Shopping haul! ~Mostly beauty!

So recently I got a job and I decided that it was about time that I treat myself to some nicer, more expensive products that I wouldn’t typically purchase. So I went shopping with my friend, Zoe! We went to LUSH, Debenhams, Accessorize, boots and a few others!


IMG_6435 IMG_6434

I have wanted to get a contour/sculpting brush for quite some time now, so I couldn’t resist from picking this one from Real Techniques up! I like how it is more dense, helping to create a more precise application! This costed £9.99

Sponge and instructions spongey

So I finally picked up Real Technique’s Miracle Complexion Sponge! I have promised myself that I would pick this up for ages as it is known to be a good dupe for the slightly more pricey beauty blender! I quite like the shape of this and look forward to using it! This was only £5.99!


Clinique’s high impact mascara was given as a gift after I purchased the 2 mas lip liners. Not really much to say, but I do like the wand on this!

colour crush IMG_6431kkkk

The Body Shop’s lipstick in Colour Crush is a kind of sheen lipstick. Very natural looking with a litttttle bit of a shimmer. The lady who was helping me choose a shade told me how the lasting power of these lipsticks are incredible! I’ll let you know if I agree! 🙂 These cost £10 each.

Shade one Shade 1

Another from the body shop is their honey bronze bronzing powder. This, as a first impression, appears to be the best contour for us pale skinned girls! I got this in shade 1 for £13. I think the design on this is so cute also!


LUSH It Started With A Kiss Lip tint is a gorgeous smelling lip balm/colour. It looks quite like an intense red when first applied to the lips, but once rubbed in it looks gorgeous! Truly, a your lips but better kinda shade! 🙂 This costed £5.95 and i’m excited to get using this!


Another product from LUSH is the ROOTS hair treatment. I heard about this after watching one of Emma Blackery’s youtube videos. If you’re \ fan of her and her channel, you’d know that she shaved her head earlier in the year. Her hair grew crazily fast and she recommends this for those who want to try and create a little growth spurt in the hair! I should mention now however, this smells horrible!! It reminds me of a medicine I used to take when I was ill. It it kinda a chalky mint! Gross! But, who knows, it might create a miracle hair growth spurt! The whole pot costs £10.25.

Melba 319 ok Melba 319

From SLEEK I picked up their Eau La La Lip liner in Melba 319. Honestly, this looks nothing like the colour at the end of the pencil and, what’s worse, the stall I was at didn’t have any samples. For £4.99 it’s not so bad! I haven’t even really tried this out on my lips yet though, so, who knows, I might love it!  (Swatches below)

In Anticipation

In anticipation pro longwear lip pencil lip liner (£15) was the first lip liner I picked up from mac. I love how creamy this feels and how it instantly sets on my lips! This is a nice, slightly darker, tint for the lips!

Edge to Edge

Edge to Edge Lip pencil (£12.50) is more of a pencil? Does that make sense? It’s slightly less creamy, but still lovely! Below are the swatches:

Lip liner swatches>> Edge To Edge> In Anticipation > Melba 319


Lastly is this cute little handbag that I bought. This was reduced from like £20 to £5.10! I love smaller handbags that sit on the shoulder! This also clicks into place with the clasp on the front!

So that’s all I bought today! Look out for some reviews in the future! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stephanie x


June Favourites

Am I seriously writing my favorites for June already?!! Half the year is finished?! What even! So, I hope you all had a brilliant month and are looking forward to July. I love July as it feels the most Summery to me, plus it’s my Birthday in July! So, look out for Birthday Makeup posts!

But anyway, What did I enjoy in June?


I’ve been loving my It’s about Prime primer from Soap & Glory (£8). I prefer to use liquidy primers as a base during the summer months instead of creamy bases. I feel liquid primers tend to just stay on the lids longer than thicker cream ones without creasing. This is also such a gorgeous shimmery base which brings a lovely summer glow to all your eyeshadow looks! (It’s not in the picture above… oops!)

For my eyeliner i’ve been using the collection kohl eyeliner (£1.99) smudged into my waterline and the Collection 24 hour felt tip (£2.99) to line my upper lash line. This is so easy to do a thick or thin line and it stays all day as long as it doesn’t get wet!


