June Favourites

Hi lovely! Got a wee favourites post for ya today, as we are now at the start of July, where has the year gone?! So i thought i would do a wee monthly favourites for ya. Share with you, my gorgeous reader, what you could perhaps try out…

Think I’ll do a different kind of favourites this month, may as well do a wee chatty-post. So i’ll talk to you just about lots of different things i have enjoyed in June. So, BEGIN::

Came home from uni at the start of June, so really enjoyed being back at home (Northern Ireland); the weather, the accent, seeing my friends again and things along the line of that. Music i’ve been loving last month has been

Overwhelming: Jon Bellion

Hands to myself: Selena Gomez

Slow Hands: Niall Horan

Strip that down: Liam Payne

Alllll of Lorde’s new album Melodrama

I’ve been enjoying having a bullet journal this month especially as it’s just a handy thing to have all of your info together in one place. I might do a post about this in the future, if not though and you’re interested, google/youtube it, lots of info on it. So easy to make and is good just to get your mind all in one place.

Now let’s talk about MAKEUP:



So, an ongoing favourite of mine is maybelline’s colour tattoo, creamy matte formula in creme de rose. This is the perfect base for all eyeshadow. My eyeshadow creases without fail when i’m not wearing primers/some kind of base. As well as this though, there are loads of brands that my shadow would still crease with. I don’t have this problem at all when i use creme de rose. This is the perfect neutral base also. As my skin is naturally pink-toned this blends in perfectly. (There is a yellow-toned matte colour tattoo also, if you are more yellow-toned). This is so creamy and blends in so easily, i like to use my finger for this. I would then set this base with a bit of powder/neutral shadow and then proceed with whichever look i want. Absolutely amazing and very long lasting, think i bought this over a year ago now and am yet to hit pan. Absolutely love this.


Next is a newbie to my collection, E101 BURNT, from Makeup Obsession. I love this shadow for a range of different things. I like to put this in my crease to make a look a lot more bold/warm toned. I like to put it in the muddle of my lid to add colour/depth. For only £2 this shadow is an absolute steal! Should also mention that the pigmentation is perfect and it doesn’t have a lot of fall out either.


Technic’s Get Gorgeous highlighting powder I can’t not mention this one (again). I use this everyday. I don’t like the OTT highlighter, personally, and this is the perfect powder for a gorgeous natural glow. It’s got a slight pink-tone, but really just adds a naturalish shimmer to wherever you apply. I’ve found that i actually like this being applied with my fingers then blending it out with a powder brush.


The Body Shop’s Honey Bronzer in Light has found its way back in my makeup bag this summer! I bought this about 2 years ago and each summer that passes i find myself falling back in love with it. This is warm toned, so deffo not to be used as a contour, but it is just light enough to look normal on pale skin! It is such a creamy powder which blends in soooo nicely. Pretty sure this comes in about 3 shades and is about £11. Deffo worth it for the quality.


So a bit of a story with this product! My (gorgeous, wonderful lovely, thoughtful etc etc etc) boyfriend was in work and sold someone a magazine and then saw that the magazine came with 2 pencils from a brand called ‘Rodial‘. Then saw at the top of the magazine that you would be saving like £27 by getting the magazine. (Rodial is a v high-end brand who knew). So anyway, the wee pet gave me a message and was like ‘would u like this’ and seeing the saving at the top of the magazine i presumed the brand must be v v good and was like ‘yes pls’. So anyway, end of story time. This is the creamiest eyeliner i have ever used. It’s branded as a ‘Smokey eye pen‘. I’ve used this for both a smokey eye and just standard eyeliner. Sooo easy to blend out into a smokey eye; i like to apply a teeny bit to my lower lash line and then blend it out to be more soft. It is sooo easy to work with and i just love it. The other pencil that came with this magazine was a nude lipliner, which is also gorj, will deffo do a post with these 2 products in action in the near future.


