Makeup Tip for Oily Skin


So as this week I am focusing on SkinCare, I thought that I should talk about a technique that I found very useful back when my skin was very oily.

Those with oily skin will understand the struggles of not only keeping the foundation on all day, but applying it straight to the skin, without having to blot the oils off. WELL, I have the solution for a quick time saving method to achieve non-streaky foundation.

All you need to do, after moisturising -Please don’t skip this step, even if you have oily skin – is to apply a light dusting of powder on your face. This will absorb the oils on the face and create the best kind of base for your foundation. After this apply your foundation whichever way you prefer. I find that dabbing the product on with a beauty blender is easiest for me. Once this is complete, once again dust the face with a small amount of powder and tadaaa, your skin is looking b-e-a-utiful.

Of course you could go out and buy a primer to fix this problem, but why spend more money on this when you have the solution for this already in your makeup bag?

Hope you try this out & I hope this works as well with you as it does with me! Also I should mention here that this tip doesn’t only work for those with oily skin. You can use this on normal skin also. If you have dry skin I would apply an intense moisturiser before applying the powder, this would help create a smoother canvas for you to apply your makeup on.

Steff x



Superdrug Haul!

Hi there! I feel as though I should be explaining my absence. Basically, i’m helping out at a childrens’ summer scheme, needless to say I am drained as soon as I get back home. But today I went shopping afterwards with my friend and I picked up a few drugstore goodies that I have to tell you about! So, let’s get on with it, huh?!



If you’ve been reading my page recently, you’d know that I was very impressed with Real Techniques’ contour brush. With that in mind I knew I had to replace my blusher brush (i’ve been using the same one for like 5 years and it was almost scratchy on my face!) So, I picked up the Real Techniques Blush Brush. This was £9.99. I’m not too sure how I feel about it yet – let’s see if it applies my blusher any nicer! 🙂


Micellar water has been raved about so much this past year, so I finally gave into the hype! I purchased Garnier’s Pure Active Micellar water. Garnier describes this product as ‘ an easy way to remove make-up, cleanse and purify the skin, eye area and lips in 1 step without rinsing. For combination to oily and sensitive skin.’ This description 100% appeals to me. Only thing is, I need more cotton pads!! Also, just to add, this claims to last up to 200 washes. HMM.

IMG_6499 IMG_6502

I picked up the NYC City Proof 24 hr Eye Primer crayon in ‘nude 1’. I tried this on tonight to see how it felt on my eye. It’s very different feeling in comparison to my other eyeprimers, it’s not a creamy feeling, it’s more ‘tacky’? But, I hope that this does work because I have been wanting one like this for ages. Perfect nude for pale skin too!

And that’s the end of my haul! Keep an eye out for updates on these products – what I think of them and id I recommend them etc. I hope you enjoyed reading today! Have you tried out any of these products, if so, did you like them & how would you recommend I use them?

Thanks a billion, as always!

Stephanie xx

May Favourites

So I promised myself, at the start of the year, that I would post monthly favourites each month this year. During the end of May I was focusing on finishing my ‘top 5’ series and forgot all about the Monthly Favourites posts… (My bad!) But, as I always say… Better late than never, eh?

All My Favourites

So I have 10 products and 1 brush to talk about for last month! Some of them are recurring faves and others are new ones!


My Favourite EyesLeft>>Right

Large angled brush, Makeup Gallery (Nude 2), Maybelline (Big Eyes Mascara), Makeup Revolution (Aqua Seal) Mac (prolongwear paint pot) Catrice (absolute eye colour mono)

So i’ve been loving using a larger angled brush to apply my eyeshadow colour. I find it much easier (& quicker too) to apply my brow colour & shape. I got this as part of a makeup brush set that I purchased earlier this year off ebay.

I have been using my Makeup Gallery (Nude 2) as a base to set my primer and to help brighten up my looks. This is the perfect creamy colour for nude makeup looks. This makeup brand is sold in Poundland (For £1 obviously).

My Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara has been used every day in May! I have loved it so much. It is perfect for long lashes making your lashes look the best you’ve ever been! I apply the upper lash wand from root to tip on my upper lashes, meanwhile I just apply the lower lash wand to the roots of my lower lashes to prevent spidery lashes! This duo mascara is £8.99, but Maybelline often do offers.

