Quick Tip #2

So after getting the positive feedback on my last ‘Quick Tip’ post (read here) I’ve decided to do another! Who knows – might even make it a regular thing!

So, the topic of this tip? BROWS.

Brows are so important. They complete any makeup look. I honestly think, you could get your whole face done and do it all so carefully etc, but you can look incomplete and almost weird if you forget about your brows!

I’ve never been happy with my brows – I have horrendous caterpillars!! But, recently I have shaped them into a way that I’m quite pleased with!

So, anyway this is supposed to be a quick tip, so I will stop with the long intro!

BASICALLY, if you need to reshape your brows, here’s what I recommend doing!:

  1. Let your brows grow out – this means stay away from the tweezers for about 3-4 weeks.
  2. Once they are really messy, get your brow powder & angled brush and create the shape you would like by drawing over your brows.
  3. Now it’s the sore part – pluck all those pesky stray hairs that aren’t in the shape you created with the powder. Stay well away from whatever has been covered by the colour.
  4. You should now have completed your brows! A nice clean finish is brilliant, but some of us have horrendously long brow hairs. If this bothers you, what you need next is to get your baby wipe and wipe off what you just drew on. You then get a spooli and brush the brow hairs up. Get a pair of scissors (ones that you have control over so the smaller the better!) This part is going to be hard to explain, so i’ll have to try my best. The top of your brows (like where you want the top of the brows to be naturally – not where the top of them brushed up(???) will be the part that you snip. This will take away the excess length and will keep them tidy. This step is very risky, so if you have a shaky hand or are even too nervous, i’d say skip it!

So if you are confused about any of these steps don’t be afraid to ask! Hope i’ve helped and here are a few pictures of my brows after I shaped them today! Please note how difficult it is to keep both your eyebrows level when taking a photo?!!

IMG-20150729-WA0005 lldld


Quick Tip!

So this isn’t going to be a long post, but definitely a helpful one!
In January I did work placement at a makeup artist’s shop. (Awful experience, but let’s skip that!!) I learnt this tip there.
Basically, when you are in a rush and you see your favourite makeup brush is dirty, you don’t need to panic! You don’t need to do the whole washing-your-brush routine with the warm, soapy water! Basically what you need is:
-a baby wipe
-your dirty makeup brushes
-a dry towel
So basically you get your clean makeup wipe/ baby wipe and just swirl your brush over it. Do this until no more product is coming off! Next just lightly swirl your clean brush on the dry towel until you’re happy with how dry the brush is. Annnnd voilà! Clean brush in a minute!! Obviously this shouldn’t be the routine you do all the time, just a quick-fix!:)
Hope this helped!:)




Stephanie x

Shopping haul! ~Mostly beauty!

So recently I got a job and I decided that it was about time that I treat myself to some nicer, more expensive products that I wouldn’t typically purchase. So I went shopping with my friend, Zoe! We went to LUSH, Debenhams, Accessorize, boots and a few others!


IMG_6435 IMG_6434

I have wanted to get a contour/sculpting brush for quite some time now, so I couldn’t resist from picking this one from Real Techniques up! I like how it is more dense, helping to create a more precise application! This costed £9.99

Sponge and instructions spongey

So I finally picked up Real Technique’s Miracle Complexion Sponge! I have promised myself that I would pick this up for ages as it is known to be a good dupe for the slightly more pricey beauty blender! I quite like the shape of this and look forward to using it! This was only £5.99!


Clinique’s high impact mascara was given as a gift after I purchased the 2 mas lip liners. Not really much to say, but I do like the wand on this!

colour crush IMG_6431kkkk

The Body Shop’s lipstick in Colour Crush is a kind of sheen lipstick. Very natural looking with a litttttle bit of a shimmer. The lady who was helping me choose a shade told me how the lasting power of these lipsticks are incredible! I’ll let you know if I agree! 🙂 These cost £10 each.

Shade one Shade 1

Another from the body shop is their honey bronze bronzing powder. This, as a first impression, appears to be the best contour for us pale skinned girls! I got this in shade 1 for £13. I think the design on this is so cute also!


LUSH It Started With A Kiss Lip tint is a gorgeous smelling lip balm/colour. It looks quite like an intense red when first applied to the lips, but once rubbed in it looks gorgeous! Truly, a your lips but better kinda shade! 🙂 This costed £5.95 and i’m excited to get using this!


Another product from LUSH is the ROOTS hair treatment. I heard about this after watching one of Emma Blackery’s youtube videos. If you’re \ fan of her and her channel, you’d know that she shaved her head earlier in the year. Her hair grew crazily fast and she recommends this for those who want to try and create a little growth spurt in the hair! I should mention now however, this smells horrible!! It reminds me of a medicine I used to take when I was ill. It it kinda a chalky mint! Gross! But, who knows, it might create a miracle hair growth spurt! The whole pot costs £10.25.