Maybelline Brow drama sculpting mascara (£4.99) is brilliant. It fills in the blank gaps in my brows and sets them in place with a little hint of colour.


w7 in the nude eyeshadow palette (£5) is such a lovely palette. I use this for all kinds of looks! My favorite shades are the first one, the fourth, the seventh and the eleventh. They are lovely nude grayish warm shades. I suck at describing colours (sorry!). I’ll soon post up a few different looks you can get with these shadows.

Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation (£6.99) has been a perfect one for me this Summer. It has such a natural finish on my skin. I have the lightest shade available. This doesn’t look at all cakey and it just evens everything out perfectly! I like to apply this with my kabuki stippling brush!


Soap & Glory Solar Powder (£11) is the best bronzer that I have ever used. It is perfect for my pale skin. I only really use the highlighter side along with the contour side because it is so natural… but if you want a reallllllly subtle glow it is perfect!

IMG_6209 IMG_6208

For concealer I’ve been using this really pale pale pale concealer. I’m not really sure what the brand is, I think it’s makeup store. This is so thick and is the palest I’ve ever seen a makeup product! I dab this onto my skin and blend it out with the tiny stippling brush. I would apply this is a browbone highlight, above my lips and on the top of my cheekbone. It is such a natural look. I highly recommend a light concealer to all pale girls!

Kate Moss 08

For my lips i’ve been loving Kate Moss 08 Lasting Finish Lipstick £5.49 because it is such a perfect nude for me! It’s like a dusky pinky purple nude. So lovely!


This lipscrub from LUSH is so nice! I think I bought it for about £2.50, but the lipscrubs are typically £5.75. This is a cola flavour which is so tasty! Basically it smooths out your lips making your lipstick apply so smoothly!

So those are my monthly favourites of June! Hope you enjoyed reading! 🙂

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So I hope you enjoyed reading!

Stephanie x

Favourites/Hate its

So I thought for today i’d do a favourite of mine! This is one that everyone and their mother knows about.

None other than the lipscrub from LUSH.

I personally only have the Santa’s lip scrub.. This one tastes like cola!  download (21)

You basically apply this with your finger and rub it into your lips. You can then lick off the left over sugar from your lips. This comes in like 5 different flavours some of which being popcorn and bubblegum!

This cost me about £3 in the Christmas Sale. It typically costs £5.50. I donno if I’d pay £5.50, but let’s face it, i’m a cheap skate! Once i’m finished with this tub I suppose I will buy some more! I imagine this will last for ages though because you really only need a little amount!

LUSH – My Christmas Purchase Review

Hello friendies! I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted! Can you believe it’s February already?! I know I can’t! February is the month of Valentines day too… I’m a little bit worried, it’s less than a week away and I need to get my boyfriend’s gift sorted too! (Maybe post a few ideas to help a sister out?)

But anyway, I am not posting today because of valentines day, I’m posting about the lil haul that I did back in December… no wait, it was January. If you don’t recall, it took my delivery over 3 weeks to arrive (3-5 days my arse!) But, I was willing to forgive! So, let’s remind ourselves what i got!


I know I have previously done a wee quick review on this, but after using them each (apart from the bubble bath obviously) for about a month, I think i have a more formed review!

So, I’ll talk to you about the lil penguin bubble bath thingy first!

I have never been so soft in my life. I felt amazing until my next wash! Skin has never been softer! Even my boyfriend noticed! I was very pleased with this and I will purchase again – yenno, when the price goes down a bit, I mean, I’m not going to spend like £3 for one bath..!

The exfoliator is difficult to use in my opinion, but once you find a way that suits you I think very highly of it! I use this about once or twice a week on my legs and it gets rid of any kind of flaky/dead skin! Makes yo legs nice and saft!

The shampoos are ok… I think honestly, I prefer my £1 argan oil shampoo from savers though… I just find that I don’t feel as though my hair is properly washed when using this. Also, the one with the wheat smells really bad!!

Lastly is the lipscrub. It’s ok I guess. I used this when I had very dry lips and it did help make them smoother! The taste is nice… I may try the other lipscrubs as I do hear much better reviews from them!

So all-in-all, not too bad LUSH, not too bad!

Now just for a wee chat with you!

Because Valentine’s day is coming up I think i might do some makeup ideas? I will probably be doing little gift ideas too!

Thanks for reading friendy!

Stephanie x

LOVE your LIPS (for less than a fiver!)

We do a lot with our lips. We smile to show we’re happy, we kiss to show we love and we eat because … well… food’s nice! There is nothing more unattractive (in my opinion) than someone – anyone – with chapped dry lips! I donno about you, but I wouldn’t want to kiss someone with flakey lips like these! –


So I’m gonna talk to you about how I care for my lips!

