I’ve previously tried Real Techniques face brushes. To say I was underwhelmed is appropriate, however I can’t emphasise how brilliant i think these eye brushes are. Perhaps i’ll do a review on the face brushes that I have from this brand and attempt to explain my thoughts – perhaps perhaps. Anyway, this post is about the eye brushes, so without further adieu.


I bought this set of 5 brushes in Superdrug, which was selling for £15.74 as it was on offer, they are usually sold at £20.99. With my extra 10% student discount I was in a rush to buy it, after reading such brilliant reviews on this set. In this set there are 5 brushes; Deluxe crease brush, Shading brush, Essential crease brush, Eyeliner brush and Fine liner brush. The packaging comes with a description where Sam and Nic (The makers of the brushes) explain how they use the brushes. With the set came a handy mirror-to-go case. A compact case which folds up nicely and securely, protecting the bristles.

To give you an idea of how much I like these brushes, I’ve only used them twice and I had to come here and talk about them! So, what do i think of each of the brushes?



L>R: Deluxe Crease, Shaping, Essential crease, eyeliner, fine liner brush.

The Deluxe Crease Brush

This soft, oversized brush is perfect for applying your base shadow. It is perfect for setting your primer/base. It is the perfect fit for the lid and is so gentle also. I begin, as said above, by using this for the base shadow. But I continue to reach for this whilst applying my shadow as it blends the different shadows effortlessly.

The Shading Brush 

This tapered brush with compact bristles applies colour beautifully this is the perfect size to blend shadows beneath the lower lash line also. This is good for smudging in colour.

The Essential Crease Brush

This exclusive brush has tapered bristles which fit perfectly into your crease. The bristles are also the perfect size for blending in a crease shade without it getting messy. Is a good brush also just for blending already-placed shadows together into the crease.

The Eyeliner Brush

Another exclusive for this set, the angled brush. This brush has a firm head which provides more control when lining the eyes. This is the only brush that I haven’t properly tried yet. I imagine it would be good for both lining the eyes, but also for filling your brows in. This would be perfect for smoking out the lined eyes also.

The Fine Liner Brush

Hallelujah, firm bristles on a liner brush. This is so easy to use when applying cream liner. It isn’t flimsy and the long handle gives you optimal control.

Bravo Sam and Nic, you really perfected these brushes. Truly truly impressed. I cleared out my old blending brushes as this brush set completely trump them. Highly recommend these, even moreso now as they are being sold at a discount.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review. Have you tried these brushes and are there any which you recommend to me?

Thanks for reading,

Steph x

Starting From Scratch Makeup Kit

So let’s say there was a flood in your makeup collection and it ruined alllll your products… or a fire burns down your beauty favourites. After realising you have lost hundreds of pounds worth of makeup – literally –  you go to your local makeup shop and pick up your previous favourites. When hoking through my makeup drawer, deciding which products I would 100% repurchase, I was surprised to find that none were my high end products. So anyway, What did I choose? 




I wouldn’t be able to go out without having my brows filled in, so it is a necessity for me to have a brow product that I know matches my brows and can do both a natural brow or a statement one. For this I chose Freedom’s Du0 Brow Powder in soft brown. This is the perfect ashy brown for my medium brown hair. Really easy to work with and is only £3.

When it comes to my eyelids, I do like to wear a bit of eyeshadow everyday. Whether this be a smokey eye, natural looking one or a bold coloured look, I tend to lift this eyeshadow palette from MUA. It is called Undress Me Too and costs £4. This is supposedly a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette. With its high pigmentation and buttery application it is my favourite everyday eyeshadow palette. Each of these shadows are cool toned also. I’ve hit pan on a quarter of this palette too! Would 100% repurchase.

A brow pencil which I always have in my makeup bag is the Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in 061 Jet Black. This is just a bog standard pencil eyeliner. It has a true black pigmentation, stays in place on the tight/water line and is perfect to create a smokey liner look too. This lasts forever and is only £2.99. 

