144 Eyeshadow Palette – Revolution

So i think i can finally write this post about Makeup Revolution’s 144 Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection. I bought this way back in like November as it was £10, £8 with my student discount. So basically 18p per shadow… That’s how i can justify this purchase.. So anyway, what can i tell you about this palette? Note that this is typically selling for £20, but you can buy for £10 this month on TAM beauty. CLICK HERE TO FIND

I haven’t used this a whole lot simply because it’s overwhelming having so many colour options. This month i’ve reached for it more though because it’s getting to the more shimmery colourful months. Although this palette ranges from the gorgeous pale shades to the darker and highly pigmented ones, there is one thing it is missing; matte shades?!?!? I can forgive that though as i do have another palette from makeup revolution which has 32 matte shadows.

So what’s in the palette?

As you can see in the picture it has the most gorgeous copper, purple and golden tones, lovely pink shades and then more vibrant greens and blues. This is the first palette (even Urban decay ones haven’t interested me) that has actually had me reaching for copper shades, so bravo for that! I’m sure majority of these shadows are complete dupes for shadows you’d find in more expensive brands. I know the coppers and brows are Urban Decay Dupes (from palettes i’ve previously owned). Below are swatches of my favourite shades.

I loooooove the cranberry red shades and the gorgeous coppers. The purple and gray shades are perfect to smoke out also.

So, what looks can you do with this palette? Below are some eye looks that i created using only this palette. Sorry about the shite quality; did this on le phone camera.

 – (this one is 2 different looks, not supposed to look the same, i swear!!!)
I’d say majority of the shades are highly pigmented, but you do get q a bit of fall out when applying. I also gave away all my shimmer palettes after getting this as they really aren’t necessary anymore. Only flaw with this is the size of it, not exactly travel friendly. But, I do recommend it if you’re a beginner, as it does have every shade you need!
The palette has 2 lovely dark dark dark shadows, one is a black with gold specs in it and the other is a shimmery black, both really nice to darken your look up. Only thing i thought it was missing was a dark dark dark brown without anything else in it. There are lots of brown-golds, brown-reds etc. no plain dark browns. Ah well.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed this review. Ano it was a bit rambly, but i’m a bit out of my blogging-mode, if you get me? Been meaning to post about this for donkeys though, so it’s finally up!
Expect a few more posts in the next few weeks, got some more free time again! Comment below your favourite shadow palettes and if you’ve tried this one!
Much much much love; as always,
Steph xx

August Favourites

Wow Stephanie, 2 monthly favourites in a row? YOU BET. Is that enough self-praise or shall I continue? I was considering today about this post, but couldn’t really think about which products I could include. I had been keeping it relatively simple last month, especially in recent weeks, so I didn’t have any new product springing to mind. I decided to open my makeup bag (the stuff that isn’t yet packed for uni) and realised there actually are a few different things for August!


I’d been keeping it simple, for the days I had been doing makeup, so all of these products are perfect for a natural look. So I’ll just get into the things which were loved last month, as seen in the photograph above.


The MUA undress me too palette is popping up again in a monthly favourites. I have a few eyeshadow palettes and this is, by far, the most used out of all. I love the cool-toned shade range within this one. I’ve been using the copper & gold shades more recently, which I was always a bit nervous to try. When using a palette like this I would tend to do a soft/natural look, so would stay clear of the metallics. This is the You get 12 shades for £4. All shades, bar 1 – the black in the bottom left corner, are v v pigmented. This is also a dupe for the more pricey Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Above are swatches of the metallic shades within the palette.


Sticking with eyes, Essence Maximum Definition mascara is my new favourite. this plastic, flexible-wand mascara is perfect for defined lashes. It gives my lashes length with no clumps and is easy to build it up. I bought this a while ago for about £3. It lasts all day and doesn’t flake off.


Natural Collection’s Brow pencil in Brunette, for £1.99, is my favourite brow product in the world! It is so easy to use. It is very forgiving if used with a heavy hand and also stays on all day. The brush on the end of it is very handy for on-the-go. Not one fault to this product. Love Love Love!


Lastly for eyes I have to mention the Maybelline colour tattoo in Creme de Rose 91. Finally I understand the hype around these cream shadows. Everyone had been raving about the On & On Bronze shade, but I just didn’t like that colour for my eyes. This however is the best eye base I have ever used, including my Mac Paintpot! This is a dream to apply as it is so creamy. I use my finger to both apply this and blend it. This is a gorgeous soft brown with the slightest pink undertone. This is a natural looking base, so perfect for everyday wear. I’d say this stays on my eyes for about 16 hours. I haven’t tried this without setting it, so I don’t know how well it lasts by itself. This is perfect for base as it helps shadows blend seamlessly. I believe there are about 2 other shades in the creamy mattes collection, which I may pick up in the future… but do i NEED them as I love these so much?

The Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless foundation, £4.99, has made me fall in love with foundation! It is so light on the skin and blends in effortlessly. This mattifies the skin, when set with a powder, and stays on all day. It comes in a good range of tones and comes in a handy squeeze tube, one that doesn’t make me worry about it smashing in my makeup bag! (Happened a few too many times with the standard glass foundation bottle.)


I had already started using nude lipsticks by August, just can’t wait for Autumn! My favourite 2 are beautiful brown undertoned shades from Maybelline & Bourjois. I love Colour Drama in shade 630. It is a crayon lippie and applies beautifully. It has good staying power, but wears off nicely. This can either be layered up or blended in with a finger. It is so creamy when applied, which I find comfortable. However if a stay-all-day matte finish is preferred then I would just blend it in using my finger. The other is a liquid lippie from Boujois, the Rouge Edition Velvet in shade 17. This wears comfortably and is the best liquid lippie i’ve tried!

Eco tools have replaced my Real Technique’s face brush. I much prefer the smaller size of this brush and the hairs within this are much softer on the face. Perfect for dusting powder over the face to set makeup. I highly recommend this. I also love this for blending in contour/blusher/highlight products. It erases any harsh edges and creates a flawless finish.


Lastly I’m just going to throw in the nail polish, Amaretto Crush, by MUA. This is a gorgeous, subtle pink shade which applies very easily, lasts about 2-3 days and is completely opaque after 2 coats. This is only £1, so definitely worth a try! I’m a real sucker for picking nail polish throughout the day, but I don’t mind reapplying this as its brush makes application so easy.

So those are my favourites this month! What have you enjoyed using? Comment bellow! Thanks for reading this post & I hope you had a fab August & an even better September, Much much love,

Steff x



A trip to Boots & First Impressions…

Ah, once again i’ve visited the local makeup shop and once again I have bought more makeup. One of these makeup items I was given for my Birthday though, so it’s not like I went completely over the top… Plus as this is my birthday month I get extra points any time I buy something in Boots… Anyway, Lemmie show ya what I got!


  • Benefit: Ultra Plush Lipgloss – Fauxmance
  • Maybelline: Fit Me Matte + Poreless – 105
  • Sleek: i-Divine – Enchanted Forest 
  • Benefit: Gimme Brow – Shade 1
  • Bourjois: Rouge Edition Velvet – 17 Cool Brown
  • Maybelline: Colour Tattoo – 91 Creme de Rose

So i’ll start from the top then!


Benefit: Ultra Plush Lipgloss – Fauxmance £14.50

So this was the lovely lovely lipgloss that I was given for my Birthday. I had tried Benefit lipgloss with the Dandelion product and absolutely loved it. This is the perfect consistency for me! I love how it isn’t sticky but also not oily. This tastes like grapefruit and has such a lovely colour to it. I like to dab this onto my lips and then blend it in using my finger. Hoping this tube lasts me ages because i’m just in love!


Maybelline: Fit Me Matte + Poreless – 105 £5.99

Finally, a foundation that is from a trustworthy brand that isn’t a rip off! I’ve noticed recently that lots of brands have been increasing the prices of their concealers and foundations… I thought it was supposed to be highstreet products for highstreet prices?! Apparently not for many brands. I imagine this one is a bit cheaper as it is in a squeezy tube as opposed to a glass bottle. I don’t mind a glass bottle because I like that the pump gives you a good amount of product whereas you have to ‘eye’ it with a squeezy one. However once you are coming to the last of your product in a glass bottle it’s impossible to get it out, unlike a squeezy one where you can cut off the end and get the remainder of product! -Or maybe am I going overboard on the cheapskate? ANYWAY. That’s what I thought of the packaging… But what about the product? This is way more liquidy than any other matte foundation i’ve used, which made it much easier to blend without going all cakey around my nose and forehead. The colour matches my skin really nicely and i’d say it leaves a satin-finish moreso than a matte one. Honestly though, i much prefer that to completely matte because it looks way more natural. 8/8 Maybelline! I will likely be repurchasing this one as it is a good price and a good product! I’ve noticed recently that I don’t actually like a lot of the foundations that I have because i find they go quite cakey on my skin, so I might do a post about my foundations and whether or not I recommend them?