Makeup Revolution Aqua Seal primer is one that has been regularly used in the month of May. I found it weird getting used to using this one because i’ve never really used such a liquidy product on my lids! For £3 this is amazing! It is probably the best primer that i’ve ever used also! Makeup Revolution is a new favourite drugstore brand of mine & I recommend it to everyone! 🙂

Mac Prolongwear paint pot in Chrome Angel is one that just can’t be forgotten about in my Makeup routine! I like to use lighter eyeshadow bases to make any colour put ontop of it ‘pop’. Also, because I use matte eyeshadows so often, this helps to lighten up the look… yenno, not make it look so dull? I know that £15.50 does sound a bit steep, but i’ve had this about a year and a half, use it regularly and haven’t even hit pan on it yet! So, not so bad.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Mono in Starlight Expresso is the perfect shade to turn any look into a smokey eye. I like to apply this to my crease along with a creamy colour under. I basically use this everyday for a natural eye! I bought this 2 years ago and finally hit pan! This costs around £5 and is worth every penny!


My Favourite Lips Left >>Right L’oreal Collection Exclusive, The Body Shop lip butter, The Body Shop stick lip balm, Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner

L’oreal Paris Colour Rich Exclusive Nudes in Juliane is such a lovely nude. It glides on effortlessly just finishing off your look. I love the sleek packaging off this too. This one costs just £6.99 and the exclusive nudes range has 6 different shades, so you’re likely to find the perfect one to suit you!

The body shop lip butter in strawberry is such a nourishing, tasty balm that hydrates your lips in just one use! It is also so creamy and the lip butters come in many different flavours too! This costs £4, but I tend to only purchase the body shop products when on sale (which is often too!)

The Body Shop Born Lippy lipbalm – Strawberry is another perfect lip balm from the body shop. It applies only a little hint of colour, which I like! The scent is strong and is so tasty on the lips. This costs £3, but again, this is often on sale so I only buy it when reduced! 

Rimmel London has done it again with another brilliant liner. This one is a lip liner which is the perfect product for under your nude lippy! This is in East End Snob and costs only £3.99. It is so creamy and is perfect for every day lips.

Sugar & Spice Palette

Makeup Revolution is in my monthly favourites again! This ultra blush palette in Sugar & Spice, for £6, has the best blushers that i’ve ever used. They are so soft and creamy to touch and blend so beautifully. You only need the tiniest bit of product on your brush because each shade is so pigmented. In this there are 2 highlighters, 1 contour and 5 blushers.

So those are my favourites of May. I know this was a little late … or very late… but, what can you do?

If you’d like to catch up with my top 5 series, click here for one of the posts with all the links at the end!

Thanks for reading,

Stephanie x

Look of the Day – Easter

Hey there! Thought i’d do just a quick picture of what my makeup look is for today! I’ve been really loving the red lips so i couldn’t resist doing a bit of a darker look for today. 🙂


The majority … maybe all of the products used were bought from the drugstore too!

The products used were:

Maybelline colour drama lipstick – Red Essential

Makeup Revolution blusher palette – Sugar & Spice

Collection Lasting Perfection foundation – Porcelain

MUA eye shadow palette – Heaven & Earth

MUA eye shadow palette – Undress me 2

Makeup Revolution arch & shape brows – medium

Maybelline Brow Drama sculpting mascara – Medium brown

Maybelline gel eyeliner – Black

Rimmel Scandel eyes shadow stick – Bluffing

Maybelline mascara – The mega Plush

Maybelline mascara – The falsies

Maybelline mascara – Great  Lash Waterproof

Sleek contour kit – Light

Makeup Revolution eye primer – Aqua seal

I’d be happy to do a how-to kinda post if you like the look 🙂 Hope you all have a fantastic Easter & Happy holidays to all! 🙂

Stephanie x

Favourites/ Hate its

Hola Friendies! I feel a bit awkward posting about things that I hate because I know that with a lot of makeup/ skincare products I could hate them and someone else could love them. But, today I will be posting one that I have never gotten a satisfying use out of.

This is the greatly loved primer potion by Urban Decay.


I’m going to start by stating the price. This greatly raved about product costs £16. There is 11ml of product in this. I got a smaller tube of this with one of my palettes a few years ago. I had tried this along with my shadows and was very disappointed. My shadows had creased within about 3 hours. I tried this out a few times, varying the amount of product that was applied and nothing but disappointment.

I don’t know, maybe this just didn’t work for my skin tone. That must be why – It seems to be a favourite for many beauty lovers! I just don’t think any product is worth it when you can get one just as good for a fraction of the price. There are sooo many dupes for this product for £2-3 so what’s the point?