So I have tried a ton of mascaras since I started using makeup. This ranges from the pricey Benefit, No.7, Clinique to the cheaper Natural Collection, Miss Sporty etc. However, one that I have been loving recently, one that seems to overtake all the previous mascaras is one from the brand Essence. This is a slightly lesser known brand, but a good’un nonetheless! This mascara seperates the lashes, gives them amazing length and 10/10 definition. I only use one coat of this, but it is easy enough to build it up also. For £2.79 it doesn’t get much better than that!



So I have to mention my new favourite from Maybelline, the Fit Me Matte & Poreless foundation. This costs £5.99 and is the best foundation i have used. This is so easy to apply, doesn’t go cakey around my nose or forehead, like other foundations do, and it stays on a good amount of the day! I like how this is a natural looking finish, not too drying on the skin. A really great find and a good price too, will definitely be repurchasing when this one finishes!

Miss Sporty have launched a whole new range of products, the Insta Glow range being my favourite. I love this primer. This helps the foundation go on smoother and stay on longer throughout the day. This also is the perfect highlighting product that i’ve tried. It has the most subtle glow, one that isn’t completely OTT. This product costs £3.49 and is definitely worth a try.

I’ve also tried Miss Sporty’s Perfect Stay 10 Hours concealer. I have this in shade 001 light. This is nice and creamy, so is perfect for hiding dark circles or using as a more natural highlight. It stays on all day without creasing and is a good price too at only £2.99. This is the best concealer that i’ve ever used from the drugstore.

MUA is a very hit or miss kinda brand. However, recently a lot more of their products have been getting better and better. This pressed powder, the Skin Define Hydro Powder , which costs £3 , is the best powder that I have in my makeup bag. It is so finely milled, meaning that you only need to dab your brush into this product to get just enough off. This sets makeup perfectly without looking cakey and is perfect for touch ups throughout the day!

Lastly for face products, I was looking through my blushers trying to decide which was my favourite. Which could i use everyday and not need another? The truth was that there are none that I would choose over the rest. So I decided I would repurchase my Makeup Revolution Sugar  & Spice Blusher palette. This ranges from a neutral soft red colour to a bright orangey-peach one. This has 2 highlighters in it also. Perfect to travel with as it has so much choice and a big mirror inside also. For 8 highly pigmented products it costs £6. 



There are 2 products that I would definitely repurchase. Although I have 3 Mac lipsticks I don’t go for those often, mostly because they were so expensive and I want to save them? So the red that I lean towards every time is Red Essential from Maybelline. This lip crayon is perfect for a neat application and the product itself is really long lasting. It feels good on the lips as it doesn’t feel overly matte or dry. This has a ‘velvet’ finish and costs a small £4.99.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Cool Brown has been worn everyday since I bought it. It is the perfect natural lip colour for me and I feel like it finishes off a makeup look. This drys matte and stays put on the lips all day. Barely any reapplication throughout the day, but when you are reapplying, the applicator is really easy to use, so there’s no difficulty with applying – even without a mirror! This is a slightly more expensive product, but I say it’s completely worth it for £8.99.


Lastly, in terms of applicators, there are none that I love more than the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. This is a dupe for the well known and loved beauty blender. However, this only comes in at £5.99! I use this damp to apply my foundation, in a dabbing motion for the best application and I would use it dry to apply powder under my eyes for when I am baking. Really brilliant product that I feel should be in every girl’s makeup bag!

So I hope you enjoyed this post! What would you repurchase if you had no other makeup products? Comment below & share your favourites!

Thanks for reading,

Steff x


The Best of 2015

I have found so many products in 2015 that I love, so let’s jump straight in and talk about it! I’ll do this in 2 separate posts, Face and eyes. So today,



Micellar water has become a huge thing this year for us beauty fans. This Garnier one is the first that i’ve tried and it was a lucky one to start off with! This gets your makeup off in one wipe and leaves a nice feeling on your skin. – In comparison to some makeup removers which leave a greasy feeling on the skin.

The body shop have the best lip balms that i’ve ever used. They are so hydrating, nice and creamy and have amaaazing flavours!

