Revisiting oldies

Hi all, hope you’re enjoying this laavely weather we’ve been having (Those in the UK, you get it). Today when i was getting ready i decided to have a go with products that seemed to find themselves being set aside. I don’t think i have a reason really for why these were put aside, probably just i started using newer products. (should also say now that the eyeshadows weren’t products that were rediscovered, they’re newbies!)

So, which products did I use && what do i think of them now?

So i’ll start with what i started with;

Miss Sporty InstaGlow primer

This primer is a pink-toned shimmery liquid. It doesn’t have a powdery/matte finish, more of a slightly tacky product. I applied this onto clean skin with no moisturiser as i remember it could go bally combined. Applied nicely today though.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless 105 

This isn’t a completely matte foundation and is a little dark, but blends in easily. It has reasonably good staying power and don’t feel it overly needs set. I quite like this and will deffo use it up, but unlikely buy another.

L’oreal Infalliable Sculpt contouring palette

I actually have been really enjoying this one lately. It’s nice and creamy, but has a cream-to-powder finish. V easy to blend and the paler shade is matte, so nice for a natural finish. The paler shade can also be used to lighten the contour. Nice cool tone as well, so perfect for contouring.

Natural Collection Dusky Pink Blusher

This is a product i will always go back to. It has such a lovely soft blushed shade which is easy to wear… on pale skin anyway… It blends in perfectly and doesn’t kick up too much dust.

Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighter

I love this one. It is the perfect amount of glow and shimmer and everything you would want for an everyday highlighter. So easy to apply and easy to build up. Laaaaaavely. Super cheap as well, you should deffo try this one out.

Freedom brow pomade

This one can be q difficult to use, you only need a small amount on your brush. I think this is easiest to use with a small-bristled brush and wipe off excess product in the lid. It has good staying power and gets a lot easier to use the more you practice.

Soap & Glory It’s about prime

I actually really like this one. Makes a nice base and makes everything look more glowey. Laaaaaavely. I won’t be repurchasing this one as i prefer cream eyeshadows to liquid ones. Easy to apply and is very good though, definitely one to pick up if you prefer liquid primers.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette 

I used the shimmery shade, Skimp and the 2 matte ones were cover and primal. These were used in the crease area. These blend out soooo nicely and are perfect for brown eyes. You can’t really see ‘Skimp’, but it does make a lovely base for your eyes.

Makeup Obsession Eyeshadow E124, Copper && E141, Alba

I actually recently got these 2 eyeshadows simply because of how warm toned they are. These blend so nicely and warm a look up really nicely. Also, for only £2 a piece you should deffo give them a go!

L’oreal Superliner; Black

I stopped using this everyday simply because of how non-waterproof it is. If you have watery eyes i really don’t recommend it. It has good pigmentation and is ok for standard liner, but don’t recommend it for winging it out. Won’t be repurchasing this one once it runs out.

Collection Supersize mascara


I love this mascara. Gives my eyelashes gorgeous volume and length and layers really nicely. I highly recommend this one. Will deffo be repurchasing soon! (the bottom mascara with pink lid)

Soap & Glory; Naked Beige 

This is the perfect cool toned brown lipstick. Feels really comfortable on the lips, a nice satin finish. Pretty sure the brand discontinued this one though. I like to use this one for everyday kinda looks. Swatch is below the black liner.


AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the finished look. The camera kinda washed me out, so you can’t properly see what the eyeshadow looks like, my bad.

So hope you enjoyed reading this. Will hopefully be back posting a bit more soon. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Steph x



Finishing products off – Like or hate?

Let’s get back into the swing of things, or at least try. Hello my lovely lovely reader, hope you’re having a brilliant week and a good 2017. It’s getting close to Summer, which i think is really exciting as i’m going on le holidays to Madeira with the lovely boyfriend! (Eeeeek!) Have you got any plans for your summer yet?

Over the past month i’ve really condensed my makeup collection to my absolute favourites, simply because i’ve got way too much which just sits in my drawer. I did this by using up older products and also giving things to friends. So I thought i’d talk about the products which i did use up and have reintroduced myself to and whether or not i’ll repurchase when they are finished.

SO: WHAT have i used?