Lips can become chapped or dry when they are exposed to the sun, wind, and cold or dry air. A lip balm containing petroleum or beeswax will provide a barrier and help seal in moisture. It is soooo important that you don’t bite this skin off! It’s also tempting to keep licking dry or cracked lips. However, this will only dry your lips more, as the saliva evaporates and the repeated licking or wetting “washes” the natural grease (the essential grease) off the skin.

What do I do when I have dry lips?

Recently I have had bad dry lips. But I have used products to fix this, and, they have! So lemmie tell you about what I like! Also , me being the ‘cheapskate’ that I am, I will only be recommending the cheaper (less that a fiver) products to you!

images (6) Makijaż ust Einstein lip therapy balsam pielęgnujący do ust 3,16g

Carmex and einstein lip therapy are both very similar products. They both feel as though they are kinda ‘burning’ the skin away! If your lips are chapped, these are the products to use! After about 3 applications, the chapped skin will be gone!!

download (17) download (18)

Nivea’s lip butter & The body shop’s Lip butter are both really indulgent products. I find that these are really nice to wear throughout the day. If your lips are feeling slightly dry, these will definitely bring you moisture! The products are both thick and creamy. I find that the nivea product is slightly more light/ liquidy on the lips while the body shop’s ones are thick and remain that way on the lips! I love both of these products and they both come in delicious flavours! However, I find that if your lips are properly chapped, these won’t do as good a job as the two lip treatments named above.

download (19) download (20)

EOS lip balm and Chaptick are the kinda products that I apply simply because I hate not having a product on my lips. The flavours are basically the only reason why I use these. I don’t find that they do much for my lips… like they don’t treat/ moisturise them. Both have certain products with SPF, so I guess that’s something! But, I do love the flavour choice in both brands, so I will continue to use them – just not for properly treating my lips. I do find though, If I am wearing these when my lips are smooth, they will stay smooth… In comparison to if i’m not wearing any lip product, they might dry out! Also, these are nice as a base for lip sticks… they are nice for matte lipsticks (Ones that dry the lips out!)

images (7)

Vaseline is one of the best known lip products. I find that this one just really isn’t for me. Not for my lips anyway! I think it is too oily for my lips… I just hate my lips feeling so greasy! Each of the different products that Vaseline offer have the same texture, so I just avoid these! BUT, I do apply this to my dry patches of skin like by elbows or even the heel of my feet at night time! It’s deeply moisturising for the skin, but I find it does very little for my lips!

download (21)

LUSH’s Lip Scrubs are what I use for when my lips are really chapped. I use this when the lips are flakey. I would apply this first and then moisturise my lips with a deeply moisturising balm! I don’t think this is any good for when your lips are just feeling a bit dry, but when your lips are properly flaking, this is brilliant! I’ve only used the santa lipscrub, but I have heard that the other products within this range are better? But, I’m happy enough with this one I guess!

So I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe even will pick up one of the products that i’ve recommended! And maybe you could recommend to me some good lip products that I should try out! Love your lips guys!

Stephanie x

LUSH Review

So I did a wee haul a while ago including my The Body Shop products and LUSH products. Today i’ll be telling ya about what I think of the 2 products I have tried so far – the ‘Ultimate Shine Shampoo’ (round yellow product) and ‘Santas Lip Scrub’ (red tub).


I’m going to give you my honest opinion. I am disappointed. The lip scrub is messy and doesn’t really hydrate or even do much to my lips… It’s not what I thought it would be to be honest. You hear nothing but raves about these products, I don’t know, maybe this is just a dud product within the lip scrub range. Maybe the other ones are better, but I don’t think i’ll be running to try out the other ones!

And the shampoo bar? I am disappointed. This makes my hair kinda dry and frizzy… My hair will also get greasy the next day (which it doesn’t typically do) so kinda a bum product. Not for my hair type let’s just say. I won’t stop using this – I like to finish my shampoo products off – whether they are good or bad! But this without a doubt doesn’t compete at all with my Argan oil shampoo mentioned in the previous post.


So all-in-all, after the products being sent 3 weeks late I was very disappointed in LUSH. Such a raved about brand and all I have gotten so far is disappointment. Yet, I do remain hopeful for the other shampoo bar (soak & float) and the bath bomb (the little penguin). I will keep you posted on that once I try the products out.

Stephanie x