A dupe that i bought like 3 years ago, high lights, from technic has found its way back into my makeup bag. I like to use this when applying my foundation. Basically I pour a little bit into the foundation and mix it on the back of my hand. It just adds a nice natural glow and makes your skin look nice and fresh. (Much prefer this kind of look than the horrible glitter than i end up with on my face when using the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation!!)


Chit Chat’s black Gel eyeliner is a cheapie, but a goodie. It doesn’t have the best pigmentation, so i do 2 coats, but i’ve found that once it has set it doesn’t move about on the eyes! (A problem which i’ve experienced with many other gel liners) Then the Freedom brow pomade i’ve used a lot in June. Keeps my brows coloured all day and is easy enough to use. I might buy in a lighter shade though, this is a bit dark for moi.


This Concealer by the brand m (???) in the shade light 2 is perfect for sculpting le brows. Not sure where you can buy this (I bought from a private makeup shop in Belfast), but if you can find it i deffo recommend it. It is sooo pigmented and is really q waxy, so need warm hands to blend out, but it gives such a natural highlight-effect to your face.


Lastly, Maybelline’s Big Eyes Mascara is again a fave of mine. I’ve repurchased this mascara twice now (something which i rarelyyyy do). This gives my upper lashes soo much volume and length, while the bottom half gives my bottom lashes a bit of definition. Absolutely gorgeous and deffo worth a try.


Not really sure what else i can classify as a ‘favourite’ for the month of June. Hope you’re having a lovely start to your summer! Definitely keep your eyes open for another post i have planned (within the next week) Going to show you my Holiday Makeup Bag!

So thanks for reading this wee favourites post, hope you enjoyed.

Steph xx






July Makeup Favourites

Annnd i’m back to the monthly favourites! I’ve been really bad with these this year (let’s blame this one the 3 coursework based A levels, eh?). I’ve found some really good beauty items this month but some more towards the end of the month, so i didn’t really see it as fair to include them… look out for them next month. 😉

So, here are my July Gems:



I’ll start off with my face powders. Seen above are my 2 Soap and Glory blushers and my MUA face powder. Left>>Right Love at First Blush, Peach Party, The Body Shop Honey Bronzer & Skin Define Hydro Powder. 

Love at First Blush

This shimmery blusher costs £11. It has to be said that Soap & Glory is more on the high end side of ‘drugstore’ brands. But. This is the perfect Summer blusher. This is a beautiful shimmery shimmery shimmery blusher… Did I mention that it is shimmery? This is a multi shade one too, so if you want simply the highlighter shade you can choose this with a smaller brush. I however just use a blush brush and sweep it through the whole product. You can use a small amount for a subtle glow of pink, or build it up for that wow-look.

Peach Party

Now I definitely didn’t like this at first. This is neither a blusher nor a bronzer, it’s smack bang in the middle, and at first I didn’t know how to work with this. I’ll admit that I had this unused for about a year/year and a half. I picked it out this Summer though and i am in love with the look that it gives. I wear this only really on my cheeks, not around my face like I would a bronzer. I will do a look with this at some stage and show you how it gives the face a lovely Summer glow. This also costs £11.

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer

I use the mirror that this has in it everyday to apply my makeup … just as a side-note. This is perfect for us pale girls to use as a soft and subtle bronzer. It’s matte, but more orangey toned, so doesn’t make a good contour. I put this on my cheeks, forehead and just below my chin to get a nice soft summer-skin look. This costs £13.

Skin Define Hydro Powder

I’ve been talking about this powder in quite a few posts recently. But, here I am again! I love this powder. I have finally found the perfect powder for me. This is so finely milled, so you only need a tiny amount on your brush to set your makeup. As I only use a small amount, I never look cakey with this. A perfect product at a perfect, affordable price, only £3. Thanks, MUA.


Matte Foundation Shade 1 Soft Sand

This was the product that brought me back to foundations. This applies so smoothly on my skin, which is weird as it is a matte one – matte foundations tend to emphasise your pores etc. Just checked online, it looks like they have either repackaged/reformulated this, and the price for it now is £4. This just gives your skin a natural look and has a buildable coverage. Can’t remember it being able to last all day though.