Once again, Boots‘ moisturiser is in my favourites. Good price, nice smell (THE SMELLLL) and great on my skin!


For my Foundation fave it has to be Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. This is medium coverage and cancels out my red tones perfectly!

Pressed powder winner goes to Maybelline’s Matte Maker. This is the perfect pale powder which is perfect to give your skin a natural matte finish. This is perfect for your handbag & can be applied with either a brush or a sponge. Next to it is Collection’s sheer loose powder. This is what I use in the mornings to set my foundation. I use a big fluffy brush to apply this.

The best contour and highlight I have used (almost) everyday this year has been from Sleek’s face form in light. This is v v pigmented, so only a little is needed. It amazed me that I haven’t hit pan on this yet?! V V good. I bought this for about £12? Can’t really remember!

For blushers, i’ve been loving the Makeup Revolution Sugar & Spice Ultra Blush Palette. This palette is amazing. The most pigmented face products that i’ve ever used. There are 6 blushers and 2 highlights.


Real Techniques have found their way into my yearly faves! To the left is the Sculpting brush and beside it is the blush brush. The sculpting brush is amazing with applying bronzer/contour. It is so soft and easy to use. Meanwhile with the blusher brush, just the right amount of product transfers from the brush to your skin. It is really easy to blend with.


MUA Cover and Conceal is the first concealer that I have properly fallen in love with. This is such a lovely brightening concealer & blends in beautifully.

Hope you have had a fab fab year! I swear i’ll be doing the other half of this post very very soon! Much love my beautiful friends!

Stephanie x

September Favourites & Catch Up!

So how many more posts am I going to start with my “i’m so sorry about the lack of posts etc.”?! I swear, this will be the last one….

So how have you been? I’ve been fantastic! These past 3 weeks have been crazy! So what’s new with me?

I’ve started a work placement at a local primary school & I love it!

Just sent of my uni application forms

Went to see Fallout Boy?!

Got a job at TK Maxx

Been having fab lil nights with my girrrrls!

I’m going to Liverpool this weekend

I’m going to Scotland (TO SEE MY BFFFF) at the end of this month for 3 nights (Might do a travel makeup post?)

Lotsa fam parties at the end of this month which i’m buzzin for!

There are a few more things, but i’ll not blab too much!

So what makeup have I liked?


For my face;;


The Bourjouis healthy mix foundation has been looking mighty fine on my face. This looks so nice and dewy on my skin! It applies easily, smells unreal and lasts a reasonable amount of time! I have also been using the Real Techniques beauty sponge and it is so nice. I dampen the sponge and apply in a dabbing motion. This works with any liquid foundation and leaves such an amazing result! Throw out your brushes and replace it with this! Pretty sure it was only about £5 too! To finish off my face i’ve been using Makeup gallery feeling blush blusher on my cheeks. I love the soft red this gives to my face. This is the perfect Autumnal shade.

IMG_7049 IMG_7050

Hair & Nails

For my hair I’ve been using Jo Baz’s Caffeine Shampoo. This stuff smells realllly nice! I could also (almost swear that) this stuff has made my hair grow faster. -But it may also be because i’m crazy… For nail polish i’ve been using Maybelline’s Sidewalk Strut nail polish. This is such a lovely warm gray! This is so easy to apply as it dries so quickly. Only annoying thing is that it chips so quickly.


Lashes & liner

So i love this MAC mascara sample that I got. It’s the False lashes in extreme black. This makes my eyelashes hugeee! So easy to apply too. Will I buy it in the bigger size? For now, no. When the product runs out i’ll reuse the brush with a cheaper formula. I’ve been using the NYC High Definition liquid eyeliner in soft black. This creates such a slim line on my eyes and it stays on all day.