I’ve been using the primer again, which i’ve found can go quite bally under certain foundations, which is quite annoying. The Fit me matte and poreless is ok, but it’s a fraction too dark for my skin, so i’m going to use it over the Summer. I finished the Super Stay by Maybelline, i actually really enjoyed using it, but made sure i had my skin v moisturised before applying it because it kinda showed flaky skin where i didn’t even know i had it! (I don’t think i’ll buy this one again). The MUA Matte foundation i got very annoyed with. It was a good shade for pale skin, but it was SOOOOOOOO oily on me and i just didn’t understand why!! This was a product i gave to a friend. Never got along with the Benefit Boi-ing concealer, so gave it away as it was too heavy and really showed up dry areas on my skin. Lastly, I like the Miss Sporty Perfect Stay concealer, but it is a littttle bit too orange toned for me. I do like it, but will most likely not buy it again.


I’ve been using the Soap & Glory It’s About Prime eyeshadow primer every day underneath my shadow as i’m determined to finish it. I bought this a few years ago and did like it. It is an OK product, i genuinely don’t mind it. I have just found so many better products which i prefer now, one of which being the creme de rose colour tattoo by maybelline (That’s not the one seen in the picture aboveeee). But, I swear i will finish this Soap & Glory primer by the time i’m moving out of uni. (Have until start of June!)


I never really actually got into Sleek’s face kit thing. The contour was too dark, didn’t like the blusher and the highlighter was only ok. I’m probably just too pale for this palette, i’ve heard many rave about this palette, personally i just don’t think it’s at all worth the hype. Gave this to a more tanned friend of mine, hope she has better luck with it.


The Real Technique’s Contour brush – the brush to the left, has been passed on to a friend. I don’t understand this brush. This shouldn’t be used for contour!!! This is much too dense, nobody wants a harsh contour, surely??? Just didn’t get along with this brush at all, much prefer a small fluffier brush to apply my contour/bronzer. Sorry Real Techniques!

Miss Sporty’s Waterproof Liquid Liner is one which i’m trying to finish. Have to say, I love this. Don’t know why i haven’t been using it prior to my makeup clearout. This stays on my eyes all day, no flakes, no smudges. It has the perfect felt tip nib which creates a pointed cat eye easily. You can buy this, in Superdrug, for less than £3. Seriously, give it a try! I will deffo repurchase when this is finished.

Think i’ll finish this post on that note, didn’t realise the amount of negative things i had to say about the other products – oops! So, look out for another post similar to this.

Thanks for reading!

Steph xx


Quick Tip: Exfoliating

So everyone loves a good body exfoliator, yenno, the ones that make your legs baby soft. The ones that smell good. The ones that don’t hurt your skin. Problem is, the better ones are all quite expensive.

I know Jo Malone does a good one, for £72..

Soap & Glory does a more affordable one at £8

ESPA does one at £32

Ah the list goes on. My point is, you aren’t going to find an overly cheap one that does the job well, with a good scent that you adore. So what’s my solution? Do you like the smell of your showergel? I love mine, the Sugar Crush from Soap & Glory. So what’s that got to do with exfoliators?  All you need is one of these guys:


Pretty sure majority of you will have one of these. All you have to do is lather up your shower gel and rub  a little more  forcefully  than you typically would on wherever you want to exfoliate. I’ve found that using a mint-scented showergel works that bit better with this technique also. After your shower you just dry off and apply a moisturiser as your skin will be thirsty for it! I’m telling you, I get the same, if not better, results with this technique. I know it sounds mind-numbingly simple and obvious, but give it a try next time you’re in the shower.

My top 3 Lipsticks: Reds & Nudes


So I was thinking about doing a post about all of my lipsticks – swatches and reviews. But then, halfway through I realised that there isn’t much point talking about a ton of products that I think are just meh. So i’ve decided, instead of showing you all of my lipsticks, i’ll show you my best ones. There are 3 main colours for lipsticks – red, nude and pink. I only really have one pink that I wear, so I will just talk about my reds and nudes!