Matte & Poreless foundation, 105

I’m in love with this foundation. For only £5.99 this is a complete steal in comparison to other ‘drugstore’ brands’ foundation.  I recently did a full review on this, read it *here* just to avoid repetition.


Stay Perfect 10 hour 001 light

Miss Sporty are a lesser-known and lesser-raved about brand. A lot of their products are misses, but this one is a complete win. This is £2.99. It blends into the skin so easily as it is so creamy. I dab this into my skin using my finger. It’s easy to layer also. Perfect for brightening up the under eyes, just set it with a light powder. One of the only concealer that i’ve found in the drugstore that is pale enough for my skin.




Essence Maximum Definition mascara, Rimmel Black Kohl eyeliner, MUA Matte Black Eyeliner, Freedom Duo Brow Powder, Freedom brow pomade.


Essence Maximum Definition mascara

The small bristles on this mascara wand hug your lashes and fan them out beautifully. It gives your lashes amazing volume and good length! It’s easy to layer this product as well. Bargain  at only £2.79.


Rimmel Black Kohl eyeliner

This is only £2.99 and is honestly one of the best eye pencils i’ve ever used. Once you have set this in place it stays on all day. It has really good pigmentation and is easy to use. It also smokes out nicely. I’d say, the more coats you use of it, the more intense the smokey eye will be. In the above photo, the second swatch is one coat blended with my finger whilst the first swatch is one coat of the liner.


MUA Matte Black Eyeliner

My friend bought this when we were out shopping, tried it that night, when she was getting ready for our night out, and just didn’t like it. She didn’t like how thick the applicator was, so that’s something to consider if you prefer a slim applicator. I don’t find this to be overly thick, i would say it’s a standard liner applicator. ANYWAY. I love this for how I do my eyeliner. I can do it in one sweep and it’s a very true black which stays on all day. I find that the inner corner can wear off some days though. This doesn’t chip off throughout the day though. Good value for a good product. MUA have really upped their makeup game recently, it has to be said. OH. Also this is a true matte liquid. Bravo, great price, only £2. Above, the first swatch is me leaving on the side whereas the second is me leaning significantly lighter and using the point.


 Freedom Duo Brow Powder

I have this in the shade soft brown and this sells for only £3. If you’re looking for a highly pigmented brow powder then this isn’t the product you’ll like. This has medium pigmentation, which I find makes it really easy to do a soft natural brow, or build it up to a more bold look. I use the lighter shade (left swatch) to fill my brows in and the darker shade (right swatch) to give my brows a more defined shape. This was great for when my hair was blonde, so maybe next time i’m in Superdrug i’ll pick up the darker shade.


Freedom brow pomade

For £5 this is a complete steal as not many drugstore brands are doing a pomade kind of product for brows. This fills the brows in and also gives you a statement look, depending on how you use it. I dip my brush into this product and wipe excess off into the lid. I start off lightly because it is so much easier to add more product than take some off. This sets the brows in place, so no need for a brow gel to do this. Perhaps I’ll do a pomade tutorial, as I did my powder one recently, click *here* to read that.



Rouge Edition Velvet Cool Brown

Another one that i’ve been raving about a lot recently. Although I only bought this one recently, I must mention it. I’ve been using it almost everyday. It sets into a comfortable matte shade and is my perfect nude shade. It sells for a bit of a pricey £8.99, but it is completely worth it. Bourjois have completely nailed the liquid lipsticks. Read a full review *here* if you’re interested in finding out more about it.

So those are my beauty favourites. Hope you enjoyed these past  14 days where I’ve been talking about makeup items. I’ve really enjoyed a more dedicated blog routine. I have more to come for the next 2 weeks also! I decided at the start of August to post for 28 days straight! I’ve said it in a post now too, so have to stick to it! So keep an eye out for my upcoming posts, there are some good ones! I have three topics, Makeup, which was this week and last week, hair and body. I’ll probably be talking about university and what I plan on bringing with me to it come September time also! ~Wow, what a range of topics you have to talk about, Steff.