IMG_7060 IMG_7052 IMG_7053 IMG_7055

So I love lipstick now! I got my first mac lipstick in ‘DIVA’ and it is such a brilliant vampy colour! This is a very matte lipstick. I prefer to wear lipbalm underneath it to give it a smoother application. This is soooo pigmented! Here’s a few pictures with me wearing it!

red lipsss

The other lipstick I’ve been loving is ‘wine’ by the brand Autograph. It is a more red toned lipstick! It is so moisturising on the lips and leaves a shiny red finish. I don’t have any pictures with it on though, sorry!

As a last update I’ll tell you about my new hairstyle! (As of Monday haha) I was standing infront of the mirror and was thinking ‘dammit hair why can’t you sit nicely what’s your deal?’ Then I just got a pair of scissors and cut myself a lil fringey! I really like it & feel all floopy!

IMG_20151005_072042935 My poses are 100% Vogue.

Hopefully i’ll be doing one or two halloween posts and then some party looks! Hope you are having a wonderful Autumn!

Hopefully talk soon,

Stephanie x

Superdrug Haul!

Hi there! I feel as though I should be explaining my absence. Basically, i’m helping out at a childrens’ summer scheme, needless to say I am drained as soon as I get back home. But today I went shopping afterwards with my friend and I picked up a few drugstore goodies that I have to tell you about! So, let’s get on with it, huh?!



If you’ve been reading my page recently, you’d know that I was very impressed with Real Techniques’ contour brush. With that in mind I knew I had to replace my blusher brush (i’ve been using the same one for like 5 years and it was almost scratchy on my face!) So, I picked up the Real Techniques Blush Brush. This was £9.99. I’m not too sure how I feel about it yet – let’s see if it applies my blusher any nicer! 🙂


Micellar water has been raved about so much this past year, so I finally gave into the hype! I purchased Garnier’s Pure Active Micellar water. Garnier describes this product as ‘ an easy way to remove make-up, cleanse and purify the skin, eye area and lips in 1 step without rinsing. For combination to oily and sensitive skin.’ This description 100% appeals to me. Only thing is, I need more cotton pads!! Also, just to add, this claims to last up to 200 washes. HMM.

IMG_6499 IMG_6502

I picked up the NYC City Proof 24 hr Eye Primer crayon in ‘nude 1’. I tried this on tonight to see how it felt on my eye. It’s very different feeling in comparison to my other eyeprimers, it’s not a creamy feeling, it’s more ‘tacky’? But, I hope that this does work because I have been wanting one like this for ages. Perfect nude for pale skin too!

And that’s the end of my haul! Keep an eye out for updates on these products – what I think of them and id I recommend them etc. I hope you enjoyed reading today! Have you tried out any of these products, if so, did you like them & how would you recommend I use them?

Thanks a billion, as always!

Stephanie xx

Quick Tip!

So this isn’t going to be a long post, but definitely a helpful one!
In January I did work placement at a makeup artist’s shop. (Awful experience, but let’s skip that!!) I learnt this tip there.
Basically, when you are in a rush and you see your favourite makeup brush is dirty, you don’t need to panic! You don’t need to do the whole washing-your-brush routine with the warm, soapy water! Basically what you need is:
-a baby wipe
-your dirty makeup brushes
-a dry towel
So basically you get your clean makeup wipe/ baby wipe and just swirl your brush over it. Do this until no more product is coming off! Next just lightly swirl your clean brush on the dry towel until you’re happy with how dry the brush is. Annnnd voilà! Clean brush in a minute!! Obviously this shouldn’t be the routine you do all the time, just a quick-fix!:)
Hope this helped!:)




Stephanie x

Everyday Work Makeup Routine!

So recently I got two new jobs, so I’ve been trying to find the ‘appropriate’ makeup for a work place. So basically I’ll be showing you what I wear to work and how I get my look! 🙂

Hope you enjoy reading, i’m always a bit weird about posting tutorials because I’m not, in any form, a professional and nor am I overly comfortable in posting pictures like this of myself… so yeah, hope you enjoy!