As we’re finishing off Summer and going into Autumn it’s the perfect time of year to be rocking the nudes and reds anyway, so my lipsticks are just perfect for now! (Not as if I don’t wear these in Summer, but hey.) I’ll start off with my reds:


If there’s one makeup brand that have completely nailed the reds, it’s Mac. My favourites from this brand, shown above are ‘DIVA‘ and ‘STUDDED KISS‘. The liquid lippy in the middle is ‘RED-VOLUTION‘ from Bourjois.

L>R Diva, Studded kiss, Red-volution.

So, i’ll start with the 2 from Mac. Diva is a beautiful burgundy red colour. It is a brilliant vampy look and is perfect for the colder months. I find this dries matte, but doesn’t go crackly on my lips. perfectttt! Studded Kiss is described as a “dark oxblood red [with a Retro Matte finish]. This is more of a red colour, in comparison to diva. I find that this doesn’t dry to the same kind of matte finish as Diva – I’ve never heard of a ‘retro matte’ finish before? But it does stay on the lips all day and feels a bit more comfortable to wear. These both cost £15.50. 

Lastly is my new favourite from Bourjois. Their velvet matte lip creams are all angels to me. They are so comfortable to wear on the lips and last so long! I just swipe this on in the morning and it requires barely any touch-ups throughout the day.The shade Red-volution is my favourite red liquid lippe. It is a true-red shade and is blue-toned, so helps brighten your smile! Really gorgeous product, for £9.99.


Next up are my nudes. I love brown-nudes. I’m not really a pinky-nude kinda gal. Recently lots of drugstore brands have been coming out with these brown-nudes which I am so pleased about! Everything was a soft pink and it was so difficult to find affordable nudes! My favourite 3 are Bourjois COOL BROWN, MUA FAWN FANCY & Soap & Glory CINNAMON BEIGE.






I’ll start with the Bourjois Cool Brown. This is so easy to wear. It dries to a matte nude and stays put all day … like it doesn’t start to crack off or anything. It is the perfect nude for me and this is my absolute favourite of the 3. It is £9.99. After this is the MUA Fawn Fancy. This is my favourite matte nude. It is a simple, mauveish shade, so easy to apply and is just gorgeous on the lips. This does wear off, but doesn’t go patchy. Easy to reapply and is a creamy-matte finish/isn’t drying. This is ridiculous as it is only £1. I should comment on the fact that it is quite a sheer colour though, so 2+ coats are necessary to get a bit of colour. And lastly is Soap & Glory’s Cinnamon Beige. This is £9. The packaging of this is really nice and feels high-end. It’s a really nice smooth, moisturising formula that doesn’t clingy to dry skin on the lips despite it being a matte shade. It’s a cool-toned brown.

So I hope you enjoyed this quick post! What are you favourite lipstick brands? Comment below!

Thanks for reading,

Steff x


Soap & Glory Lipsticks

Soap & Glory are a beauty brand that have been about since 2006. They quickly grew from just a bath and body company to also include makeup to their amazing collection. When shopping in Boots yesterday, I saw that they were currently selling all S&G products for buy-one-get-the-next-half-off to celebrate their 10th year in the shops.

As I have tried a good few of their products, and loved the majority, I decided to finally use my Boots points to buy a few more of their luxurious items! As they had just released new lipsticks, and I already loved the 3 that I have from S&G, I decided to pick 4 more up.

There are 3 new formulations to these ‘Sexy Mother Pucker’ lipsticks – Matte, Satin and Sheer. Along with this the packaging is now categorised into the 3 different shade ranges – Nudes, Pinks and  Reds – very cute. Also, 18 new shades – 6 in each category.

So after standing at the Soap & Glory stand, swatching each of the beautiful new shades for a considerable amount of time, I had chosen the 4 that I felt suited me the most. I then brought them home & thought i’d do a review/swatch/first impressions kinda thing on all Soap & Glory lipsticks that i’ve bought over the years. It’s crazy that I have got each of the different formulas that they have sold also, so I will be able to compare them and see if there are any which I prefer!


So firstly I have to comment on the packaging. I love each of the different styles that they have had. The first product that was created is the lipstick in the middle. This packaging is matte, which I feel is quite unique to lipsticks – in the drugstore anyway. The next range to be introduced are the 2 lipsticks closest to the front. This shiny black with the soft pink writing is so nice and feels very high-end also. Lastly their new lipsticks (the red, gold and pink) are also very high-end feeling, and will stand out in the makeup drawer as their packaging matches their shade – genius!