Also, I must must mention! This day last year I created my blog and I just wanna say thankyou so much for following me and reading my posts! It’s very fulfilling knowing that people (that I don’t know) actually want to read what i’m thinking and are actually enjoying it! So thankyou very much! 191 followers is insane and i’m very grateful. 🙂

Stephanie x

Top 5 Eye Products

One of my favourite beauty videoes/blogs are ones where the person’s favourite products are. Obviously everybody likes different products, but it’s always great getting honest reviews/opinions. So in this post i’ll be talking about my favourite eye products. Soon i’ll be doing my top 5 face products too! This is obviously going to be just for now, trying new things forgetting about older products I used to love… you get me? haha anyway, on with le post;

Base: Seventeen; eye crayon – icedImage

I  started using this one recently when I packed it instead of my mac paintpot for my holiday. I was amazed at how good it really is! A little swipe of product on your lids, rub in with either a finger or a brush and boom you have colour! I have only worn this as a base (A lot less hassle than primers) but seriously, no creasing all day! Brilliant! They come in 4 different shades but, for now, ‘ICED‘ is the only one I have. Pretty sure this is like a UK dupe for NYX’s eye crayons! Hopefully there will be more shades coming out soon! You can get these at Boots for £3.99! Fabbbb!

Gel  liner:  Maybelline  NewYork-  Lasting  Drama  Gel  Liner –Black



I’m a convert! I was pretty damn sure i’d found the best eyeliner for meeee, from collection 2000, just a liquid black. BUT, this stuff is AMAZING! It comes with a brush that’s good, but personally I use it with a dried out felt tip liner! (more control over it) This stays on all day without making you look like a panda! You can use it on your waterline, tightline or your lashline! stays on like a permanent marker! You have about 10 seconds to make it all smokey, if that’s how you want it, until it sets. Looks bold and fab! It’s £7.99 from boots and worth every penny! Highly recommend this one!  

Mascara: Maybelline New York- Falsies flared   


Like everybody else, this is one I can’t not talk about! It is brilliant! The only ‘Thefalsies‘ that i’ve tried, but it’s definitely one i’ll repurchase when i’m finished with this one! Gives volume, length and just the whole ‘wow factor’ thing..! You can layer it up and it looks great, or, you can scrape most of the product off inside the tube and give yourself the whole light-product  thing! Looks really great! You can get this product in boots for £7.99!                                         

Eyeshadow: MUA Undress me too


Oh my god, where do I begin!? The back-story… So, my mum had bough the Naked 2 palette for my sister the day I was out shopping and picked undress me too palette! I had bought it because I had heard it was a dupe for the naked 2 palette! So, I compared the 2 products and heyho, they were both identical! CRAZY! One difference though, my mum had paid £37, meanwhile I had paid £4 for mine! *Smug laughter* Don’t really know what else I can say about this one… swatches are above, you get it in Superdrug for £4.

Catrice Cosmetics: Eye brow set


Fab brow kit! Got this last Summer and I have used it everyday since & it still hasn’t hit pan! Stays on all day, doesn’t look chalky, but, i don’t know how much it costed nor where you can get it? Sorrrrrry!


Stephanie x                                                                   

EYES – Bases & Primers

Eye makeup is my thing! I love it! Winged liner, smokey eyes or just neutral – i think they’re all fab! So I go through a lot of different shadow, liner and base brands! I may do a lil eye series… yenno, including looks, how-tos and best and worsts. But, for now we’ll just talk about bases!

I love bases! I think they are genius! Much prefer to them to primers! I also tend to get better results with bases also.

-Seventeen eye crayon – ‘ICED’

This is a really great milky/icy white colour! really beautiful! 

Application – 10/10 Just swipe it on, rub it in with your finger and set it with powder!

Staying Power – 9/10 Stays on for about 12 hours but it does start to crease towards the end of the night.

-17 Wild Metallics eyes – Wild nude

Gorgeous soft brown colour to it!

Application – 8/10 I was a lil sketchy about how you use it at first. If you want it for the colour aspect you may be disappointed, as it just gives you a wash of colour, much lighter to how it is in the tub. But, use it as a primer and your shadow won’t budge all day! Dupe for mac paintpots.

Staying Power – 9.5/10 I would say that it stays on most days with out creasing! 

Max prolongwear paintpot – Chrome Angel 

I LOVE this stuff!

Application – 10/10 As long as you apply a thin thin thin coat and rub it in, you will be fine.

Staying power – Colour pay-off is fab! Stays on all day too.

Soap & Glory eye base – It’s about prime

Cute lil name 🙂

Staying Power – 10/10 Doesn’t budge. 

Application – 10/10 Rub in until it’s dry and apply shadow as normal


Barry M eye crayon 

-Not enough colours

-Creases within about 20 minutes (for me anyway!!) 

-Smudges down my eyes!

Collection Eyeshadow pencil

-fab for the first like 3 uses then just dries up (may be because my lid cracked within the first day!!) 

-Basically is as hard as wax now!

MUA eye primer

-Tube broke

-Creases eyeshadow

-Bad scent 

Rimmel London – Undercover shadow primer 

-Rubbish, complete waste of money