So I always begin my makeup routine with moisturiser. This is the most important step in your makeup routine. It is good for your skin and also creates a sort of ‘base’ for the rest of your makeup. No, your moisturiser does NOT have to be expensive. Just experiment with a few different brands that offer a moisturiser for YOUR skin type. I personally use Boots’ own brand moisturiser that sells for £1.49 and it works wonders on my skin! This is for all skin types and I find that the fresh cucumber scent is just lovely!10085480

So after I apply my moisturiser, I then dampen my Real Technique’s beauty blender under cold water. I find that if you squeeze the blender whilst the water is going through it, it will make the blender go twice the size and work so much better!

So I then choose my foundation, today I used Bourjois healthy mix foundation. I put one pump of it on the back of my hand and then dabbed the blender into it. I begin in the middle of my face and then move to my forehead and then finish on my chin!

IMG_20150718_144600641 IMG_20150718_144529005IMG_20150718_144536925 IMG_20150718_144545592

So once i’m happy enough with the finish of my foundation (honestly, for everyday I love just a natural finish – a your skin but better kinda thing) I would then use my new contour powder from the body shop. I use my Real Techniques Contour Brush to do this! I apply this to the hollow of my cheek bone. This looks quite harsh when first applied, but this brush makes it so easy to blend out to a natural finish!

IMG_20150718_144641058 IMG_20150718_144635689

Next with a little blusher brush I apply my Natural Collection Blusher. I dab only a little bit of product onto my brush because with blusher I think it is so easy to go OTT and look crazy. So it’s best to start with a little and build it up! 🙂 Blusher, I feel is so important in an everyday look because It fills your face with a lil bit of life and colour 🙂

IMG_20150718_144727191 (1)

So lastly for my face I apply loose powder. I use a large fluffy brush, from real techniques, to do this. I focus on my nose, chin and forehead because they’re the most likely to be getting oily throughout the day. Plus, I like to avoid applying powder on my cheeks because it takes away the natural glow from your skin. This means you don’t have to use a highlighter!:)

IMG_20150718_150137600 IMG_20150718_150148384_HDR

So then I move onto my eyes. I begin by applying my It’s About Prime eye primer from Soap & Glory to my eyelids. Next I sort out my brows! I use a spooli to get them into shape and then use my Catrice Cosmetics brow powder. I use the lighter colour to fill my brows in!

IMG_20150718_144833471 (1)  IMG_20150718_145015682IMG_20150718_145520356


So Next up are the eyes! I use a small little stippling brush to apply a light colour from my Revolution palette all over my lids. This just evens out the colour of my lids and kind of ‘pulls the whole look together’ whilst also setting the primer! After I’m happy with the base, I then apply a little bit of my favourite gray eyeshadow, from Catrice Cosmetics, to the crease of my eye. I use a small fluffy blending brush to do this.

IMG_20150718_145229512 IMG_20150718_145316139 IMG_20150718_150336654 IMG_20150718_150350941

After this I use my Eyeko cosmetics pen eyeliner in the brown shade and line my upper lids. I do a very close-to-the-lash liner for this look – No flicks or anything! Once this is finished, I curl my lashes and then apply a thin coating of mascara. Instead of using my Maybelline ‘Big Eyes’ mascara (a big fave of mine) I use a more natural looking mascara called ‘great lash’ again, by maybelline. I use the waterproof version to avoid any awkward panda eyes throughout the day!

IMG_20150718_145503754 IMG_20150718_145854136 IMG_20150718_145808561

To finish the eye look off, I use my maybelline brown eyeliner on the outer corner of my waterline and blend it in using my finger. I also like to use my pale eye pencil from Seventeen in my inner corner to open up my eyes!

IMG_20150718_145758695IMG_20150718_145652164 (1)

To finish off the whole look I moisturise my lips and then apply a lipstick from the body shop on my lips.

IMG_20150718_150413270 IMG_20150718_150520777

annnnd here’s the final look:


So I hope you enjoyed reading and here are a few links to the products that were used if you’d like to read more about them!

Shopping Haul

Catrice Eyeshadow

Loose Powder


Thanks for reading! 🙂 Let me know what you think of this tutorial… should I do more?

Stephanie x