Sleek: i-Divine – Enchanted Forest £8.99

So this was actually what I was looking for when I went to Boots, but of course I couldn’t resist from all the other deals going on! I was looking specifically for a maroon shade eyeshadow, one that would look beauttt in my crease. I’ve heard many amazing things about Sleek eyeshadow palettes, but when brands like Makeup Revolution and MUA do palettes as cheap as £4, i’m more likely to reach for them. But, neither of these brands were doing the shade that I was looking for, so I looked at the Sleek stall. This palette has deep shades of colours not typically seen in your everyday shadow palette. I’m really pleased that I picked this up however as I can definitely see myself making use of these. The shade ‘Anastasia‘ ( 2nd row, 4th across) is the one that I was looking for – kinda (Still on the hunt…) I love each of these shades and can definitely see myself making bold eye looks with these. I think this definitely replaces my Urban Decay palette, the one that everyone got in like 2010… The purple one with the metal beads? If you know it you’ll understand why this is replacing it – these colours are stronger, less neon, more wearable. If you don’t know it click *here* to see it.


Benefit: Gimme Brow – Shade 1 £18.50

So let me start by bragging… I got this for £4… In fact I bought 2. They were in a magazine that was reduced as it was out of season and I just couldn’t help myself. Again, the boyfriend stood there baffled by my excitement, but i can confidently say that i wouldn’t be the only one basically jumping with glee at this bargain! So what do I think of this? Lol it’s ok. Not overly much to write home about. I do prefer this to the dupe I have for it (I will post about this soon, I swear) but I most definitely will not be paying £18.50 for it when I run out. Maybe £10. I’ll do a full review of this, again in an upcoming post, but i’ll say now that it isn’t worth £18.50 – in my opinion.


Bourjois: Rouge Edition Velvet – 17 Cool Brown £8.99

In a previous post I was talking about how much I love the Rouge Edition Velvet lip creams from Bourjois. Nothing has changed. When I spotted this brown-nude shade in Boots I couldn’t help but pick it up. If you read the previous post (Click Here) then you will know I found the perfect shade in the Maybelline range, but it didn’t seem to have the same lasting power as the Bourjois range. So this is perfect. I’m in LOVE. This fills in my lips – covers the lipscar which i’m not a fan of – and is a perfect nude shade for me. 8/8, Bourjois! I know £9 seems a bit much for a highstreet brand, but this is deffo deffo worth it. You won’t be disappointed!


Maybelline: Colour Tattoo – 91 Creme de Rose £4.99

So i’ve posted before about my opinion of the colour tattoos from Maybelline – to sum up, I think they’re OK… I have On and On Bronze and Tough as Taupe honestly, the bronze one isn’t one that I often reach for because I prefer a more cream base to my shadows and the Taupe one, I feel is too dark to use as a base, so i’d only really use it for my brows or as a creamy eyeliner. It’s also weird going from Mac’s creamy Paintpots to this stiffer product – you’d only understand if you’ve used both. I really do hesitate when paying for any product from Mac though. I’d have been happy to buy more colour tattoos had they have been selling more of a range in colours, which they seemed to in America. So anyway, when I saw this I was so excited to use it. This is amazing and makes the shadow stay on all day, increasing it’s vibrancy also as the shade is lovely and light. The perfect base for a good price. I am yet to try wearing this by itself though, I imagine it would stay on without needing set with shadows though as it is a thicker consistency.

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading! Also, thanks for sticking with me, even when I take like 3 month breaks between posts.  I have some in mind though, so expect some good ones soon! Hope this one wasn’t too rambley for you – unless you like that kind of style!

Much love,

Steff x


Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette

So recently I got the Naked Basics 2 palette, typical, just after I swear i’m finished buying eyeshadow palettes! The packaging says. ‘Use these six indispensable shadows alone or as the starting point for ANY look. Cooler in tone than our original Naked Basics Palette, this taupe-hued palette features five never-before-seen matte shades for lids, crease and liner, plus one demi-matte shade that’s perfect for highlighting.’ So it would seem as though this palette has it all!


The packaging is very compact and has a mirror which fits the lid. Its shadows are about 5mm apart, so they will remain separate. It closes with the satisfying ‘click’ also, so there are no worries that the shadows will get wrecked in your makeup bag. It feels very luxury with the matte-plastic casing.