The lipsticks themselves are also amazing. (Can you tell I like nude shades?) There are so many your-lips-but-better shades available from this brand, which I don’t feel is as common in more affordable makeup brands. On the lipstick itself there is ‘S&G’ engraved onto the stick, which gives it such a good finish.


Left>Right: Wine not, Pom Pom, Pommie Girl, Berry Kissable, The Missing Pink, Naked Beige & Cinnamon Beige 

Each of these swatch amazingly. They are all so pigmented and are very comfortable to wear on the lips! I haven’t got any of their new sheer lipsticks, however I feel that ‘The Missing Pink‘ is relatively lightweight/sheer.


  • Naked Beige – Twig; Mac
  • The Missing Pink – One from YSL (Can’t remember which though!)
  • Cinnamon Beige – Velvet Teddy, Mac

-If you know of anymore, don’t hesitate to comment below!

So, lastly, these lipsticks sell at £9 each. I know this seems quite expensive for a ‘drugstore’ brand, but these are honestly the best of the best. With a luxury-type finish to the packaging and the amazing pigmentation and comfortable wear that you get with these I feel it is definitely worth a splurge. Soap & Glory often do 3 for 2 also, so just keep your eye open for such deals! I’d say you get 3-4 hours wear out of these and then reapply. In contrast to the majority of Mac’s lipsticks, especially their matte formula, these sit really comfortably on your lips.

Hope you enjoyed this post & I’d love to know what you think about the lipstick range from Soap & Glory!

Stephanie x

Product Wish List:

images (2) images (3) L’Oreal-Infallible-Gel-Lacquer-Liner-16 images (4)LorealExtra-IntenseLiquidPencilEyeliner images (5)

Soap & Glory – Glow all out

L’oreal – pencil liner

Topshop – Blusher

L’oreal – gel liner

L’oreal – eye shadow palette

Topshop – any dark lipsticks!!

I’ll hopefully get my hands on these products soon. I’ve heard nothing but good things about topshop’s makeup range, what do you think about it?

Anything you recommend for me to try out?


Stephanie x

MAKEUP: My top 5 face products of 2014

So, looks like you guys liked my last post about my top 5 eye products of 2014, so I thought i should continue with the other parts of my/yo face. This year I have tried loadsa new stuff for my faceeeeeee… Pretty hard to narrow it down to 5 to be honest! Powders, blushers, highlighters, foundations… A lot to talk about so let’s begin!:

true-match-liquid-foundation-w4-golden-natural-v2 download (1) love-first-blush Sleek-Contour-kit-with-Blush solarpowder

L’oreal true match foundation:£9.99 I have loved this foundation this year – had to include it. I love how adjustable the coverage is with this one. half a pump does the whole face and a lovely light coverage. One whole pump high-coverage. Brilliant! Personally I apply this by doing a small pump and rub it onto the required area on the face with my warm fingers. I then buff it in with a stippling brush and then with a foundation brush. I then go onto the next parts of my face and do the same. I find you get the best finish when i do it this way. It sets nicely and does a pale enough shade to match my white white skin! I also find that it stays on all day without powder! Brilliant all year round. 10/10 recommend this one!

Collection sheer loose powder- £4.99 I have always had difficulty in wearing powder over my foundation because i am yet to find one that matches my pale complexion. This one is a lovely light, better-than-skin feeling and it’s also less than a fiver!

Sleek Makeup face form – £9.99 Contouring is something I started this year. Contouring the cheek bones, highlighting below my eyes and putting the gorgeous blusher on the apples of my cheeks. Hey, I could do a lil tutorial post at some stage explaining how I use this one! I have the ‘light’ shade in this product. Very highly pigmented and a lovely not-chalky finish!

Soap & Glory love at first blush- £11 I use this beautiful light pink shimmered blusher in the summer time. It is a makeup bag essential during the bright months. I wouldn’t really use it during winter time, but I do love it in the warmer months.

Soap & Glory solar powder – £11 I know I mentioned the sleek face form earlier, but this one is another favourite. This one is a lighter one, one that is nice for the subtle contour look.  Not much more to say haha..

Hope you’re having a nice day today! 🙂

Stephanie x