So, anyway, what were you loving in July? Comment below, let me know what I should consider picking up!

Lotsa lotsa love,

Steff x

3 Eyelooks

So I thought I’d do a post today about different ways to wear eyeliner this Summer! Like I said in my previous post, I like to keep my lips neutral in the warmer months, so I make my eyes the ‘statement’.

So for my faceeeee I have used Soap & Glory bronzer and a blusher, Makeup Revolution highlighter & brow pencil, Bourjois eyeshadow in 08, NYC brow pencil, newlook lipstick & The Body Shop lipbalm.


IMG_9093For my first eyelook I kept it v v simple and just lined my tight line and smudged it into the outer corner of my lashline. This is a good way to make the lashes look thicker and finish off the simple look. I used the Maybelline colour tattoo in on & on bronze, essence long lasting waterproof eyeliner in black, benefit rollerlash and the yellow shade of the MUA matte palette.


After this I then used the eye pencil and did a half-wedge on the outer corner of my eye. This creates more of a statement, but is still q subtle.

IMG_20160515_214123096 (1)IMG_20160515_214131077

Lastly I created a bolder finish with my ‘fast stroke’ liquid liner by Collection and added the essence pencil to the outer corner of my waterline also.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Hope you have a fab fab week!

Much love,

Stephanie x


5 Summer Products

So as the sun has been making more of an appearance lately I have switched up the kind of makeup that i’ve been wearing. Summer is the perfect time to add colour to your makeup. Whilst loads of people do this with their lips, I prefer to use bright eyeshadows and keep my lips more neutral. So as I sip on my chai latte I shall tell you about the 5 products that I know i’ll be getting lots of use out of this year!


MUA Cover & Conceal Concealer

For the face makeup i like to keep it relatively simple as i tend to feel like things are caked on in the Summer months when wearing a full face of makeup. So basically I stick to just concealer and powder. I use the MUA Cover& Conceal concealer which is £1.50. This is amazing and comes in a range of 3 shades, one light enough for the paler people also! This shouldn’t be used to conceal blemishes, but instead to cover dark circles and possibly to highlight. I use this only really under my eyes to cover up my dark circles. I found the best way to make this work is to apply it and then leave on for about 2 minutes, before blending it in and then using a small stippling brush I buff it into the skin. It gives much better coverage by doing this and leaves a non-streaky finish also. Below, to the left, is the concealer blended in and to the right is a swatch of the concealer applied.


Makeup Revolution Sugar & Spice Blusher Palette

Adding colour to the cheeks is perfect during the Summer. My favourite 3 shades to use in this palette are the last 2 in the top row and the 2nd in the 2nd row. The two blushers add such a lovely pink flush whilst the highlighter adds an amazing glow to the cheeks. I love how this highlighter is pure shimmer with no sparkle also. Below are the 3 swatches. The 2blushers didn’t swatch well – not sure why, sorry about that!


So as well as face makeup, I like to switch up my eye makeup. There is an Urban Decay Palette that always finds its way in my Summer Makeup Bag. I don’t think this one actually has a name, but is very recognisable. It has a range of neutral and bright shades. I can’t even find the price of this one online?! Almost certain it is still available and probably sells for about £25-27. Anyway, I love the colours PEACE and GRAFFITI in this palette. I like to add these to more neutral looks. I would apply these to my waterline or the outer/inner corner to add a little bit of Summery colour to my looks! The bottom 3 shades could be used also as the more neutral looks.

Soap & Glory The Missing Pink Lipstick

L’oreal infalliable Mega Gloss 101 Lipgloss

Lastly, for my lips I like to use pink/neutral shades during the summer months. My favourite pinky-nudes are Soap & Glory, the Missing Pink, £9 and L’oreal 101 lipgloss, £6.99. The lipstick is relatively sheer and just adds a fresh pink shade to the lips and the gloss adds a soft pink shine. I feel this is perfect when you are having more focus on the eyes.