Melba 319 ok Melba 319

From SLEEK I picked up their Eau La La Lip liner in Melba 319. Honestly, this looks nothing like the colour at the end of the pencil and, what’s worse, the stall I was at didn’t have any samples. For £4.99 it’s not so bad! I haven’t even really tried this out on my lips yet though, so, who knows, I might love it!  (Swatches below)

In Anticipation

In anticipation pro longwear lip pencil lip liner (£15) was the first lip liner I picked up from mac. I love how creamy this feels and how it instantly sets on my lips! This is a nice, slightly darker, tint for the lips!

Edge to Edge

Edge to Edge Lip pencil (£12.50) is more of a pencil? Does that make sense? It’s slightly less creamy, but still lovely! Below are the swatches:

Lip liner swatches>> Edge To Edge> In Anticipation > Melba 319


Lastly is this cute little handbag that I bought. This was reduced from like £20 to £5.10! I love smaller handbags that sit on the shoulder! This also clicks into place with the clasp on the front!

So that’s all I bought today! Look out for some reviews in the future! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stephanie x

Quick Foundation Tip

So if you’ve been reading my blog for long, you’ll know that I used to generally not wear foundation. Not only because, well, i didn’t really need it but also because it would tend to look cakey on me.

I understand light coverage and high coverage, I understand how high coverage will be tricky to blend in etc. but I always struggled with both formulas. I understand the different brushes whether they be stippling, flat foundation brush or even a makeup sponge. My skin was prepared – moisturizer etc. I woulda had smooth skin and stuff because I do exfoliate too!! I GET ALL THAT. I found it so frustrating, because I would use all the right techniques, but still I looked like I had caked on the makeup!

So I was kinda on a stand-still. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong, so I just kinda stopped for a while. So if, like me, you seem to be doing all the right things but your foundation still looks cakey, why not try out this lil tip.

Trick is (Yenno what you may already do this, i might just be the only one who doesn’t…) Trick is you apply it all in sections.


Pump out a tiny amount – quarter of a pump – and apply it to a section of your face. I do my face in 4 sections – cheek, cheek, chin, forehead. First lil pump I put onto my right cheek using my finger tips. I blend this across my cheek and over half my nose. Once I feel it has almost sunk into my skin, I then get my real techniques stippling brush and blend blend blend! Once i’m happy with this, I do the same to the rest of my face – all in sections.

I feel that this is a much better technique, because you can focus on each section, preventing the cakey look. You will have more time before the foundation sets into your skin. Also, this will also help save product, because you are only pumping off what you need!

Once you’re finished with applying all of the foundation and you’re happy with it, You can dust over a teeeny tinnny amount of powder. I found though, because all of it has properly been blended and properly set, you really don’t need it!

Hope this tip is helpful to at least somebody! Maybe i’ve just been completely out-of-the-knowing  of this one, but it has certainly helped me!

Do you have any foundation tips for me? I would genuinely love to know!

Thanks for reading and also baring with me throughout my ginormous break from blogging!

Lotsa loveeeeee


My Eyeliner Tips

Like any other makeup lover, i have gained a few tricks over the years i’ve been using different products. I’ve always been a lover of eyeliner, whether it be pencil, gel, cream, liquid or pen!

If there’s anything to sum up on eyeliner, it would be, if you think it looks right, do it! You love the cat-eye? DO it! You love nude colours? DO it!

Personally, i only really have experience with drugstore eyeliners, but seriously, when you’ve found great ones that are a great price, why would you pay more for something you may not like?

So, my liner tips. Have you heard of the spoon technique? This is when you get a spoon… hm i’ll see if i can find a picture …

spoon liner

I promise, it gives a great finish!

Another one, you’ve probably heard of, is once you’ve applied your pencil liner, go over the top of it in a similar eyeshadow shade and it should make it stay much longer without budging!

Love an eyeshadow shade and want it as a liner? simply dampen a liner brush and dip into your eyeshadow. It will come out bolder and should stay on your lids throughout the day.

If you want a smokey-liner look, blend your pencil liner in with a flat-top brush and for an even bolder look, go over it with a matching eyeshadow.

Another trick that I’ve learnt about is if you love your liquid liner, but you just can’t use it because either the applicator is rubbish or, well, it’s too liquidy!

Both of these problems can be solved by the most simple solution ever. So, one day i was getting more and more frustrated at the applicator of my favourite liquid liner – collection 2000 ‘Fast Stroke’ – Its staying power is great, but i always found that it would be rare for it to look okay after the ridiculous application. So anyway yes, i thought hey, what if i dip my dried out felt tip liner into this liquid liner? and so i did and heyho, i now have a felt tip collection 2000 liner. Brilliant! This can be done with any liner – whether it be gel,cream or liquid, you simply need a pen liner (even a cheaper one as you won’t be needing the ink inside it) and dip it in. -Liquid Liner made easy.

Hope these lil tips helped!