The next foundation i’m buying…

So i said in a previous post that i’m trying to use up all my products before buying a new one. I do have a plan for which products i’m going to be buying when i run out of my staples though, so far i know which foundation… that’s it! So anyway, i’ll tell you which and why.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Nude Foundation.

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Rimmel always nail it when it comes to having light enough tones for pale skin. I got a sample of this like a year ago and i remember loving it. Its ‘new lightweight formula blends smoothly and evenly hiding fine lines & imperfections for a poreless, seamless complexion. The fluid texture is enhanced with a moisturising serum gel for a feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all. Natural-looking, flawless coverage, without the weight. Your coverage remains true from morning to night with a rub and smudge resistant formula for up to 25 hours.’ – Basically it’s got the perfect formula for everyday use.

Because i do have drier skin i prefer this style of foundation. You can buy this in Boots/Superdrug for £8. Shall do a post when i actually buy this and what i think of it.

So thanks for reading! Have you got a foundation you’d recommend? Have you tried this one? What did you think of it? Love to hear what you think!

Steph x



Foundation Madness!

Hey there! Finally got my internet back, so be expecting a lot of posts from me for the next week!! 

This post is going to be maybe one you’re going to want to rant at me for, but I’m gonna give it a shot anyway!

It’s Summer (whether your weather agrees or not doesn’t matter) and during the summer I, for one, hate wearing too much makeup! That means no foundation. (Barely wear it anyway if i’m honest) 

FoundationWhy do you wear it? Because that’s what everybody starts their makeup with? Because you like the 100% flawless skin look? Because you don’t like the spots on your face? Because your skin pigmentation may be a bit different than others?

NO!!! I used to say literally each of those lines when my mum would nag me about foundation! She would tell me how if i were to find the right moisturiser, I can forget about foundation as the moisturiser can fix all of those things! I hate to admit my mum is ever right, if im honest, but in this case she was. 

You’ve got spotty skin? There are soooo many brands and formulas for that! I personally use brands with witch hazel or teatree oil in it! Literally changed my skin completely! Barely even get a pimple anymore!!

You’ve got red blotches? Again, soo many brands with things to help skin like that. For the day there are green-tinted moisturisers, which help to correct the redness. While, for night time there are night creams with some (magical) ingredients to fix it for you! 

You have freckles? Oh my god, EMBRACE them! Freckles are cute!! 

If you are going to ditch the foundation, but still want coverage, moisturise your face in the morning and leave it to dry (about 5-10 minutes) Next, dab some concealer over the parts you want to cover. Sweep some loose powder over your face and whoala, your natural beauty will shine through! 

I challenge you to go a day without foundation! If you hate it, fair enough. But, you may realise you too don’t need it! Too many girls – and boys are wearing it because… well… everybody else is! 

A nice day cream with a lil bit of blusher can just make you look fab! Nothing prettier than a fresh face! I feel that foundation just washes out your skin’s natural glow – which baffles me, because we then proceed to use a highlighter to try and bring it back?!

Yes, I understand that you may feel uncomfortable in your skin. But, why would you just cover it when you can try and fix it?! Give it a go! 

ANYWAY, enough with this rant! I dare you to go with out foundation – even just a week to give your skin a break! Let it breathe! Love your perfect ‘imperfections‘!