Sooo, here’s a wee look that I made using these products 🙂

Hope you’re having a fab month & I would love to know what you’ve been loving/what you like to use in the Summer months! Hopefully i’ll do a few more Summer makeup posts soon!

Much Love,

Stephanie xx


MAKEUP: My top 5 face products of 2014

So, looks like you guys liked my last post about my top 5 eye products of 2014, so I thought i should continue with the other parts of my/yo face. This year I have tried loadsa new stuff for my faceeeeeee… Pretty hard to narrow it down to 5 to be honest! Powders, blushers, highlighters, foundations… A lot to talk about so let’s begin!:

true-match-liquid-foundation-w4-golden-natural-v2 download (1) love-first-blush Sleek-Contour-kit-with-Blush solarpowder

L’oreal true match foundation:£9.99 I have loved this foundation this year – had to include it. I love how adjustable the coverage is with this one. half a pump does the whole face and a lovely light coverage. One whole pump high-coverage. Brilliant! Personally I apply this by doing a small pump and rub it onto the required area on the face with my warm fingers. I then buff it in with a stippling brush and then with a foundation brush. I then go onto the next parts of my face and do the same. I find you get the best finish when i do it this way. It sets nicely and does a pale enough shade to match my white white skin! I also find that it stays on all day without powder! Brilliant all year round. 10/10 recommend this one!

Collection sheer loose powder- £4.99 I have always had difficulty in wearing powder over my foundation because i am yet to find one that matches my pale complexion. This one is a lovely light, better-than-skin feeling and it’s also less than a fiver!

Sleek Makeup face form – £9.99 Contouring is something I started this year. Contouring the cheek bones, highlighting below my eyes and putting the gorgeous blusher on the apples of my cheeks. Hey, I could do a lil tutorial post at some stage explaining how I use this one! I have the ‘light’ shade in this product. Very highly pigmented and a lovely not-chalky finish!

Soap & Glory love at first blush- £11 I use this beautiful light pink shimmered blusher in the summer time. It is a makeup bag essential during the bright months. I wouldn’t really use it during winter time, but I do love it in the warmer months.

Soap & Glory solar powder – £11 I know I mentioned the sleek face form earlier, but this one is another favourite. This one is a lighter one, one that is nice for the subtle contour look.  Not much more to say haha..

Hope you’re having a nice day today! 🙂

Stephanie x

Summer Beauty Series: Everyday Summer Makeup

Summer is such a fab time for fun bright colours, this can be on night outs or just casual day makeup. However, let’s face it, when you’re just going to be sitting at home, you just want a lil bit of makeup. (Well, I do anyway) So if you’re looking for a light coverage yet still a pretty Summer look, then read on! 🙂


I will never go back to not moisturising daily. Ever since I started day and night with moisturisers that were kind to my skin, i haven’t had many problems since! When I say ‘many problems’ i’m talking about breakouts. Maybe I get a few here and there, but finding a good moisturiser has helped clear my skin! I use Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Shine Control Day Moisturiser every morning before I apply any makeup! Both teatree & witch hazel have done wonders for my skin!


I then go on to apply whichever blusher I’m in the mood for using that day. Today I chose one with a little bit of shimmer to add a lovely glow to my cheeks. I used Soap & Glory Love at First Bush  and applied it to the apples of my cheeks! Only a light dusting though because any more than that and it’s crazy looking as it’s so pigmented!!


I then dusted over some bronzer/contouring onto the typical places – forehead, cheekbones etc. I used Soap & Glory Solar Powder and used both sides (light & dark) to get a soft brown.


Eyeshadow is probably my favourite thing to play about with in makeup. For a natural look, I used a very light dusting, using a fluffy brush, of Natural Collection butterscotch eyeshadow. This adds a lovely lil bit of shimmer to make you look wide awake with that healthy Summer glow!