IMG_9167The shadows are so lovely. They are all amazingly pigmented and are so buttery to apply. They are very easy to blend without looking’muddy’ also! The ‘demi-matte’ shade, ‘SKIMP’, is so lovely to use as a base and also a highlight for just below the brow and the inner corner! For my crease I love ‘FRISK’ and then the outer corner ‘UNDONE’ is perfect to intensify the look. I use the other colours and blend them in on my lid also.

So, lastly, here are a few looks I have created using the palette over the past few days.

I 100% recommend this palette for girls with darker eyes. I bought it off Feel Unique for £20 (Student Discount, it’s usually £23.)

So have you used the palette? Are there any colours which you have dupes for? I’d loooove to know!

Stephanie x



5 Summer Products

So as the sun has been making more of an appearance lately I have switched up the kind of makeup that i’ve been wearing. Summer is the perfect time to add colour to your makeup. Whilst loads of people do this with their lips, I prefer to use bright eyeshadows and keep my lips more neutral. So as I sip on my chai latte I shall tell you about the 5 products that I know i’ll be getting lots of use out of this year!


MUA Cover & Conceal Concealer

For the face makeup i like to keep it relatively simple as i tend to feel like things are caked on in the Summer months when wearing a full face of makeup. So basically I stick to just concealer and powder. I use the MUA Cover& Conceal concealer which is £1.50. This is amazing and comes in a range of 3 shades, one light enough for the paler people also! This shouldn’t be used to conceal blemishes, but instead to cover dark circles and possibly to highlight. I use this only really under my eyes to cover up my dark circles. I found the best way to make this work is to apply it and then leave on for about 2 minutes, before blending it in and then using a small stippling brush I buff it into the skin. It gives much better coverage by doing this and leaves a non-streaky finish also. Below, to the left, is the concealer blended in and to the right is a swatch of the concealer applied.


Makeup Revolution Sugar & Spice Blusher Palette

Adding colour to the cheeks is perfect during the Summer. My favourite 3 shades to use in this palette are the last 2 in the top row and the 2nd in the 2nd row. The two blushers add such a lovely pink flush whilst the highlighter adds an amazing glow to the cheeks. I love how this highlighter is pure shimmer with no sparkle also. Below are the 3 swatches. The 2blushers didn’t swatch well – not sure why, sorry about that!


So as well as face makeup, I like to switch up my eye makeup. There is an Urban Decay Palette that always finds its way in my Summer Makeup Bag. I don’t think this one actually has a name, but is very recognisable. It has a range of neutral and bright shades. I can’t even find the price of this one online?! Almost certain it is still available and probably sells for about £25-27. Anyway, I love the colours PEACE and GRAFFITI in this palette. I like to add these to more neutral looks. I would apply these to my waterline or the outer/inner corner to add a little bit of Summery colour to my looks! The bottom 3 shades could be used also as the more neutral looks.

Soap & Glory The Missing Pink Lipstick

L’oreal infalliable Mega Gloss 101 Lipgloss

Lastly, for my lips I like to use pink/neutral shades during the summer months. My favourite pinky-nudes are Soap & Glory, the Missing Pink, £9 and L’oreal 101 lipgloss, £6.99. The lipstick is relatively sheer and just adds a fresh pink shade to the lips and the gloss adds a soft pink shine. I feel this is perfect when you are having more focus on the eyes.

Sooo, here’s a wee look that I made using these products 🙂

Hope you’re having a fab month & I would love to know what you’ve been loving/what you like to use in the Summer months! Hopefully i’ll do a few more Summer makeup posts soon!

Much Love,

Stephanie xx


July Favourites

So it is nearing the end of the month, so that can only mean one thing: MONTHLY FAVOURITES! So this month was probably the easiest month this year for me to choose my favourite products! I say this because it was my Birthday on the 11th, so I received a few lovely things and haven’t put them down the whole month!! So, let’s get cracking, eh?


So I’ll start with the ‘other‘ section in this monthly favourites. I was given a gift from my friend. This was a LUSH gift set and I LOVE everything in it! 2 two products that I just HAVE to rave about this month are the rose jam shower gel and the Ro’s argan body conditioner. These both smell like turkish delight and I just love it! Because these were both given in the gift set, i’m really not sure on the prices. The Rose Jam lathers up so easily and it just leaves a wonderful, lasting scent on your body – something which I love in a shower gel! The Ro’s Argan body conditioner is amazing! This is like an in-shower moisturiser. My skin has never felt softer after using these products in the shower!

