2 

If you are happy with how your brows look (I’m jealous) then you can skip this step! Otherwise, I love the maybelline brow pencil called ‘master shape’ and highly recommend it. Fill in your brows and then use a clear mascara/ brow gel/wax to set those brows! 

Step 3 

Use a pale base on your eyelids and rub it in until it has set – otherwise, i have found, that it creases. I have used mac paintpot in Chrome Angel. Next dust over a similar pale eyeshadow using a fluffy brush. I have chosen bourjois eyeshadow in shade 08.



Step 4

Get a dark gray eyeshadow and put it in the outer corner of your crease, working it in to the middle part of your crease. The shadow I used was MUA shade 2. Use a crease brush for this part. Next, blend it in using a fluffy eye brush until it has a softer look. 



Step 5 

Now you’re happy with your eyeshadow, you move on to the liner. Choose your favourite black eyeliner, either gel or liquid, and apply a fine line on your lashline. You can add a flick if you’d like, I applied a teeny tiny one! 

Next apply a pale eye pencil colour (preferably a white one) to your water line to help brighten/ widen your eyes. 

Curl your lashes and apply 1 or 2 coats of mascara. 


Whoala. Look complete! 

You can add lip balm, lipstick or whatever lip product that you’d like too! 


I know that this isn’t exactly how Lorde had done her eyes, but it is, in a my opinion, a more wearable/casual look. I like the monochromatic finish to it. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading & I’d love to see if anyone tries this look out! 


~Stephanie x