As per usual, I did my brows using my favourite powder from Catrice Cosmetics. Just to add some definition! I then set them with some clear brow gel from miss sporty


I am pretty lucky and have longer lashes, so on days where I am trying to be using less makeup, I can just curl mine and be happy with how they look. If however, your lashes are a bit shorter and you want them longer, go ahead and use your favourite mascara. Maybe, if you want the more natural look, you can use a clear mascara after you’ve curled the lashes!


Annnnnnnnnnnd you’re finished!

I love the whole natural makeup look! Yenno, showing your natural beauty and whatnot! If you noticed, I didn’t use any face powder. That’s because I had used a shine control moisturiser, which controls the oils on my face. It’s great not having to wear any powder also as it won’t block up any pores so it reduces the likelihood of spots!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading! If so, click the like button! Also, sorry for the lack of photos, computer is being weird today!                                                                                                                                                                                      

Stephanie x                                      

Summer Beauty Series: Day- Makeup of the day







SO THIS IS my first post in my ‘Summer Beauty Series.’ Basically I will just be posting different beauty related things, yenno, skincare, makeup etc. So yes, hope you enjoy this post! ALSO, I tried a different photo type layout, so yeah, maybe comment if you like it, or if you prefer the digital labelling? 🙂 Anyway, on to the actual post-



After gently applying your moisturiser by rubbing/massaging it in using your hands and fingers (with your favourite moisturiser/day cream) use a large makeup brush to sweep over some mineral face powder. You only want a light coat of the powder – i’ve been trying this out as a sort-of primer/base as i was asked about different primers recently ( I don’t like many face primers so I have been trying to find alternatives!)

If you want more coverage, apply bb cream to either all of your face or just the areas you want to cover up. Use a stippling brush to really blend this into your skin for a close-match to your skin! If you want the coverage to be even lighter, you can  place your hands on the area where you think the coverage is too thick – the heat from your hand will help it (melt) into your skin.

After this, apply your favourite liquid highlighter using your fingertips and put it onto features on your face you want a pretty healthy-glow. I applied this to the top of my cheeks,forehead,chin,cupids bow and the bridge of my nose.

Next I dabbed on some cream blusher onto my cheeks and rubbed both the highlighter and blusher in using a stippling brush.

To finish the face off, I used my ecotools face brush to brush on some powder to set the face makeup!

(  All face products used: )



Ok, in my recent post i said how i was v disappointed in my collection eye base, Turns out, I just needed to sharpen all the dried up product off. I also got a new lid for it and now it’s working really well! ANYWAY, I applied a thin layer of that onto  my lids and rubbed it in using  my third finger (the third finger has le softest touch!)  

I then used a small fluffy brush an applied the light grey colour from Catrice Cosmetics onto my crease.                                                                                                                                                                              


Once it was all rubbed in I applied my cream coloured shadow onto my lids. (Bourjois shade 08)

Using a crease brush I added my urban decay into the outer corner of my eye and worked it into the outer two thirds of my eyes.

To darken the look up I then added my Barry M dazzle dust – the green shade and applied it to the outer corner of my eyes. To finish off the eyeshadow, I blended these three with a large fluffy brush until they all gradually faded into each other.

I used my green eyeliner to line my upper lashline and also the lower outer corner of my waterline. Purple was then applied above the green line thickly to add a nice contrasting colour. I then blended these two with a fluffy brush to remove any harsh lines.

Next I curled my lashes using my no.7 eyelash curler and then applied one coat of mascara to my upper and lower lashes.

Don’t forget about those brows girls! I applied my  favourite brow powder from Catrice Cosmetics using my angled brush.

Image                                                 Brushes Used:




Image                                               Annnnnnnnnnnnd le finished look:


Hope you enjoyed reading and the writing in the pictures wasn’t too hard to read, seriously though, if you would prefer the usual digital labels, i’d like to know! Thankssss for readinggggg! If you liked it then click the wee like button pleaseeee!

Much much love, Stephanie! x