Next up in the Got 2 Be Powder’ful. This is like a powdered hair spray. This sells at £4.19 and is so easy to use too! I tend to stay away from hair spray, simply because it’s so expensive and I tend to use way too much. This product is a complete game changer though. I got it in the local chemist for about £3.50. The first time I used this I put some of the powder on my hands, rubbed my hands together and kind of ‘plumped up’ my hair. It created such a subtle bit of volume and held it ALL day. WOW. So, the second time I used it I wanted a more crazy wild kinda look, so I sprinkled it directly onto the roos of my hair and WOW. Immense volume and again, it lasted all day. I reach for this every morning now and a little goes a long way too! Brilliant product and I definitely recommend replacing your hairspray for this.

and lastly is the macleans ice whitening tooth paste. I love whitening tooth pastes. But, the big problem with these pastes is the taste! I have the taste of baking soda and there are a few that just have that overwhelming flavour – Arm & hammer for example. So, this is the perfect minty fresh toothpaste, which creates noticeably whiter teeth! This sells for around £1.50, but you may notice that it is often on offer at your local Tesco/Sainsburys.


Next up let’s talk about what I’ve been applying nearly everyday onto my face! Again this month I have the Revolution Sugar & Spice blusher palette. This has 1 contour-like shade, 7 blushers and 2 highlighters. This sells for £6. The pigmentation is so brilliant- a little goes a very long way. I’ve been really loving the highlighter shades this month as they provide the most perfect glow on your face!


The MUA cover and conceal concealer is the perfect under eye concealer for fair skinned people like me! This costed £1.50. I apply this to my inner and outer corner under my eye. I then blend these both in using one of my fingers. this blends in so easily and just wakens up you up! Lovely product! 🙂

If you read my recent shopping haul you’ll know that I picked up The Body Shop’s honey bronzer for £13 in shade 01. I know this is a bit more on the pricey end, but if you are pale skinned and are looking for the perfect contour, this is it!! I use the Real Techniques contour/ sculpting brush (£9.99) to apply this to my cheek bones. I love the brush as it applies the perfect amount of product to my face! I don’t know how it does it, but it’s a winner for me! This blends in so easily too. If you’d like to read the haul, click here.

Shade one Shade 1


Lastly I will talk about the Autograph time defy anti ageing foundation. This sells in M&S for £12. This I have been applying with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. I like to dampen my sponge before using it. This blends into my skin flawlessly and creates such a natural, soft matte finish. I feel it gives a truly ‘airbrushed’ effect to my skin! I love both the sponge and the foundation. Read about the foundation here and the sponge here!

Lastly, let’s see what I’ve been loving for my eyes!


The Eyeko skinny liquid liner in coffee sells for about £12. I love this felt tip! It is so perfect for achieving any kind of eye look. I like how the applicator isn’t too hard, nor too flimsy – it makes adding a little flick to your eyes so easy! I like this for an every day eye look because it is more soft on your eyes than a bold black.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam (£6.99) has found itself in my monthly favourites. The formula of this is a lot better than others in the rimmel mascara range. I like the brush and I like how my lashes look after applying this… an over-all winner I guess! Here’s a wee look of how my lashes look after using this and the eyeko liner.

scandal 2 scandal 3

And lastly. The w7 IN THE NUDE Palette (£4.99-7.99). This is a dupe for the Naked 3 palette and let’s just say WOW. There are about 6 shades in this which I just love. (There are none that I don’t like!) They all are so pigmented and soft and are soooo easy to blend. This is the palette you need in your makeup bag. It has a range of shimmers and mattes. So perfect.

IMG_6214 IMG_6213

So that’s what I have been loving this month! Any that you recommend for me to try out for next month? I’d love to know your favourites too!

Thankyou so much for reading and I hope you’ve had a brilliant July!

Stephanie x

The Eyeshadow Tag

So I have been doing a lot of posts recently in my top 5 series, so I thought it would be fun to do a tag instead today!

Oh god. I went through a phase a while ago where I was all for palettes, so no judging

I own 11 palettes, 28 singles & 2 trios.

Hmm. I like a kind of shimmered finish, but I also love the matte shadows!

Never. Didn’t really know this was a thing… But, I would take a baby wipe and clean the mirror/ around the shadows? Is that what this means?


I’m actually a huge fan of MUAs shadow products!

In the local drugstore – Boots/superdrug

£15-£20! I have obviously spent more on palettes, but that was a while ago and I now just find it really kinda stupid, I look for cheaper dupes now!

I love using Revolution’s liquid primer & also Soap & Glory’s it’s about prime primer.

I either use my finger, a flat brush tool for applying and then a fluffy blending brush to give it a nicer look! 🙂

Stephanie x